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Best Infant Car Seat 2020 – Make The Right Choice! | The Right Parenting

This article is going to be about something that you should know from day one of your pregnancy; perhaps, even when you are trying to conceive. Childbirth is not just the nine months of pregnancy but a lifelong commitment to nurturing the child into adulthood. With a newly born, come new expenses that can take a toll on your budget. It is essential for you to know the best infant car seat 2020 so that you can ensure your child’s safety within the confines of your pocket.

Features of best infant car seat 2020

One thing that you should never forget is that no car seat can be manufactured and sold that does not adhere to the safety rules implied by the government. So, each car seat available is certainly safe for your child. You have to hand-pick your favorite according to the extra features that it offers, some of which are as follows:


The best infant car seat 2020 is the one that has a durable material. Spending money for a cheaper material will be dangerous in the long run because you will have to get it changed again and again. Instead, invest in a long-lasting material. Also remember, the material should be easily removable and washable. An infant is bound to spill all kinds of fluids on the seat, so washing it is going to be a hassle. Make your life easier and go for an infant car seat that can be cleaned in a minute or so.

Safety Indicators

Parents always make mistakes when it comes to adjusting the infant in the car seat. The best infant car seat 2020 is definitely the one that tells you when your baby is safely snuggled into the seat. A red light or color will show if the baby is loose in the seat. Adjusting it correctly will show you a green signal so that you can drive easily without any worry of an accident or slippage.


It should have an easy system of installation. No new parent has the time to learn technical skills when he or she also has to take care of an infant in the arms. Go for a car seat that uses the LATCH system, hence not taking more than a second or two to adjust into the car.

From Car into Stroller (Or another car!)

The baby is not supposed to stay in the same car 24/7, right? You are going to use other cars as well for travel sometimes. More than often, you will go for a long walk or shopping in a mall with your baby cooing in a stroller. Buy a car seat that can be easily installed into one car from another and is compatible with your stroller as well.

Usage of an infant car seat

Can you get a used car seat to save money? Sure! But on one condition only: Find someone trustworthy! Get if from a loved one or a relative whose baby has traveled in that seat with 100& safety. Never compromise on your baby’s safety just to save a couple of bucks! Buy a new and customized car seat if you do not find a trustworthy person to buy a used one.

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What to pick: Infant Car Seat vs Convertibles

You must be wondering, why use an infant car seat at all? Why not invest in a convertible? Well, we have to the answer for you right here.

What is an infant car seat?

An infant car seat latches onto the seat of your car with the baby and car seat facing the rear end of the car.

What is a convertible?

A convertible is a car seat that can be used when the child grows up. It can be adjusted onto the back seat with the child facing towards the front of the car.

Why choose an infant car seat then?

Well, for starters, an infant car seat will help you avoid a crying baby!! Sounds great, doesn’t it? When your baby is napping peacefully in his or her stroller and hates to travel in cars or does not like to be disturbed, you can easily take the seat off the stroller and put it onto the car without bothering the baby. A quiet and calm baby is equal to a quiet and calm parent! You cannot keep your mind on the road when your baby is crying and yelling at the back.

Secondly, companies design infant car seats according to the needs of an infant. It has foot padding and back alignment cushions that cater to the need of babies at that specific age. A convertible cannot replace a car seat designed specifically for a baby who is less than one year old. Children of different age groups have different needs. Who said parenting was easy!

Where to buy the best infant car seat 2020?

If you trust us, we would suggest buying one from a store. It will be just a one-time visit. Take your car, your stroller and oh, yes, your baby as well with you. Try out different seats in your car and stroller and check if your baby is comfortable in them. And then right there in the shop, ask someone to help you adjust the car seat into your car.

To make this trip easier, do your research online first. Look at different infant car seats available in shops near you. Study their features and price and pick the one you like the best. Then, directly go to that shop and buy the one you selected! Easy and quick!

If you cannot make out time to go for a drive or if you hate shopping like that, there are wonderful and trustworthy websites available readily on the web. You can easily order an infant car seat through amazon or other baby shopping sites like (Walmart, BabyList, Buy Buy Baby) according to your bank balance. Furthermore, you can even pay online and they will deliver the car seat right at your doorstep. You can get the best infant car seat 2020 through online shopping in the price range of $200 to $250!

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