First Signal Pregnancy Test – What Is It And How To Perform?

When you are trying to conceive a baby your body gives signs pointing out that you are pregnant. These could be in the form of symptoms or tests. The first signal pregnancy test is the earliest test which accurately points out that you are having a baby or not. It utilizes the levels of hCG in your body fluid.

How does the first signal pregnancy test works?

When you conceive a baby it develops inside your womb. The baby is too little at this time of his life and he is totally dependent on you for his nutrition which he gets from the placenta. Besides providing nutrition, the placenta also secretes a hormone named human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which increases with gestation.

This hormone first appears in the blood of the mother and is detectable as early as 6 days before missing the monthly cycle. Later on, it is also secreted in the mother’s urine. Since this hormone is only present during pregnancy it can be detected to confirm the pregnancy.

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When to perform the first signal pregnancy test?

It is pretty important to detect pregnancy as early as possible because the first 2 months are the most important period of the baby’s life. The baby develops all the major organs during this period. Any harm whether physical or chemical is most dangerous during this time and usually results in the termination of the baby.

This makes the detection of pregnancy a priority. However, in most of the cases, there are no obvious symptoms of pregnancy before missing your monthly cycles. Luckily you can perform this pregnancy test as early as 6 days before even missing your periods when testing the blood. However, the test depends on the levels of hCG as well as the body fluid used. The accuracy of this test is more than 99 percent from the first day of missed periods for urine.

Detecting pregnancy early helps you a lot. You can start taking better care of yourself and avoid exertion as much as possible. You can improve your diet and avoid exposure to hazards. All this helps you deliver a healthy baby.

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Levels of hCG and the first pregnancy test

Kits available for pregnancy tests only detect the presence of hCG and do not quantify it. It is not necessary to quantify it as it is only produced during pregnancy. The levels of hCG start appearing just after 11 days of conception in the blood and after 15-24 days in the urine. The levels double every 3 days from here onwards.

For a pregnancy test to be positive the levels have to be greater than 25mIU/ml. Any levels below this aren’t picked by the kit. On quantitative testing, the levels below 5mIU/ml are considered negative. If the levels are between 6 and 24 you are going to retest a few days later to check the rise in the levels.

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How to use the kit?

You can perform this pregnancy test on both blood and urine which have their separate kits. The urine kits are commonly used as these are cheaper and easier to use. Here is how you should use a urine pregnancy kit:

  • Use the pregnancy kit from the first day of the missed period onwards otherwise the test will be false negative since the hormone is not secreted in the urine before this point.
  • Although you can perform this test at any time of the day the morning urine is preferred.
  • To perform the test, collect the urine in a clean container or cup.
  • Take the strip out and hold it from the colored part.
  • Dip the opposite end into the urine without touching it at any point.
  • Wait for at least 5 seconds for the urine to migrate all the way up the test window.

It is a pretty simple pregnancy test and can be repeated again as the kit is cheap and readily available. The kit for the blood test is similar and requires a blood sample which makes it a little scary for the mother. Since the accuracy is no different it makes it unnecessary. On the other hand, blood quantitative testing has a benefit of the detection of pregnancy as early as 6 days before the monthly cycles.

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How to read the first signal pregnancy test?

The first signal pregnancy test results are the easiest to interpret and you require no supervision from anyone. When your urine migrates up the strip it produces a certain number of lines on it.

Positive result

If there are two lines on the strip i.e. one in front of C (control) and other in front of T (test) it means your sample contains hCG. Congratulations! You are pregnant and you should plan a visit to a doctor.

Negative result

If there is only one line in front of C (control) it means that there is not enough hCG level in the sample. It indicates that you are not pregnant. However, if the cycle doesn’t come within a week you should repeat the test as it could mean that the levels were low at that time.

Invalid result

If there is no line on the strip it means that the test is performed wrong and the sample didn’t migrate to the top. You should perform it again with a different strip.

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How accurate is the first signal pregnancy test?

The accuracy of the first signal pregnancy test is more than 99 % performed from the first day of the missed cycle onwards. Before this point, the test has a low incidence of false-negative results because of the low levels of hCG. However, a quantitative blood test at this stage has better accuracy than the kit method.

Where to buy a pregnancy test kit?

Pregnancy kits are readily available at medical stores and you can get it without any recommendation from a doctor. You can also order them online from sites like Amazon, etc.

