How To Get A Woman Pregnant Fast?


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How to get a woman pregnant fast

One of the most awkward topics of discussion for couples around the world is when they have to talk about babies. At times one of the two partners might not be willing and need more time while the other one is desperately waiting to get pregnant. In the latter case, “how to get a woman pregnant fast” is the most occurring thought in mind.

This situation surely is bad but the worst comes when a couple wants to conceive but they are unable to do it despite trying. There are thousands of couples around the world struggling with depression of not being able to conceive. Imagine having to wait for months and months until you successfully do it.

But when there’s a will, there’s a way. There are certain proven ways in which you can get a woman pregnant fast. Here are the most prominent ones.

Stop Stressing about it!

We know that it is hard to calm down when you are going through all this, but controlling stress is the key here. Many studies suggest that people who take a lot of stress start releasing an enzyme called alpha-amylase. This enzyme is linked to difficulty in getting pregnant.

The moment you ask someone “How to get a woman pregnant fast?” you are certainly going through a lot already. Try exercising and meditation and figure out what works best for you to control stress. Once you are over it, you can start trying in a healthier way.

Start taking a healthy diet to get a woman pregnant fast

Consider this, your partner is now going to carry another human being inside her. She needs to be eating healthy not only for herself but for her baby too. Eating healthy is easier said than done because you have to make major lifestyle changes.

The woman will have to get all the required nutrients for healthy and regular ovulation. Eating vegetables, proteins, and complex carbohydrates in the recommended ratio will also help her in maintaining a healthy environment for the baby and the chances of carrying out a healthy pregnancy will increase.

Get a checkup done

Before you start trying to get pregnant yourself, it is always best to consult a doctor and a genetic counselor. Understand the pros and cons, chances and requirements for having a healthy conception and pregnancy.

Your doctor will check up both partners and suggest how you can get her pregnant fast. She might have to take some supplements like folic acid to create a favorable environment for the baby inside her body. A healthy pregnancy is even more important than getting pregnant in the first place, it is the best idea to start with professional help.

Understand the cycle

It is common knowledge that you cannot get a woman pregnant throughout the month. There are certain days in which she is ovulating and if the sperm reaches the egg during those days, only then you can expect to get pregnant. All you have to do is to know exactly when she might be ovulating.

The process is simple, first of all, the woman has to be sure about her normal menstruation date. The egg is released almost 13 to 14 days after her periods start. You can start trying to get her pregnant one week after her periods end. This will boost the chances of getting pregnant because sperm can live inside a woman for up to 6 days. Whenever the egg is released, the sperm will find it.

Stay in the bed for some time after sex

People have believed for a long time that staying in bed after having sex and keeping your feet in the air can help you conceive. This is not entirely true. Doctors suggest that staying in bed surely increases the chances of getting pregnant because the sperms can move inside the cervix by then. But keeping your feet in the air will not help you.

In fact, the movement of sperms in the cervix has nothing to do with your position. Waiting is good but doing anything funny won’t help. Also, avoid going to the toilet for at least 20 minutes after you have sex. This boosts your chances of getting pregnant fast.

Do not overdo it!

Some people falsely believe that having sex again and again when you are ovulating will help in conceiving sooner. This is not exactly how it works. Researchers suggest that having more sex can only help you if you do it every other day, have a lot of sex in one day has nothing to do with fast conception.

If you do a lot of sex in one day you might get very exhausted which is not good for people trying to conceive. The key to getting pregnant in a healthy way is to enjoy the act itself. Your sperm can live in her body for 6 days. And even if you do not have sex for a day or two, your chances of getting pregnant won’t be affected.

Try missionary position more

Relying on sex positions to help you get pregnant is not a smart thing to do. There are millions of myths about how very uncomfortable positions will help you get pregnant. While we assure you that these things have nothing to do with getting a woman pregnant fast, there are chances that a missionary position might help you.

Some researchers believe that this specific sex position allows the sperms to go directly into the cervix, reaching where they have to. Although the majority believes that you can still get pregnant through almost all sex positions.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle to get a woman pregnant fast

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to give birth to a happy and healthy child. Many people find themselves unwilling to let go of bad habits like smoking and alcohol when they are trying to get pregnant. Evidence suggests that these unhealthy habits can lead to a delay in conception and adversely affect the health of the child.

Start exorcizing but not too much. Avoid unhealthy foods but do not start crash dieting. Maintain a balance and you can easily get a woman pregnant fast.

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