11 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms – Week By Week Pregnancy


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11 weeks pregnancy symptoms

If you are experiencing 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms, you are in month 3 of pregnancy. Only six more months to go. We can understand all your concerns about pregnancy, mental, and physical changes.

It is a great time to plan and celebrate a babymoon; a romantic getaway with your life partner. Babymoon is not just an event to celebrate; it is a chance to make a bond and better understanding with your partner before the baby starts taking all of your time and attention.

In your second trimester, you will feel more energized than first so; it is better to plan all your events and celebration in the second trimester. In the third trimester, we doubt you will want to do a lot of travel.

If you want to do something else, think about your growing baby, spend time with your loved ones, pamper yourself, and do a lot of other stuff.

11 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Right around week 11 to week 13, it is an excellent time to have your first pregnancy screen. It is a combination of a special ultrasound called Nuchal Translucency Screening and a blood test.

While 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms occur, the doctor will measure the back of your baby’s neck. If these measurements are abnormal, it could be a sign of a chromosomal abnormality. And the blood test will be conducted for too-high or too-low hormonal levels. We know waiting for the result may be nerve-wracking, but after positive results, it will give you peace of mind.

For a woman who is 11 weeks pregnant with twins, an ultrasound at this point would also show baby’s umbilical, either they are sharing one placenta or two. If they are sharing one placenta, they will be identical twins. If so, then you need more frequent check-ups to make sure that they are getting enough nutrition during this developmental period.

Baby at 11 weeks pregnancy

Your baby is as big as a lime, 1.6 inches long and weighs about 0.25 ounce. She or he’s got about 1:1 for head to the body. But do not worry, it will be reasonable.

This week is full of exciting growth and changes, both big and small ones. Your baby’s facial features are slowly maturing. Your baby’s fingers and toes are not webbed anymore. Tooth buds, hair follicles, and even nail beds are forming. Aww, it is so fantastic, right!

11 weeks pregnant bump

In your 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms, your belly is starting to develop a full-on baby bump instead of just gas and bloating. But it can be hard to notice if you are showing at 11 weeks first pregnancy. You might not be teaching or showing a little.

Women at 11 weeks pregnant second pregnancy or pregnant with twins will start showing a bit earlier than first-time moms-to-be.

11 weeks pregnancy symptoms; what to expect

While your 11 weeks pregnant belly may or may not be visible, you may be surprised to see your breast size have noticeably changed. A specific change in your breast size may be welcome or unwelcome; it all depends upon your preferences.

We recommend you go shopping and buy some comfy bras for yourself; it will also ease you at night’s sleep. If you are planning for breastfeeding, a nursing bra can be more comfortable.

The chances of miscarriage are also included in 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms. And we know it is hard to ignore or not to be worried about it. Welcome to motherhood! But after listening to your baby’s heartbeat, miscarriage risk is down to three percent. It will be getting lower in the upcoming months, so make yourself comfortable.

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Pregnancy transformation at 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms

It is tough to calm down right now because your hormonal levels are still raging, and you are experiencing morning sickness and nausea. But you know there is always a bright side, just a couple of weeks are left to hit the second trimester, your energy will be back up to some extent.

Following are included in 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms:

11 weeks pregnant cramping

Leg cramps are most common in this week. Tightly stretch, and painful muscles can strike at night while you are peacefully sleeping. But drinking a lot of water and stretching leg during the day can be helpful in this situation. Make sure to take a required quantity of potassium and magnesium in your diet.

Skin darkening

Dark lines on your belly and around your neck can appear. One morning you might wake up and screams like Whoa! What is this, and why it is there? There is nothing to worry about. It is a common symptom during pregnancy, but you will be relaxing after knowing that it will not be permanent.

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Vaginal discharge

Okay! Now let’s be honest with you; you should buy a dozen panties because an increase in your vaginal discharge can be expected throughout your journey.

Breast growth

An increase in breast size can be expected this week because your milk glands are preparing for breastfeeding. It is interesting to know that you will gain about 3 pounds of breast tissues in your conception.

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11 weeks pregnant headache

You may experience a headache this week due to changes in your hormonal levels or a lot of stress and anxiety. You are maybe over thinking about upcoming events in your journey.

Stomach pain 11 weeks pregnant

Stomach pain can be expected when your round ligament; a muscle that supports your uterus will begin to stretch. So, it is normal to feel a sharp pain in your lower abdomen.

Other symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Food aversions and food cravings
  • Gas and bloating
  • Mood swings
  • Faintness and dizziness
  • Frequent urination

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Precautions during 11th week of pregnancy

  • Prenatal pregnancy exercises are perfect.
  • As your immunity is run low during pregnancy so take care of cleanliness.
  • Get your vitamin C in 80 to 85 milligrams quantity, regularly. (Read What Others Tablets You Need)
  • Add vegetables and fruits as much as you can in your diet.
  • Keep a big smile on your face.
  • Visit your doctor if you have any questions related to week 11.

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Checklist – 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms

  • Change your wardrobe and have new stylish maternity clothes.
  • Plan your babymoon.
  • Check your insurance plan.
  • Get started on your baby registry.
  • Keep an eye on our website for more information related to upcoming exciting experiences.

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