16 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 16

Now that you are 16 weeks pregnant, what to expect? First of all, celebrate the fact that you have made it so far. And we pray that you stay healthy till the end of pregnancy. Almost half of the journey has been covered (laughing or crying, that does not matter). It might be getting overwhelming, but knowing about 16 weeks pregnancy symptoms and familiarizing yourself with this stage will help you calm down. So, let us get started.

The second trimester must have been more enjoyable so far, with lesser morning sickness and nausea. The vices of the second trimester will begin to show up now. From 16 weeks pregnant cramping to headaches, 16 weeks pregnancy symptoms can be a nuisance. But guess what? We are here for you to help you through this roller coaster of a ride!

16 weeks pregnant ultrasound

First things first, get your sonogram done! 16 weeks is a crucial time for your baby. Baby at 16 weeks pregnancy looks like a teeny, tiny human, with all the essential body parts forming. So, an ultrasound at this time will help you figure out if everything inside your 16 weeks pregnant belly is going fine. If you are interested in knowing, the gender of the baby can also be determined at this stage.

16 weeks pregnant bump

Your baby is almost the size of an avocado now! Stuffing your belly with a whole avocado may or may not result in a visible bump! Some women will have a petit bump to show off at 16 weeks. Some women may still have the regular old belly. Remember, all of you are normal and healthy. Different women grow at different rates. Do a lookup for 16 weeks pregnant belly pictures to feel more reassured.

16 weeks pregnancy symptoms: Your checklist


The most troublesome 16 weeks pregnancy symptom is a headache. It hampers with daily functioning and also prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. (Like you needed more reasons for that to happen, right?)  Headaches can be a healthy reflex of your body to the changing blood flow. But if simple pain killers advised by your doctor are not working, it is time to check in with your OB/GYN. It might be a sign of rising blood pressure that needs to be checked and followed.


This is always a pain. Both literally and figuratively. 16 weeks pregnant symptoms include the off and on cramping, which again is a normal response of your womb. But be very careful about the intensity and frequency of the cramping. Severe cramping, occurring more frequently might point towards a serious condition. Always check in with your doctor when something becomes out of your control.

Heartburn and Constipation

As your baby is continually growing now, indigestion and constipation are the guests you welcomed last month. They are here to stay for a few more weeks. The pressure on your stomach by your baby leads to all the stomach pain at 16 weeks of pregnancy. Follow a healthy diet plan. Eat more fiber-containing food and remember to take your fluids.


Sounds like a fun word, no? NO. It is not a fun word. Showing at 16 weeks pregnancy can mean miscarriage! Show is a mixture of mucus, water, and blood which means something is being discharged from your uterus. A regular spot now and then with discharge is fine, but showing means, you have to go to the doctor.

Weight gain and breast growth

Well, yes. This will continue to happen. Your breasts’ increase in size might scare you, but it is totally and completely normal. When you will have your baby in your arms and will feed it, the breasts will automatically return to their normal size. The weight will fall off too. Just keep an active lifestyle with moderate exercise.

Nasal Congestion

16 weeks pregnancy symptoms also have nasal congestion on the list. Your nose will be clogged most of the time. It may accompany some bleeding from the nose as well. You can use the regular old home-made technique of steam-inhalation. A humidifier can help too, which can also be used at night while sleeping. If the bleeding from your nose is heavy, wash it with cold water and keep your head up for at least 15 minutes. Plugin the nose with some cotton. Sounds gross, but pressure packing works like magic.


At 16 weeks, backaches will worsen. That is why at this stage, your doctor will advise you to sleep on your back. The pregnant belly can put pressure on your back leading to pain in the spine! It is time now to buy those fancy and comfy pregnancy pillows! They look cute and are super comfortable as well. They are great cuddling partners as well. Time to shop, woohoo!

If you do not want to buy one, regular soft pillows can be used as a back brace while sleeping.

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Baby’s movements

Some people may experience their baby’s first kick at 16 weeks. It is a very exciting and overwhelming moment. If you have not experienced a kick, do not worry. He or she is not slow or lazy. He or she is just taking his or her sweet time. Fetal movements, also known as Quickening, can occur between 1618 weeks. So, keep calm and relax.

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Skin glow

After taking you through a horrifying road of 16 weeks pregnancy symptoms, let us also talk about the good things. 16 weeks of pregnancy transformation comes with a glow that will put all your previous skincare to shame. You can finally show off that shine to your friends who will envy you. Take pretty selfies and Instagram them. Feel beautiful!

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Precautions during 16 weeks of pregnancy

  • Get a sonogram as soon as possible
  • Keep an eye on increasing headaches, cramping or bloody discharge from your vagina
  • Keep your diet healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Add a 30 minutes exercise or walk to your routine
  • Do not sleep on your back
  • Buy for yourself a comfortable pregnancy pillow. Or use soft pillows to brace your back.

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