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Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

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Probable Signs Of Pregnancy – All You Need To Know | The Right Parenting

Have you been trying to get pregnant lately? You may experience a range of symptoms that can be taken as probable signs of pregnancy. However, classification and a good understanding of these signs is important as most of them are not exclusive to pregnancy and maybe a part and parcel of other disease processes.

Presumptive signs of pregnancy

These are the signs indicating the possibility or speculation of a pregnancy. These signs are subjective- that is you report them yourself, indefinite and not precise as they may also be indicative of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menopause or any other local or systemic disease. Some of these signs are as follows:

Amenorrhea (Absence of periods)

Missing a period is often the first thing that leads you to think of a possible pregnancy. However, that is not always the case as amenorrhea. It can also suggest changes in hormonal levels as occurs before or during the menopause, or even in some tumors.

Vomiting and nausea

Often termed as ‘morning sickness’ as nausea and vomiting usually occur early in the morning, mostly in the first trimester, though you may even continue having episodes of nausea and vomiting throughout the duration of pregnancy till delivery occurs. These symptoms are not very specific as they are also a part of other conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders, indigestion or food poisoning, stress, side effect of medications, and even a result of head trauma.

Changes in breasts

The breasts increase in size and become more tender and firm as pregnancy proceeds. The veins also become more visible due to an increase in the blood supply. You may experience soreness in the breasts as well. By the 12th week, you may be able to express a thick yellowish secretion (colostrum). However, these changes aren’t restricted to pregnancy and can also occur in injury, breast disease as well as hormonal factors.


It’s pretty natural for you to feel drained as your body is nesting your baby for a period of nine months. But it’s obviously not a pregnancy – exclusive event.


A fluttering sensation felt by the mommy to be in her lower abdomen from the movement of the fetus. Quickening normally occurs around the 1620th week of pregnancy.

Frequent urination

You may feel the need to pee again and again but this can also occur in diabetes, an infection of the urinary tract, tumors, excess drinking and some medications such as diuretics.

Lassitude (A lack of energy)

You feel like drained all around the day and have no energy or motivation even to do house chores.

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Probable Signs of Pregnancy

These are the signs pointing towards an increased likelihood or possibility of you being pregnant. However, the probable signs of pregnancy again are non-confirmatory. You still require definite testing to make sure if you’re pregnant or not. These signs are as follows:

Positive pregnancy test

Although in majority of the cases, a positive UPT (urine pregnancy test) means you are expecting, it may be falsely positive for a number of reasons:

  1. The urine is too dilute at the time of the test.
  2. You’re on fertility medications that resulted in an increased level of HCG hormone (the hormone that the stick test picks up).
  3. The test was expired.
  4. An ectopic pregnancy – pregnancy outside the uterus.
  5. Early signs of a miscarriage.
  6. You took the test the wrong way.

Goodells Sign

Softening of the cervix (the inner opening of your vagina that leads to the uterus) usually occurs around the 6-8th week of pregnancy.

External Ballottement

Upon applying pressure on the lower part of the tummy where the uterus is, the growing baby bounces back against the fingers when the uterus is pushed.

Braxton Hicks contractions

These are false contractions of the uterus that are similar to labor, often putting you in distress as you’re not even due yet. However, these contractions can not dilate the uterus or cause the delivery of the baby.

Chadwick’s sign

Increased blood flow to the uterus, cervix, and vagina results in a bluish coloration. This occurs around the 4th week of pregnancy

An enlarged abdomen

The tummy can be enlarged from other reasons too – from bloating as occurs in PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and menstruation or from a slight weight gain.

Increase in the skin pigmentation

  1. Striae Gravidarum: These are stretch marks that appear on the tummy and /or buttocks. They are also sometimes present in patients with sudden weight gain or loss and patients of Cushing’s disease.
  2. Linea Nigra: This is a dark-colored line that appears on the tummy in the midline, around and about the belly button. It may be a probable sign of pregnancy in a mum-to-be that has never been pregnant before.
  3. Chloasma: This is a bronze– brown discoloration that appears on the face of pregnant women especially those with dark-colored hair.

