Baby Not Walking At 13 Months – How Can You Help In The Process?


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baby not walking at 13 months

Is your baby not walking at 13 months? This may seem worrisome as a parent. Because watching those cute tiny feet stumbling and exploring the house is the best feeling ever! But guess what? That is nothing to fret over.

Before you get all panicky, we’d suggest you relax. As we cover all steps, or in this case, baby steps in detail!

Baby Took Their First Steps!

“Look at the first steps!”. You may have screamed and squealed in joy as your toddler took their first small, yet successful steps.  If this hasn’t happened yet, be prepared for a gush of emotions! As this is the most awaited and celebrated milestone.

Parenthood is a stressful but rewarding job. And yup, it makes you impatient. All the time! While it’s you impatiently awaiting your bundle of joy to make their entry into the world. Or wait for their first smile, laugh, coo, word, or even their first step!

All these firsts have you up on your toes!  Which is why it’s natural for you to be overwhelmed if your baby is not walking at 13 months. But what is the right time to walk?

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When Do Babies Start Walking?

Is your baby not walking at 13 months? No need to worry. As this is perfectly normal. Some babies may have taken their first steps before their first birthday. Whereas other toddlers will still be on crawling expeditions at 15-16 months of age.

The key point to remember here is that all babies are different. And nope we are not only talking about different eye and hair colors! This also means each of them has an individual approach to achieving their developmental milestones.

The average age around which your toddler takes their first steps is between 9-15 months. And as we saw before. It’s different for different toddlers.

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Walking the Walk!

So, it may be a nice sunny morning. And as you are going about your day to day activities. You suddenly notice a few adorable babysteps your way. Yup, it’s a teary moment! But it happens after a lot of learning and practice.

Learning to walk is a gradual process. As your toddler’s muscles get stronger, they start with crawling or scooting. This occurs around 7 months of age.

From these small achievements, your baby bounces up and down when held in a standing position. This action helps strengthen their leg muscles in preparation for walking.

It also is a pointer that your toddler is ready to mount on the journey of walking! By 8-9 months, you may notice your baby trying to pull themselves up with support. And stand against a chair, stool, coffee table, or even sofa. Whatever comes in handy!

And in no time, those tiny feet will be set in motion. On a voyage of exploring the whole house!

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Lending Your Tot, a Helping Hand?

Baby not walking at 13 months? How can you help in this process?

Sure, your baby will learn at their own pace. However, there is no harm in giving a little tug to set the process in motion. Besides, a little dash of encouragement is always a cherry on the top! You can hold them gently in an upright position. And take a few steps with them while keeping them supported.

If your home has hard tiles or a wooden floor that isn’t very comfortable, you may want to place a mat or rug where your baby prefers to play.

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Also, if there are sharp edges of a table that may hurt your child. It is time to cover them. Or put that table aside for some time.

If your child loves playing on the floor, try keeping the toys slightly out of your toddlers’ reach. Or even on the nearest couch or chair. So that they can take a few steps to get them.

You can also take the help of a toddler walker or an exersaucer. Not only do these toys help your child in walking and gaining balance and stability. The added toys and sound features are a bonus!

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Is My Baby A Late Bloomer?

You may have come across this question, “Baby not walking at 13 months?”.  It may lead you to wonder, “Is my baby a late bloomer?”. Before you start freaking out, you may want to assess your toddler first.

If your baby is cooing and crawling already, and did so at the right times. You may want to take a sigh of relief here. It means that your tot is developing at a normal pace. And those tiny feet will set in motion in no time!

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Was Your Baby a Preemie?

Baby not walking at 13 months? Was your baby born preterm? If yes, then that explains for the delay you encounter in your toddler walking.

Your baby not walking at 13 months means that in case of a preemie born eight weeks before term. The calculated age would be that of an 11-month-old baby. And such expectations are to be kept in mind if you have a premature child.

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Developmental Issues to Look Out for?

Baby not walking at 13 months maybe a problem. If your baby has showed delayed response to other milestones. Such as if your toddler still can’t sit up properly without support. Or has problems with other motor skills. Such as unable to pull up, stand, or even raise their neck or limbs at 13-14 months.

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Talking to your doctor?

If your toddler is around 18-24 months of age and still not walking. This may be the right time for you to check-in with your pediatrician. They would want to rule out conditions that affect the legs and feet such as a club foot, developmental dysplasia of the hip, and even softening of the bones due to rickets.

Other conditions that can cause a delay in walking include diseases that affect the tone of the muscles. Such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophies.

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Baby Not Walking at 13 Months | Take-home Message

Baby not walking at 13 months is not something to worry about. Especially if your toddler has successfully attained previous developmental milestones.

However, remember no two children are the same. So, you may want to keep a bag of frozen peas or even ice cream or a hug ready as your toddler learns their first few steps. Because those bruises and bumps need you too!

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