10 Things To Avoid During Pregnancy – Important List for New Mothers


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10 things to avoid during pregnancy

Before you start planning your family, you must be aware of all the hard work you will have to do for it. Pregnancy is indeed one of the most magical experiences, but it does take a toll on a woman. There are certain facts that you need to know. Things to avoid during your pregnancy can come as a surprise for you. But having a knowledge of them beforehand will help you deal with the avoidance in a better way.

There are certain precautions to be taken during pregnancy. These precautions include avoiding certain kinds of foods, medications, and activities. Let us take a look at 10 things to avoid during pregnancy.

Foods and Beverages

Certain foods can be harmful to both you and your baby.

1.      Alcohol

No liquor. None. At all. This is the biblical rule of pregnancy. There has been no scientifically proven safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed during pregnancy. Having alcohol can lead to permanent disorders that will ruin your baby’s life. From Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to Premature birth, alcohol is the causative factor for so many problems. So, being sober for 9 months has to be your priority.

It does sound tough, but you can do it!

2.      Smoking

Pregnancy can be stressful. We know the urge one has to smoke one’s stress away with a cigarette or two. It is a filthy habit, but boy, it is relaxing. Well, it turns out that this relaxation can take a toll on your baby. It can cause premature birth, miscarriage, learning disabilities, low-birth weight and so much more. Start working on quitting smoking as soon as you plan on trying for conception.

Things to avoid during pregnancy include second-hand smoke as well. So, if your partner smokes make sure you in no way inhale that smoke because it will damage your baby!

3.      Raw Fish and eggs

Raw fish and eggs contain a naughty bacterium, knowns as Salmonella. It can harm your stomach and can also lead to bloody diarrhea and kidney damage. Pregnancy makes you more likely to be affected by this bacterium. So, you have to avoid raw eggs and fish at all costs. Sorry, no sushi for 9 months.

For processed foods, read the label to make sure they do not contain any raw substances. Before buying fish, make sure it does not contain large amounts of mercury. Fish like Tuna contain high mercury which can damage your baby’s immune and nervous system.

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4.      Caffeine

Sadly, caffeine is also included in things to avoid during pregnancy. Caffeine might not be directly harmful to your baby, but your early morning cup of dark mocha can give you serious heartburn throughout the day. Caffeine increases the amount of acid in the stomach, and pregnancy worsens that. Avoiding caffeine or cutting down on it will make your nausea, stomach ache and indigestion better. Try to use warm milk instead of coffee.

5.      Junk Food

We understand that there is no reasonable explanation for the pregnancy cravings. You want food. You are in fact eating for two (or maybe three, if you are having twins!) people now. Plus, pregnancy comes with cravings that can come across as weird. Maybe you hated pizza or a cheeseburger because you were a fan of healthy living, but now the baby wants it. It is okay to give in to cravings like that once or twice. But you have to avoid making a habit out of stuffing junk food during your pregnancy.

It will cause stomach problems, constipation as well as weight gain that will be very hard to lose after you are done with childbirth.

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Certain medications can be very harmful to the baby. They are known as ‘teratogenic’ because they give your baby congenital birth defects and diseases. Before taking any kind of medicine, always consult with your doctor! Some medications are off-limits at all costs.

6.      Isotretinoin

This drug is famously known for its effects against acne. Your acne might flare up during pregnancy but this drug has to be stopped right before conception. So, if you are planning to start your family, go to your dermatologist and stop this medication. It can cause blindness and brain damage to your kid.

7.      Over the counter cough medications and painkillers

Over-the-counter cough medications and painkillers like aspirin are not harmful to a regular person if taken in moderate amount. But in pregnancy, these drugs can create havoc. They can harm your liver and kidneys and can also damage your baby.

8.      Anti-epileptics

If you are a patient of epilepsy, you have to change your medications even before conception. Carbamazepine and phenytoin have proven teratogenic effects! Whenever starting a medicine, consult with your doctor about its FDA Pregnancy drug category.


There are some activities that need to be avoided during pregnancy. It does sound overwhelming but being careful for these 9 beautiful months is going to be very rewarding, we promise you.

9.      Handling cat litter/Dog poop

You might be a mommy already to your favorite pet. But having a baby on the way means you have to decrease your mommy-pet time. Do not give up completely on your little fella, their presence will indeed calm your nerves. But avoid handling their excreta and feces. Dog poop and cat litter can sometimes contain harmful organisms that can damage your baby’s developing nervous system. Better be safe than sorry, right?

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10.  Hot tubs/Sauna/Tanning Salon

Pregnancy comes with different kinds of cramps and aches in each trimester. And we as women are used to hot tubs to cool down those cramps. But in pregnancy, these high temperatures can be harmful to your baby. Avoid sauna and hot tubs. Go for a warm compress or a warm bath instead.

The same goes for the fake tan you love so much. The radiation and the heat can be teratogenic for your baby. Instead of getting a fake tan, hit the beach on a sunny day with lots of sunscreen. You will have a breath-taking tan without any harmful effects!

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