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Positive Signs of Pregnancy (Signs confirming the presence of a pregnancy)

These signs are definite, absolute and objective – as your doctor or nurse tells you about them. These signs are as follows:

  • Detection of fetal heart rate: This is no doubt one of the most reliable signs of pregnancy. The heart of the growing baby beats an average of about 110-120 times in one minute.
  • Detection of fetal movements: Your doctor can feel the movements of the baby after 24 weeks. In the beginning, you can only feel a few movements of the baby but as the baby keeps on growing, the movements become more rapid. And apart from keeping you up at night sometimes, these movements spark joy and happiness as you prepare yourself to welcome your new guest into this world.
  • Detection of fetal outline: Outline of the baby’s body parts, specifically back and head as well as arms and legs can be easily felt after the 24th week of pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound Detection of Fetus: Ultrasound is a non-invasive test that helps to confirm the status of your gestation, that is how far you are down the lane as well as making sure that the baby is doing well.

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Probable Signs of Pregnancy: How to confirm it?

The probable signs of pregnancy do point to a current pregnancy in the majority of the cases. As these symptoms are felt by you yourself, they drive you to wonder whether there is a pea in the pod or not. However, these are still not definite. You would be needing a complete workup to confirm your pregnancy status, which includes blood tests and an ultrasound. This is important as adequate and timely prenatal care is necessary. So that you may have smooth and uneventful pregnancy and delivery of a healthy, happy baby.

Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

Medical Officer at Ammar Medical Complex, Founder at Therightparenting and Owner and Founder at OOPER with Syed Ahmad Raza

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Can You Eat Chinese Food While Pregnant? Identify Myths And Reality!

As soon as you get to know that you are now pregnant, a never-ending list of questions starts popping up in your brain. Thoughts like can you eat outside? What foods to avoid during pregnancy? Can you eat extra calories? Can you eat Chinese food while pregnant?

People all around the world hold Chinese as one of the most liked staple cuisines and almost everyone loves it. Thanks to the amazing umami flavor and visual appeal of Chinese food because of colorful vegetable combinations.

The relationship between Chinese food and pregnancy is already tainted with a lot of myths going on the internet. But this doesn’t exonerate Chinese food from all charges either. Here we will look into the common myths against Chinese food and real problems associated with eating Chinese food during pregnancy.

So, can you eat Chinese food while pregnant? Let’s see!

Myths associated with Chinese food and pregnancy:

The Internet is a funny place especially when it comes to spreading myths. Here are some of the common myths that taint the reputation of Chinese food during pregnancy.

Chinese food can make your child Autistic

Autism is still one of the most dreaded conditions that parents are scared of even before their child is born. Although the causes of autism are mostly genetic and rest are unknown, there are thousands of myths surrounding the diseases including the one making Chinese food during pregnancy a cause of autism.

This claim is made without any strong proof by associating MGM or monosodium glutamate with autism. If you are asking can you eat Chinese food while pregnant just because you are scared that your child might be suffering from autism, then you do not have to worry at all!

Chinese Food can make your child naughty

Any logical person would ask one thing after hearing this myth, why would eating Chinese food during pregnancy make your child naughty? But this is the thing here, logical people rarely believe in myths.

Chinese food is spicy, and people have been spreading a lot of myths against spices for a long time. This might be the originating story of having naughty kids if you eat Chinese food while you are pregnant.

Eating Chinese food can complicate pregnancy

There are so many things that people would say about Chinese food and pregnancy but the most unbelievable one is that Chinese food can complicate pregnancy. Food does have an effect on pregnant mothers but considering one type of food as more harmful seems a little racist to begin with.

Chinese food has thousands of different variations and a blanket prohibition seems unfair. Even if you are eating Chinese food, pregnancy can still remain very healthy. There are certain ingredients that you should avoid but we have explained it all in the next section. For now, we are only busting the myth that eating Chinese food while pregnant is not entirely a bad idea if you are a little careful.

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Why can Chinese food be bad during pregnancy?

Now is the time we tell you the bad news. Chinese food is might cause certain health problems, which makes it a less healthy option for a pregnant woman. Here are all the reasons why eating Chinese food during pregnancy can affect you in a bad way. However, in the end, there is a solution for you too! So let’s get started.

Street Chinese Food is unhygienic

There is something special about the food we eat from street stalls. Although it makes us sick many times, still nothing is better than spicy Chinese food from the street-side stall. However, pregnant women should be careful about hygiene issues.

Streetside Chinese food during pregnancy can make you sick. Food poisoning is a very common condition and it gets very hard for a pregnant woman to endure food poisoning.  So, no matter how much you crave Chinese food, pregnancy is not the right time to eat from unhygienic stalls.

