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About Us

therightparenting.com is a one-stop resource for everything related to pre-pregnancy, pregnancy care, female health, and parenting.

We are a team of medical professionals dedicated to providing you the most accurate, unique and latest information on the subject of parenting and pregnancy.

Our specialty

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding pregnancy, a woman must know. therightparenting.com is dedicated to uncovering all the misconceptions and to provide valuable information on the subject of parenting and pregnancy.

Why use therightparenting.com?

Our website is divided into various sections and placed the articles into different categories so that you can search and find articles easily, and to make the information user-friendly.

Many women believe that getting pregnant during the period is impossible. Similarly, most women feel that masturbation during pregnancy is absolutely safe. therightparenting.com has explained to you every aspect in detail and has articles which prove many myths wrong.

therightparenting.com also has a comprehensive section on lifestyle during pregnancy. Which briefly explain the healthy lifestyle a woman must adapt to maintain her healthy pregnancy. Most of the time women do not understand the results they get from pregnancy test kits. Our website has also explained various homemade pregnancy tests, and how to take the test at home.