Boating While Pregnant – Is It Safe?


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Boating while pregnant

Pregnancy, in no way, stops you from having normal adventures of life. But it is important for you to learn more about things you shouldn’t do or can do under what conditions during pregnancy. In this article, we are going to address your question “Can you go boating while pregnant?”

You can go boating while pregnant provided the boat is over 30 feet and it can handle the waves without many bumps. However, stay close to the marina while expecting in case you go into labor.

Is it safe to go boating while pregnant?

When you are pregnant it is necessary to be careful with everything. However, pregnancy is no excuse to miss out on any adventure. In fact, plenty of pregnant ladies enjoy these memorable adventures and it keeps them excited. And if you are an avid boater, there is no reason to quit boating while pregnant. It is completely safe!

When you are pregnant, everyone always advises you against taking risky adventures. It is true for certain things but boating is definitely not one of them. In fact, boating is an excellent way to get some excitement and fun back in your life.

Many pregnant ladies find it a memorable journey and face no risks at all. For others, there are some unpleasant incidents of dizziness, vomiting, and motion sickness, which too can be avoided if you follow simple safety tips.

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Safety tips for boating while pregnant

Boating while pregnant is perfectly safe when you abide by safety rules. It only requires a few safety tips to put you back on your boat. You may be a little slower with all the weight on your pregnant belly but you can certainly have a pleasant time on the boat.

Plan boating early in pregnancy

The best time for you to plan your boating adventure is early to mid-pregnancy. You only have a little weight during this period and the labor is far too. It makes your boating experience closest to that of a normal woman.

Furthermore, planning your boating too early in pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of dizziness, headache, nausea, and vomiting. So the best time for you is probably the second trimester.

Wear a life jacket

If you were always been brave and never wore a life jacket while boating. Now is not the time to show your braveness. Rather be smart and buy a life jacket that fits your growing belly.

Stay hydrated

Surrounded by water doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink. You are carrying an extra human being. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated to avoid headaches and dizziness.

Go easy on the food

No doubt, it is a party but you should not eat too much. Try eating short and frequent meals. It will help you avoid dizziness and vomiting.

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Avoid a bumpy water ride when boating while pregnant

Before riding the boat make sure the boat can handle the waves nicely. Enjoying smooth boating is one thing but you should not risk safety.

Your balance is already shaky and bumps will only make things worse. Furthermore, it will make you dizzy and vomit. So choose a pleasant day and a smooth ride to fully enjoy your day.

Anchor close to the marina

While enjoying the adventurous boating trip you should not forget that you are pregnant. That’s why the trip should not be ambitious, rather it should be a recreational one to break your boring routine and rejoice you.

Try to stay close to the dock and avoid taking the unnecessary risk of cruising deep into the ocean. So that you can enjoy your boating without any fear.

Your balance is shaky when you are pregnant

Your bump is already causing issues with your balance when you are on a flat surface. And the waves in the ocean will make it even more difficult for you to keep your balance. You should be more careful while walking and grab something during walking on the boat.

Furthermore, hiring a bigger boat that can comfortably face the waves with minimum bumps will help you a lot to fully enjoy your cruise.

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How to fully enjoy boating while pregnant?

Bombarding a ton of safety measures may make you feel a bit boring. Because in the end the adventure was meant to be for your enjoyment. Here are some tips to enhance the fun element of your boating journey.

Focus on relaxing

It is important to keep in mind that you are pregnant to avoid any mishap. However, you should act as normal as you can and don’t take any stress of being pregnant.

Focus more on relaxing and think of happy moments with your family and the new coming baby on the next boating adventure. It will boost your excitement and help you enjoy more.

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