How Long Is Maternity Leave? Time, Duration and Privileges You Get

How long is maternity leave? While being pregnant and working as well, you are under pressure in this amazing yet worrisome time of your life. You are thinking to keep to your working desk. On…

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Can You Have Cravings At 4 Weeks Pregnant? Is It Normal?

Can you have cravings at 4 weeks pregnant? This is a common question among newly expecting mums. Pregnancy is a weird time, with reference to your food preferences, of course! It may have you craving…

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Is Your 11 Year Old Bikini Crazy? A Guide to Your Child’s Sexual Journey

Is your 11-year-old bikini crazy? Well, this can be a surprising situation for you. If you are a mum living in “not a bikini” society, you will definitely think that this is too early. On…

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12 Months Sleep Regression | A Survival Guide For Parents

Sleep regressions are expected disruptions in sleep for a baby or toddler who was previously having no problem in it. A 12 months sleep regression is one of those periods that usually happen around a… View Post

Does Masturbating Stunt Your Growth? Myths and Facts You Should Know

What do you mean by masturbation? Before answering the frequently asked question ‘Does masturbating stunt your growth?, let’s first understand what it is and people understand it. ‘So, what is masturbation? Masturbation is an act…

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