How To Choose The Best Mattress For Pregnancy


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best mattress for pregnancy

Most of the women start looking for the best mattress for pregnancy only during the last trimester because this is when it gets the most uncomfortable to sleep for them. However, making smart decisions, in the beginning, can prevent a lot of discomfort during the whole nine months of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one of the most awaited and important time in the life of many women. Every woman knows that it is hard to become a mother. She has to go through incredible pain and discomfort for almost a year and still a lot more will come after that. But everything is worth it when you have your little one in your arms.

There is no short cut way to get out of pregnancy without any discomfort but you can make your experience better by making certain right choices. The choice of getting a comfortable sleep is one of them. And nothing can enhance your sleeping experience more than having the best mattress for pregnancy.

Qualities of the best mattress for pregnancy

Remember the time when the toughest shopping choice you had to make was about the flavor of ice cream you want to eat? Well, the choices of mattresses are almost as difficult as this one, except that it is a big investment and you probably cannot make this choice more than once in at least 5 years.

It is intimidating to see so many variations of something as simple as a mattress, but it is important to understand each and every quality of the mattress that you must be looking for in order to identify the best mattress for pregnancy. Here are a few qualities that you have to choose from. Once you understand your sleeping needs, you can easily pick the best mattress for pregnancy.


Mattresses are available with a range of firmness options, although it depends on your personal preferences; there is a whole science behind choosing firmness of the mattress. Most importantly it depends on your sleeping position.

When a person is sleeping, they need to keep their spine aligned; otherwise, it can end up in a very painful experience. Many people who face problems like back pain, soreness in body and neck pain, etc, do not have the right kind of mattress on their bed.

If you are a side sleeper, you should probably go for a plush mattress that can couture your body perfectly and keep your spine aligned. Pregnant women who like to sleep on their stomach or on the side should choose softer mattresses.

However, the best mattress for pregnancy for the women who sleep on their backs has to be firm. A pregnant belly is already putting a lot of strain on the backbone and a soft mattress will affect spinal alignment and make your night’s sleep very uncomfortable too.


Most people choose the thickness of mattress depending on their bed size. If we talk about an average bed, an extra thick mattress will increase the height of the sleeping surface. This might not be a big problem during the first two trimesters of pregnancy but later on, getting on and off the bed becomes very difficult, and a higher bed will make it worse.

The best mattress for pregnancy is the one that is super easy to hop on. During the last trimester, the baby puts a lot of pressure on your bladder, which means you have to go to the toilet many times during the night. A high bed with a thick mattress will surely exhaust you even if it is super comfortable to sleep on.

Temperature Control

Pregnancy is full of hormones and not all of them are your friends. Pregnancy hormones give you some of the most uncomfortable experiences like mood swings, anxiety, etc. The worst of the symptoms are the hot flashes at night. These hot flashes leave pregnant women with high sleeping temperature which is very annoying and can wake you up at night.

The new technologies use the temperature regulation process to keep your bed cool while you sleep by allowing ventilation and air passage through the mattress. This breathability of the mattress is a must-have, especially for pregnant women. Temperature regulating mattresses might be a little expensive but it is the best mattress for pregnancy without any doubt.

Motion Transfer

Pregnancy is difficult and uncomfortable for the women, but their partners are not completely comfortable either. Pregnant women are restless at night. Even when their beds are comfortable, having a baby inside your belly is still uncomfortable and it disrupts your sleep quite often. That is why pregnant women twist around the bed and move a lot at night.

Certain mattresses are very good at absorbing motion and prevent either one of the partners’ sleep from getting disrupted. This ensures a better sleeping experience and many couples go for spring foam mattresses for this very reason.

Toxin-free mattress

Synthetic mattresses are derived from petroleum products and they are not very healthy at times. No matter how good a company claims its mattress to be, if it is not made up of safe materials, it is not worth it.

Pregnancy is a very sensitive time when harmful chemicals can affect the way your baby will come out to be. Certain chemicals can make the baby sick and even disabled for its entire life which is extreme to hear but not untrue.

Look for mattresses with natural components. The best mattress for pregnancy can be made up of natural latex or breathable environment-friendly materials. These mattresses are a little expensive but the benefits of having them are way much more than this cost.

