When Do You Start Showing In Pregnancy? All You Need To Know

Whenever you think about pregnancy, the first question that comes to your mind is when do you start showing in pregnancy? All you can think of pregnancy is a big protruding belly that will have a baby in it. For some women, pregnancy is a very exciting experience and they look forward to that big belly bump so that they may show it to the world. While there are some women who love the idea of getting pregnant but they do not want to show it to the world and keep it a secret for as long as they can.

No matter which of these women you are, you must be willing to know when your pregnant belly will start announcing your news for you. Different women have different timelines to show their pregnancy. Following are the things that will help you predict yours.

When does baby bump appear?

When do you start showing in pregnancy

Pregnant woman showing in her pregnancy

Mostly, the first trimester of pregnancy passes without you showing any visible changes in your belly. If you are looking forward to your belly to protrude out, you might start noticing very little changes as well. Most of the times the increase in your belly size is not because of the baby in it, but the blotting that you get during the first trimester. Such changes will come and go until the first trimester is over.

Normally, women show their pregnancy in the second trimester between 12th to 16th weeks. This is the time you would not be able to hide your baby bump behind your pelvic bones. Still, there are certain factors that can heavily impact the showing out of your pregnancy.

Factors that decide when do you start showing in pregnancy

If you want to calculate when do you start showing in pregnancy, you have to keep all these factors in mind. If you are getting pregnant for the first time, you are most likely to take extra time to show your baby bump.

Your weight

Showing your pregnancy is largely dependent upon your existing body weight. Since the changes leading to baby bump are very subtle, women with extra body weight might not be able to notice them very soon. The protruding belly will hide behind the extra pounds that you wear on your body. On the other hand, women with slimmer bodies will show pregnancy earlier than others. Even a slight change in the size of their uterus would be visible very soon.

Your height

If you are a tall woman your pregnancy would be dispersed in your longer abdominal space. Height is one of the most important factors to decide when do you start showing in pregnancy. That is why taller women take extra time to show their baby bump. Even if they show it, the bump is smaller in the taller women. On the other hand, women with smaller stature will not have extra space in their bodies to hide their pregnancy for too long. That is why women with small height show pregnancy very soon.

Previous Pregnancies

When you are pregnant for the first time, your uterus muscles are tighter, so are your abs muscles. That is why the first pregnancy takes the longest to show. But, if you are getting pregnant for the second or third time, you might show your pregnancy 3 to 4 weeks earlier than your first time. This is because once your uterus has grown in your first pregnancy; it never goes back to the same size that it was again. Also, your abs muscles become stretched because of your first pregnancy. All these factors make it easier for the baby bump to come out sooner.

The number of babies

This is a very obvious factor that affects the showing of your pregnancy. If you are pregnant with one baby, you will take more time to show it off. But the belly that has twins in it will start protruding out faster than the others. As the number of babies increase, your uterus will start taking up more space. Hence, the baby bump will be bigger and will show up earlier.

Position of the baby

Your growing baby also decides the time when your baby bump will start showing. If your uterus carrying the baby is tilted towards your spine, you will not show your pregnancy for a longer time. On the other hand, women whose uterus is tilted towards the front side of the belly shows a bigger baby bump and it protrudes out sooner as well.

Abdominal Strength

Your abdomen plays a huge part in deciding when do you start showing in pregnancy. The strength of your abdomen is the measure of the strength of your muscles. If the muscles are tighter and stronger they will hold the baby in for a longer period of time. This will delay the protrusion. If abdominal muscles of your body are loose, your belly won’t be able to hold onto your baby for a long time and the protrusion will happen soon. This means that your gym training and fitness will help you in maintaining your body’s size even while you are having a baby inside your belly.

Changing your wardrobe

Most of the women are worried about changing their wardrobe during pregnancy, this is the main reason behind the question “When do you start showing in pregnancy?” If you do not want to spend a lot of money on your clothes, you have to decide exactly how long you are supposed to wear loose clothes. Some women are so excited about their pregnancy that they would buy a lot of loose dresses even before their baby bump has started showing.

As a matter of fact, you can continue wearing your old clothes for the first four months of pregnancy. During the fifth month, you can start shopping for new outfits. But keep it in mind that you won’t be wearing these clothes for more than a few months.

