Stranger Anxiety in Toddlers – Everything You Need to Know!

Does your toddler act weird in front of strangers? Does he cling to your leg or flees the moment he sees a stranger? Are you caught between soothing your anxious child and the adults who…

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How to Overcome Communication Gap in Family? | The Right Parenting

The communication gap in a family is, by far, one of the biggest hurdles that come in the way of right parenting because no matter what you believe, communication is always the key to relationships,… View Post

School Lunch Ideas For Picky Eaters – Fun Food Recipes For Children

Difficulties with a picky eater You want your kid to stay healthy which requires nutritious eating from the newborn stage right up to school going stage. You can be strict about it or use as…

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White Spots On Toddler’s Teeth – What Causes Them & How To Prevent?

Your baby is definitely the apple of your eye. And their smile is surely meant to lighten up your world. Being their first and best caretaker, you will always do anything to make sure that…

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4 Month Sleep Regression – How To Tackle As a Parent?

Sleeping babies are no doubt the cutest beings on the planet! Whether it’s their mid-day nap or night time slumber, it’s surely the best time. However, you may notice a change in their sleeping habits…

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