A lot of sodium

Chinese food is super tasty but this taste comes at a cost. There is a lot of sodium in Chinese food which makes it a bad diet not just for pregnant women but for everyone else too.  So, if you are eating Chinese food during pregnancy, make sure that you are not eating a lot of it.

Sodium can blot your body, making it difficult for you to function properly, increase your blood pressure which is one of the major issues of many pregnant women. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure during pregnancy is very important and Chinese food can disturb this goal.

Sweet sauces are not your friend

Many pregnant women develop a temporary diabetic state during pregnancy. For some, this can last even after the pregnancy is over. Eating a lot of sugars can trigger the problem. This is why we advise you to not eat a lot of Chinese food when you are pregnant.

The MGM controversy

Monosodium glutamate (MGM) is extensively used in Chinese food around the world. Chinese food has a specific umami flavor that makes it so famous. They add MGM to enhance the umami flavor. However, this compound is very notorious and there are many health risks related to it especially for pregnant women.

According to some studies, MGM can impair brain growth of the fetus and develop certain lifelong conditions in the unborn child. That is why avoiding Chinese food that has unknown ingredients is very important especially during pregnancy.

Raw meat is a big NO

Many Chinese dishes use raw meat or fish. These meats can have harmful bacteria and mercury present in them. Any such Chinese food should be totally avoided during pregnancy no matter how much you are craving it.

How to satisfy your Chinese food cravings during pregnancy?

Now, to answer the question “Can you eat Chinese food while pregnant?” The best way to satisfy your cravings is to cook the food at home. In this way, you can be sure that everything you are adding in the food is hygienic and properly cooked. Also, you can alter the recipes and avoid harmful ingredients altogether. This might be a little time consuming but at the same time, it is very important for you and for your baby!

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Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

Medical Officer at Ammar Medical Complex, Founder at Therightparenting and Owner and Founder at OOPER with Syed Ahmad Raza

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Prayer For A Healthy Pregnancy | The Right Parenting

Dealing with things that are not in our hands is difficult and stressful at times. Most of the people on this planet believe that they don’t really need control over things because there are certain powers that will make things easier for them only if they pray. Prayer is not something limited to any specific religion, it is a universal thing and everyone does it in one way or the other.

Getting pregnant and having a baby is as much of a spiritual experience as it is emotional and physical. The miracle of life is fascinating to hear about but going through it yourself is the next level of spiritual enlightenment.  When you are going through this life-changing journey, attracting positive forces of the universe is important as it soothes you and makes the process easier and bearable. With us, you will not only know the physical challenges of being pregnant but also know the spiritual methods that can help you soothe your anxiety throughout the process.

Why is it beneficial to pray during pregnancy?

Do you know what is the one thing that most women complain about during pregnancy? It’s not the pain of responsibility, it is the stress. There are many ways that people use to deal with it, some like meditation, some like music but most people like to turn to the god that they believe in.

Prayer soothes you and gives you the ability to deal with your situation strongly. Apart from having religious significance, prayer is also considered as a type of meditation. It relaxes your brain and makes the whole process of conception and pregnancy healthy and bearable.

How to gather the positive energy of the universe?

The idea of prayer is universal for a reason; our universe is full of energies that we are unable to understand. When we try to calm down and try to attract positive energy towards ourselves, it works wonders. This is easy to understand if we can grasp the idea that you attract whatever you expect from the universe. If you are looking for positive and happy energy, you will find it. On the contrary, if you are expecting negativity, you are likely to face it.

The biggest problem is that our hormones and pregnancy stress make us think bad and negative which can be problematic unless you try to calm yourself down. To make this blog helpful for everyone belonging to any religion, we have compiled a list of spiritual prayers that can be altered according to your religious practices and methods.

Prayer for a healthy conception

Oh, Lord! You are the creator of heavens and earth. Surely, you have power over everything. You made me a woman and blessed me with a womb and gave me the potential to carry out the miracle of birth. Indeed this miracle cannot happen without your will so I ask you for your mercy and your blessing. Bless me with the gift of life. Bless me with a child that will change my life and make my connection with you stronger than ever. I am helpless and I cannot do it without your help, bless me with the miracle of life and give me power and energy to go through this process with comfort, ease, and happiness.

Prayer for baby’s healthy growth

Dear God! You have blessed me with this baby that is growing inside me. I would not be able to conceive if it were not your will. I pray to you to give my child the best of health and help it grow normally. Oh, Lord! Please prevent my child from getting any illness or physical abnormality. Give it strength and power. Shower your blessings on my baby and bless it with a long happy and healthy life. I pray to you to protect my child from any physical and mental harm from this day till the end of its days. Give me the power and energy to carry a healthy child in my womb.

