Child Doesn’t Want To Go To School Because of Anxiety – What To Do?

‘School refusal’ refers to the behavior exhibited when the child doesn’t want to go to school because of anxiety. It doesn’t end up in a calm conversation between you and your kid. Instead, there is…

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Effective Communication with Child: Are You Really Listening to Him?

Effective communication with your child is the key to having a healthy relationship with him/her. It involves listening well and talking to your child in a way that he listens to you. It requires a… View Post

Parents Who Bully Their Children – Are You One Of Them?

How Do Parents Bully Their Children? All parents want their children to grow up in a peaceful environment. A calm domestic atmosphere ensures the healthy development of a child’s mental faculties. But what if there…

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Fourteen Things Every Child Should Learn Before He/She Turns 10

Are you confused about what your child should learn other than reading and writing? Can’t you figure out the skills he/she needs to master? Don’t worry. We have it all sorted out for you. Every…

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Things Kids Want From Their Parents | Are You Paying Attention?

Raising kids is not a task that can be dragged along effortlessly because there are many things kids want from their parents. It is a matter that must be handled with care and delicacy. Parents…

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