How Long Is Maternity Leave? Time, Duration and Privileges You Get

How long is maternity leave? While being pregnant and working as well, you are under pressure in this amazing yet worrisome time of your life. You are thinking to keep to your working desk. On…

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Why Do My Parents Hate Me? | A Guide To Causes And Survival

“Why do my parents hate me?” is one of the most common questions that arise in the mind of most of the children. This era consists of digital media. No matter what search engine you… View Post

My Child Has No Friends At School – What To Do as a Parent?

The thought that my child has no friends at school can make almost all the parents worried. As a parent, you hold an extraordinary place in your kid's social life. You are the best friend… View Post

Child Doesn’t Want To Go To School Because of Anxiety – What To Do?

‘School refusal’ refers to the behavior exhibited when the child doesn’t want to go to school because of anxiety. It doesn’t end up in a calm conversation between you and your kid. Instead, there is…

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Effective Communication with Child: Are You Really Listening to Him?

Effective communication with your child is the key to having a healthy relationship with him/her. It involves listening well and talking to your child in a way that he listens to you. It requires a… View Post