Can You Eat Chinese Food While Pregnant? Identify Myths And Reality!


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Can you eat Chinese food during pregnancy

As soon as you get to know that you are now pregnant, a never-ending list of questions starts popping up in your brain. Thoughts like can you eat outside? What foods to avoid during pregnancy? Can you eat extra calories? Can you eat Chinese food while pregnant?

People all around the world hold Chinese as one of the most liked staple cuisines and almost everyone loves it. Thanks to the amazing umami flavor and visual appeal of Chinese food because of colorful vegetable combinations.

The relationship between Chinese food and pregnancy is already tainted with a lot of myths going on the internet. But this doesn’t exonerate Chinese food from all charges either. Here we will look into the common myths against Chinese food and real problems associated with eating Chinese food during pregnancy.

So, can you eat Chinese food while pregnant? Let’s see!

Myths associated with Chinese food and pregnancy:


The Internet is a funny place especially when it comes to spreading myths. Here are some of the common myths that taint the reputation of Chinese food during pregnancy.

Chinese food can make your child Autistic

Autism is still one of the most dreaded conditions that parents are scared of even before their child is born. Although the causes of autism are mostly genetic and rest are unknown, there are thousands of myths surrounding the diseases including the one making Chinese food during pregnancy a cause of autism.

This claim is made without any strong proof by associating MGM or monosodium glutamate with autism. If you are asking can you eat Chinese food while pregnant just because you are scared that your child might be suffering from autism, then you do not have to worry at all!

Chinese Food can make your child naughty

Any logical person would ask one thing after hearing this myth, why would eating Chinese food during pregnancy make your child naughty? But this is the thing here, logical people rarely believe in myths.

Chinese food is spicy, and people have been spreading a lot of myths against spices for a long time. This might be the originating story of having naughty kids if you eat Chinese food while you are pregnant.

Eating Chinese food can complicate pregnancy

There are so many things that people would say about Chinese food and pregnancy but the most unbelievable one is that Chinese food can complicate pregnancy. Food does have an effect on pregnant mothers but considering one type of food as more harmful seems a little racist to begin with.

Chinese food has thousands of different variations and a blanket prohibition seems unfair. Even if you are eating Chinese food, pregnancy can still remain very healthy. There are certain ingredients that you should avoid but we have explained it all in the next section. For now, we are only busting the myth that eating Chinese food while pregnant is not entirely a bad idea if you are a little careful.

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Why can Chinese food be bad during pregnancy?

Now is the time we tell you the bad news. Chinese food is might cause certain health problems, which makes it a less healthy option for a pregnant woman. Here are all the reasons why eating Chinese food during pregnancy can affect you in a bad way. However, in the end, there is a solution for you too! So let’s get started.

Street Chinese Food is unhygienic

There is something special about the food we eat from street stalls. Although it makes us sick many times, still nothing is better than spicy Chinese food from the street-side stall. However, pregnant women should be careful about hygiene issues.

Streetside Chinese food during pregnancy can make you sick. Food poisoning is a very common condition and it gets very hard for a pregnant woman to endure food poisoning.  So, no matter how much you crave Chinese food, pregnancy is not the right time to eat from unhygienic stalls.

A lot of sodium

Chinese food is super tasty but this taste comes at a cost. There is a lot of sodium in Chinese food which makes it a bad diet not just for pregnant women but for everyone else too.  So, if you are eating Chinese food during pregnancy, make sure that you are not eating a lot of it.

Sodium can blot your body, making it difficult for you to function properly, increase your blood pressure which is one of the major issues of many pregnant women. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure during pregnancy is very important and Chinese food can disturb this goal.

Sweet sauces are not your friend

Many pregnant women develop a temporary diabetic state during pregnancy. For some, this can last even after the pregnancy is over. Eating a lot of sugars can trigger the problem. This is why we advise you to not eat a lot of Chinese food when you are pregnant.

The MGM controversy

Monosodium glutamate (MGM) is extensively used in Chinese food around the world. Chinese food has a specific umami flavor that makes it so famous. They add MGM to enhance the umami flavor. However, this compound is very notorious and there are many health risks related to it especially for pregnant women.


According to some studies, MGM can impair brain growth of the fetus and develop certain lifelong conditions in the unborn child. That is why avoiding Chinese food that has unknown ingredients is very important especially during pregnancy.

Raw meat is a big NO

Many Chinese dishes use raw meat or fish. These meats can have harmful bacteria and mercury present in them. Any such Chinese food should be totally avoided during pregnancy no matter how much you are craving it.

How to satisfy your Chinese food cravings during pregnancy?

Now, to answer the question “Can you eat Chinese food while pregnant?” The best way to satisfy your cravings is to cook the food at home. In this way, you can be sure that everything you are adding in the food is hygienic and properly cooked. Also, you can alter the recipes and avoid harmful ingredients altogether. This might be a little time consuming but at the same time, it is very important for you and for your baby!


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