Prayer for baby’s intelligence

Dear lord! You are the creator of this universe, you have made everything from scratch and you have power over everything living and dead. You have all the treasure of wisdom and intelligence with you. I pray to you that you bestow upon my child, a part of your wisdom. Make him intelligent and profound. Allow him to see beyond the obvious and help him in making the right decisions throughout his life.

Prayer for having a pious child

My dear God! You have created the heaven and earth for us; you gave us all the senses and gave us the ability to think. Give us the ability to understand your power and mercy. I pray that my child turns out to be a pious person who obeys your orders and pleases you through his existence. I wish for him to be your loyal servant who has a strong belief in you and every action of his is influenced by your pleasure. Bless him with the intellect to follow your path and spend his life according to the ways you have asked of men.

Prayer for having a beautiful child

Dear lord! You created this earth and the universe and everything beautiful that is present between the heavens and the earth. You have control over beauty and attraction. I pray that my child is blessed with the best of your gifts. I pray that my child makes everyone’s eyes glow as they look at him. Make him beautiful just like all your other beautiful creations. Indeed everything you make is worth a while but you are the one who has divided men in ranks, give my child the best of the ranks amongst your men!

Prayer to soothe the pain of pregnancy

Dear Lord, we are weak of your men, we feel pain and pleasure as you will. Please shower your blessings and mercy on me when I am carrying out my divine purpose. Protect me and my child from the pain that we can’t bear. Make the process easier for both of us. Oh Lord, I pray for your mercy and beg you to protect me from the misery and pain of childbirth. I believe in you and I look upon you to take care of me throughout this journey.

Final Word

Prayer is just a way for human beings to connect with their creator and no matter what their core belief system is; their sole duty is to spend their life the way their creator asked them to. This is how they can attract the positive energy of the universe. Once you pray using these words with faith in your heart, everything positive will be laid down in your feet before you know it!

Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

Medical Officer at Ammar Medical Complex, Founder at Therightparenting and Owner and Founder at OOPER with Syed Ahmad Raza

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Premature Baby Complications – What To Expect As A Parent?

Everyone is scared of premature baby complications. But let’s first understand the basics. A baby is premature if he or she is born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Depending on what range of time during which the baby has been delivered or has been extracted through a C-section for additional reasons may put the baby in one of the following categories:

These final weeks in the womb that a child may miss out on are very important for a baby’s full and healthy growth. This may be one of the reasons why premature babies deal with complications, such as health hazards and weak survival chances far more often than a regular baby.

Premature baby complications may be of various natures depending on the baby itself. Some issues may seem very obvious and understandable while others may go out on a limb to slim the baby’s chances of survival. Similarly, some complications in premature babies are short-term while others may last for a long time, leaving the baby with some sort of challenges to carry for the rest of their lives.

It goes without saying that you must handle premature babies with the utmost care and attention. Short-term complications in a premature baby might sound like its less serious than long-term complications but that wouldn’t be an accurate assumption. Short-term complications can be something as deathly as hemorrhage in the brain or lungs. Let’s go through some of the most common short-term and long-term complications in a premature baby.


Short-term Premature baby complications

The problems that a baby may face are mostly only due to the fact that the baby had an early coming into the world unless it’s a special case where the baby is born with a particular health issue that might be inherited from the parents or developed otherwise. So in a nutshell, short-term complications in a premature baby are simply a shortage of time spent in the womb which results in the baby needing to be looked after critically till it fully grows all its vital organs.

Some of these premature baby complications are

  • Breathing troubles
  • Low body weight and fat
  • Less active than normal
  • Fluctuating body temperatures
  • Pale completion
  • Movement and coordination problems
  • Inability to feed
  • Weak immunity
  • Anemia


Some life-threatening premature baby complications may be as follows

  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Pulmonary hemorrhage
  • Week immunity (may lead to several life-threatening infections for the baby)
  • Heart disease (patent ductus arteriosus)
  • Hypoglycemia (exceptionally low blood sugar)
  • Neonatal sepsis (infection in the blood)
  • Pneumonia (inflammation and infection or lungs)
  • Anemia
  • Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (underdeveloped lungs)

Long-term Premature baby complications

Long-term complications are issues that a baby might have to deal with their entire lives.

