Orgasm During Pregnancy – Myths And Reality


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orgasm during pregnancy

Being extra conscious when you are pregnant for the very first time is very natural for all the mothers out there. In such a state, having an orgasm during pregnancy seems an unsafe and unnatural idea. But this is not the case. Having an orgasm when you are pregnant is completely normal and it has a lot of benefits as well.

In fact, orgasm becomes easier and more fun during pregnancy. Many women reported a high level of libido while they are pregnant. Blood flow in the genitals increases. Some women claim that they have the best orgasms of their life while they are pregnant. But despite all of these things, women feel scared about having an orgasm during pregnancy because of the myths associated with early labor and premature birth. We will answer all the questions that are bothering you about having an orgasm while you are pregnant.

Why are you not in the mood?

Many women are not comfortable with having sexual arousal during pregnancy, and this is because of all the hormones that are being produced in the body while you are pregnant. Getting in the mood becomes difficult and this is completely normal as well. On the other hand, there are some women who feel extra aroused these days. Thanks to the increased blood flow in your genitals, orgasm becomes easy and even more fun. So, even if you are in a mood or not, do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Can your baby see you or feel you having sex?

That is highly unlikely yet some people are very much worried about it. The baby is enclosed in a bag filled with fluid; there is no chance that it can feel you when you are having sex. As far as being watched by a baby is concerned, they are too small to know what is happening around them. Having thoughts like these can interfere with sexual arousal and orgasm. So, keep all the worries out of your mind and enjoy until your little one is out of you and you cannot find time for yourself.

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Is it safe to have an orgasm during pregnancy?

Orgasm during pregnancy is absolutely normal unless your doctor has specifically asked you to stay away from sex or you are having vaginal bleeding or infection. Having orgasm will case a few contractions in your uterus but this will not cause premature birth. There are certain pregnancies where complications can make premature birth more likely, but in these cases, your doctor would clearly advise you about having sex.

Whenever you have to orgasm your uterus has some contractions but you will feel them more intensely when you are pregnant, that is why that little, period-like pain after having an orgasm should not bother you at all.

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orgasm during pregnancy

Masturbation during pregnancy

Living in a world full of myths, there are certain things that need to be clarified. But many women are ashamed to ask questions about topics like masturbation and orgasm during pregnancy. This might lead to frustration and no one wants that. The answer to all these queries is very simple, masturbation is a normal act and unless you have a highly complicated and sensitive pregnancy, you can enjoy it.

As far as the safety of masturbation and orgasm during pregnancy is concerned, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. You should not use high penetrating toys; they could be harmful during this time. Also, everything that you use should be properly cleaned. Exposing the vagina to any kind of infection during pregnancy could have bad effects on you and your baby as well.

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Benefits of having an orgasm during pregnancy

Having sex and orgasm during pregnancy is not only fun but also very beneficial as well. If you keep all these benefits in mind you would want to try it out as well. Here are some of the most attractive things about having an orgasm during pregnancy.

Better arousal

The blood flow during pregnancy is very high in the genitals. Since your orgasm is also initiated by the flow of blood in your genital organs, pregnancy gives you an upper hand. You will have longer and more satisfying orgasms during pregnancy. This is something one should try for sure.

For some women, pregnancy completely changes the way they orgasm. These better arousals may last longer than just 9 months. You will get a chance to explore the way your body is changing and this is one of the best experiences of your life.

Getting rid of stress

Pregnancy is surely a very stressful phase of life. You will always feel cramped and fatigued and you will have your anxieties take over you completely. After an exhausting day with a baby inside you, a little fun could change your mood completely. Orgasms have effects on your back pain, morning sickness, and many other uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy.

Orgasm can release certain chemicals in your body that gives you a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Women who masturbate or have sex during pregnancy can get rid of all the anxiety within a few minutes, thanks to your natural desires.

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Bonding with your partner

Most of the time, couples are drifted apart during the pregnancy of the woman. The first trimester keeps you exhausted; thanks to the morning sickness and dizziness that never leaves you. The same is true for the third trimester when your belly is grown large enough to make you suppress the desire of having sex. But the second trimester is the time when you have a lot of energy and all the needed blood flow to connect with your partner at a very different level. Make sure to use this time in the best way and create a stronger bond with the love of your life.

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When NOT to have an orgasm during pregnancy

Having an orgasm is great but there are a few times when you should avoid it if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • You witness any vaginal bleeding
  • Your water has broken
  • Your placenta is low-lying (Learn About Medical Abortion And Its Types)
  • You have a high risk of premature birth.
  • Your doctor has advised you to stay away from sex, penetration, and orgasm.

If you do not have any of the following reasons to stop you, enjoy yourself, and have a good time.

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