Anti-allergic mattress

Pregnant women are sensitive to so many things, they can’t even bear smells of certain foods and they become allergic to so many things that they otherwise would have endured easily. This is why keeping yourself away from any triggers and allergies is very important especially during the 9 months of pregnancy.

There are three major ways in which your mattress can trigger your allergies, due to harmful chemicals, due to captures pollen or due to the bugs that infest mattresses. Needless to say the best mattress for pregnancy has to be free of all three of these things.

There are many mattresses that claim to be bug and pollen resistant and most of the time they give warranty for that too. It can cost you some extra money but once again, it’s completely worth it.

Major types of mattresses available in the market

We have told you all the qualities that you should look for in a mattress and things that you have to decide based on personal preferences. But what are your options? There are hundreds of mattress types, materials, companies and combinations. Choosing the right one is tricky, so here are the three most common types of mattresses that you will find in the market.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is the most important invention in the mattress works, there is no good mattress in the industry that does not use a layer of memory foam.  This revolutionary technology takes the shape of your body as you lie down on it and couture your curves giving the best support to the body. It keeps your backbone aligned and prevents the body from creating any pressure points as you sleep.

But there is a downside of every good technology, same goes for a memory foam mattress. Memory foam can absorb and hoard a lot of heat which increases the sleeping temperature at night. It can be super uncomfortable for pregnant women who are facing hot flashes. This is why you have to pick a combination or a layered mattress.

Using different layers of foam increase the breathability of mattress and maintain the airflow that manages sleeping temperature. Also, a memory foam mattress needs a rigid high-density core that will prevent any dents in the mattress and make it last longer.

Gel beads infused mattress

Gel technology was introduced to fight the problem of memory foam’s high sleeping temperature. Many companies infuse gel beads in the memory foam that have a very cooling effect. They absorb the body heat and keep your bed cool even when you are having hot flashes and prevent sleep disruption.

These gel beads are also esthetically very pleasing since they keep your mattress breathing and help a pregnant woman relax. The soothing qualities of gel make it an important component of any best mattress for pregnancy.

Spring foam Mattress

Spring foam is the most durable and supportive type of mattress. The core of such mattresses is made with inter-coiled or separately packed springs. Many companies combine the spring core with memory foam layers to make your mattress a complete treat.

If you are interested in the mattresses with motion transfer control, look for the individually wrapped spring-based core. Spring mattresses are perfect but the only problem with them is that they can be too bouncy at times. Sometimes, the bouncy feel annoys people; however, if it doesn’t bother you, spring foam is the best choice of mattress.

Some examples of good mattresses for pregnant women

These are some of the best mattress companies for pregnant women to choose from. They have many different choices of thicknesses, materials, firmness, etc. Browse and find out what suits you the most.

  • Nectar mattresses
  • Bear mattresses
  • Brooklyn bedding sensation
  • The winkbed

How to make your final decision

Here are some tips that can help you in making the right decision while buying a mattress.

Always buy the mattress in person

Online buying is a convenient option but the mattress is not something you should order without trying. Even if you buy a mattress online, make sure they have a money-back guarantee for at least a month. In this way, you can return the fruit of your wrong decision.

Check and test until you are satisfied

Always buy a mattress after completely checking it. This means that at times you can find a mattress good in theory but as you lie down, it doesn’t fulfill your needs. Lay down on the mattress for at least 5 to 10 minutes before you decide what you want. It might sound weird but it’s your hard-earned money, are you willing to waste it just to regret it later?

Ask as many questions as you want

Don’t be shy when you are going to spend this much money. It is your right to ask questions. As a matter of fact, the salespeople are always happy to accommodate valid questions. Finalize the mattress only after you are sure the seller understands all your concerns.

Understand the terms of Warranty

Everyone knows that a warranty is important whenever you buy anything let alone a mattress, but the warranty is a tricky thing. Some companies try to bluff people by using twisted words. Always read the terms and conditions thoroughly before purchasing your mattress.

Final word on the best mattress for pregnancy

This article must have equipped you with all the basic things that you have to understand before choosing the best mattress for pregnancy based on your individual needs. However, you have to decide how much you are willing to pay and what tradeoffs you are going to make based on your preferences and budget. Take your time so that you don’t have to regret it later.

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