 These complications mostly occur in extremely preterm babies

  • Chronic health issues (e.g. SIDS, feeding issues & asthma)
  • Learning disabilities
  • Physical disability
  • Blindness or impaired vision
  • Slow & delayed coordination and growth
  • Hearing problems
  • Dental problems


Treating a premature baby with complications

One of the most important decisions that a mother who has a premature baby has to make is to go to a hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), also known as an Intensive Care Nursery Unit (ICNU). This is so because a premature baby with or without complications will require excessive care and examination as soon as he/she comes out of the mother’s womb.

As soon as a premature baby comes into the world he/she will be tested. These tests will include things like

  • Chest X-rays (in order to determine the development of the heart and lungs)
  • Blood tests (to find out glucose, calcium and bilirubin levels)
  • Blood gas analysis (to determine blood and oxygen levels)
  • Ultrasound scans (e.g. Echocardiogram: ultrasound of the heart)
  • Eye exam

The baby might need other tests depending on each individual case. When dealing with a premature baby the doctors prefer to keep a mindset that they are dealing with a high-risk baby, as it is the case for many babies hence the doctors do a thorough check up on these babies which may involve a number of more tests aside from the ones mentioned above.

After birth, this premature baby who is likely to have complications is admitted to NICU. Here the baby is treated according to his/her conditions. Support for the baby is provided so that it may be able to continue developing into a healthy independent child one day.

 A few measures taken include:

  • Due to the babies fluctuating body temperatures it is placed in a thermally controlled incubator.
  • Baby’s vital organs are supported in their growth and development.
  • Premature babies with complications especially are constantly monitored. Their heartbeats, breathing and blood & oxygen levels are under strict check so that even the smallest difference can be noted.
  • If a premature baby hasn’t yet developed enough to be able to suck or swallow then they are fed intravenously or by a tube that reaches their stomach.
  • In case the baby’s lungs are too underdeveloped for the baby to be able to breathe then the premature baby might be put on a ventilator or they can be provided with continuous airway pressure.
  • Fluids are replenished
  • The babies are made to spend time under a bilirubin light
  • Premature babies with complications are often given blood transfusions in order to make up for the blood drawn from them for tests.

Besides these methods, the doctors might give other treatments to the baby according to their conditions. Especially, the doctors might administer medications to those premature babies with complications to fix their selective issues and, in severe cases, they may also undergo surgery of relevant kind if needed.


When is a premature baby with complications deemed fit to leave the hospital?

Some common signs that a premature baby may be fit to go home now are:

  • The baby is free of all and any infections
  • When the baby can feed by itself (i.e. suck and swallow the milk)
  • When the baby can breathe without support
  • Once they are able to maintain normal body temperature and weight
  • After they start gaining weight steadily


Causes and Preventive methods

Honestly speaking, there are no clear cut ways you can adopt to avoid a premature baby. This might be due to the fact that there are no clear reasons as to why premature babies are born in the first place. Some statistics suggest that women of color have the most premature babies worldwide, but there is no clear reason to support these statistics. Some reasons that the doctors predict might aggravate your chances of having a premature baby can be the following:

  • Poor diet
  • Use of intoxicants and drugs during pregnancy
  • Infections in the mother such as UTI
  • A previous history of premature births
  • Previous history of miscarriage or abortion
  • Abnormal uterus
  • Weak cervix
  • If the pregnancy is of twins, triplets or more
  • Conceiving through in-vitro fertilization
  • If the mother has diabetes, high blood pressure, or any heart & kidney disease.
  • Physical injury or trauma
  • Stressful life events such as death or a loved one or domestic violence.


As we don’t know why premature births occur, doctors are not able to suggest more than heathy habits during and before pregnancy in hopes of avoiding a premature birth.

These suggestions are as following:

  • Eat healthy before and during pregnancy
  • Drink ample water daily
  • Taking aspirin daily if you have high blood pressure or history of premature births
  • Quit intoxicants and drugs
  • Quit abusing any medically advised drugs
  • Cervical cerclage (after a physician’s advice)
  • Progesterone supplements

While you take these precautions make sure you are going to the doctor for check-ups. Discuss all and any concerns you may have with them and ask to get the appropriate tests and examinations done.



Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

Medical Officer at Ammar Medical Complex, Founder at Therightparenting and Owner and Founder at OOPER with Syed Ahmad Raza

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