9 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms – Week By Week Pregnancy


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9 weeks pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful and significant life-changing events that you can experience. Let’s get serious now, 9 weeks pregnant means you have entered last month of the first trimester. The 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms have their own features which are very different from other weeks. A lot is about to happen this week.

These weeks are the most important weeks of conception. All the organs and systems of your baby are going to form in the last month of your first trimester.

Around week nine of conception, you might want to start thinking about ways to make a budget so you can have extra cash when your little one arrives. You must start knowing about the process of maternity leave. So, when you break the news to your boss, you will be well prepared to talk about your maternity leave plan.

What is the size of the baby at 9 weeks of pregnancy?

This week, you and your baby have achieved two goals; you just have entered in the third month and your baby is no longer an embryo, it is called a fetus now. You can call your little one a micro-human because arms, legs, eyelids, little nose, and even fingers have formed now.

If you compare your baby size with any item which is present in your kitchen, it will be equal to the small ladyfinger or a cheery. You can feel his or her movement inside your cute puffed up belly. Such an amazing feeling!

What to expect at 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound?

The first prenatal visit typically happens in week 8, so you may have visited your physician by now. At the first prenatal visit on the 9th week, you may even have a chance to see your little one’s heartbeat, movement, and his or her big head on the ultrasound screen. Whoosh! Believe us, we are as amazed as you are.

To know more about your baby, you should have an ultrasound. It is your first time when you can see your baby with his or her arms, feet, and even fingers. Here is a little surprise, if you can have a high-quality ultrasound, you might get to know about the gender of your baby. Trust us, it is totally worthy to give a try.

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Pregnancy transformations – 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms

At week 9, your body has undergone a lot of changes as pregnancy hormone hCG is circulating in your body at its peak level. So, maybe you have some pregnancy symptoms in the most severe form. So, keep reading about 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms to deal with it.

9 weeks pregnant belly

Several moms-to-be find it very difficult to zip up their jeans at this stage. Your uterus usually expands as your fetus is growing. When you touch your belly, the lower abdomen side feels a bit firmer, it is the uterus. Some women experience 9 weeks pregnant bump as your uterus will begin to grow out of your pelvis in these days.

Mild uterine cramps

This is the rapid developmental phase and you may feel 9 weeks pregnant cramping or uterine cramping. It is normal in this period but if the cramping is severe, consult with your doctor.

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Morning sickness

If you are experiencing morning sickness, try to eat small meals frequently throughout the day. If you are pregnant with twins, you may experience more severe morning sickness in 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms. The bad news is that at 9 weeks, morning sickness is in its worst form. Some women find that ginger, snacks, and vitamin B6 really help in this condition. So do not worry and try it. You can get through it!

Frequent urination

As your uterus is expanding now and presses against the bladder, you may have extra tours of the bathroom. Frequent urination is also included in 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms due to increased circulation of blood in your pelvic area. Do not let yourself to decrease the intake of liquid because it is important to stay hydrated.


While your body is working day and night to grow and develop your 9 weeks fetus, you might be feeling exhausted all the time. Sleep more. Do not stress yourself. Eat healthy snacks. In the second trimester, you will get some of your energy back.

Nasal congestion

This is another pregnancy symptom that is unexpected for most pregnant women. Your body produces higher concentrations of mucus in conception. Buy a large pack of tissues or discuss it with your doctor.

9 weeks pregnant headache

Again, this headache is just because of your hormones. The change in hormonal levels can be the reason of dehydration, lack of sleep, and stress. You can deal with your headache by drinking a lot of water, getting plenty of sleep, and eat small meals every few hours. Before taking any medication, speak with your doctor.

Breast tenderness

Another reason which keeps you awake during the night and causes discomfort during all day is your bigger breasts due to increased fatty tissues. The increased blood flow in your body is one of the prominent 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms that make your breasts highly sensitive. You can wear a soft cotton bra to ease yourself at night.

Feeling hungry

Now you are not eating for yourself only but also you have a new life inside your belly. You may feel a bit hungrier than normal. Keep in mind, you need to add 300 to 400 extra calories in your diet. Fruits, milk, cheese, yogurt, and pulses are great options.

Other symptoms include:

  • Heartburn and indigestion
  • Bloating and gas
  • Constipation
  • Food cravings and aversions
  • Moodiness
  • Increased waistline
  • Dark lines and freckles on the skin

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Precautions during the 9th week of pregnancy

  • Make sure to wear a soft cotton bra especially at night to have a comfortable sleep. (Learn How To Choose The Best Mattress For Pregnancy)
  • Fight heartburn by avoiding spicy and greasy foods, increase the intake of calcium supplements which you need during conception anyway.
  • Prevent constipation by increasing the intake of liquid.
  • Weight gain in the 9th week is just not only okay but also recommended by your doctor. So, you must aim to put on almost one pound each week.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Use medicated body lotion in order to avoid itchy skin.
  • Relaxed and prevent mood swings.
  • Speak with your doctor related to any changes in your daily exercise routine.

Showing at 9 weeks first pregnancy

It is normal if you are showing in your 9th week of pregnancy as your uterus expands and accommodates your growing fetus. Some women do not show at all in their first pregnancy, but your bump will be more prominent if you are pregnant with twins or experiencing 2nd or 3rd pregnancy.

Checklist – 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms

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