Another important thing is the increasing size of your breasts. Since most women do not have loose bras at their disposal, this is something that you should invest in. Because your breast size and soreness will not decrease for a long time after your baby is born. Make sure that whatever you get is useable and comfortable for you for a longer time. We don’t want you to end up wasting your money.

Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

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Best Funny Pregnancy Announcements You Will Ever Come Across!

To become parents for the first time is the world’s most precious feeling which no one can ever experience before expecting a baby. You can surely say it is the most awaited and exciting news once you prepare yourself for pregnancy. Couples have different types of ideas to express their emotions by keeping them more close to feeling life and keeping an element of how to convey it as funny pregnancy announcements.

Because it is that kind of turn in anyone’s life which not only brings a new member in your family but also picks a new edge in your relationship.

Is it right to make funny pregnancy announcements early?

Funny pregnancy announcements not only make funny and memorable moments in your life but also in your closest family members. Sometimes you become over-emotional and tell everyone around yourself. After some time, if it does not go well then it may cause depression as observed in most cases.

What is the right time to make funny pregnancy announcements?

The most recommended time to announce your pregnancy is after 12 to 20 weeks when you are sure about it. Because sometimes in the first trimester, there are probable chances of miscarriage but after the second trimester, you are sure about it and about the baby’s gender.

How long chances remain for miscarriage?

In the first trimester, precisely between 4 to 6 weeks, there are chances for miscarriage. After passing 8 weeks, it assures its viability and chances of a miscarriage drop to 10 percent. That is why you must take extra precautions in the early stages of pregnancy and then you can make plans on how and when to celebrate it with your loved ones.

How to make pregnancy announcements in the most unforgettable way?

To make this most important event of your married life mind-blowing, there are different ideas and concepts. People around the world have different upbringings, traditions, and cultures. They make plans according to it.

Some couples have several customs running through generations. They do follow them to make this news more meaningful. But for some parents, it is all about making it hilarious so that everyone around them enjoys this exhilarated news.

Who you must include in pregnancy announcements?

While thinking about telling others that a new individual is getting ready to become a part of your life directly from heaven into your arms. A certain number of people must know about it which includes:

  • You should not wait for a complete moment to tell your partner.
  • Your parents and parents of your better half need to know about this amazing news.
  • Your close friends are one of those people who are waiting for this moment. Maybe they are ones with whom you can plan more cute but funny pregnancy announcements at the same time for your family members.

Thoughtful but funny pregnancy announcements

It is really kind of beloved moment to plan and celebrate it by making funny pregnancy announcements. These amusing ideas can get inspiration from your favorite things to do.

For example, you can print ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ on t-shirts, or you can order a cute little pair of shoes or posters if you like to do a painting in your free time. You can be creative with your likings.

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Surprise but still funny pregnancy announcements

Sometimes, pregnancy shows up in the least expected moments of your life. You can make this surprise more memorable by considering the following ideas:


Arrange a family photoshoot and give them a surprise by clicking little things, it can be an extra small shirt and show pictures to them.

An eviction notice can be funniest

Make an eviction notice if you are experiencing a second pregnancy. You can get the hilarious and lovely reactions from your first baby.

Taste your alcohol next year

During pregnancy, you can not only limit yourself from high alcohol intake habits but also your partner. These can possibly be the reason for the funny pregnancy announcements reaction.

Give cards to your friends and family members with funny sketches

This blessed moment can be the reason for joy if you are thinking about giving invitation cards with funny quotes and sketches to celebrate it.

Coffee surprise

You can do some decorations with cream and chocolate on a cup of morning coffee so that it may become the best morning of your partner’s life.

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What points should be kept in mind while making announcements to your parents?

  • Always remember that your parents love you no matter you are living with them or not.
  • You need their guidance and support to experience this event.
  • Share your happiness so that it can be enhanced.

Twins baby announcement

When you are planning to celebrate your first baby with over the moon excitement but suddenly you come to know it’s not only one little angel who is going to be part of your family but are two. This is the time when you will feel it is the world’s best thing that happened to you.

Funny pregnancy announcements about the baby’s gender

After the first trimester, you will get to know whether it is a boy or a girl making her way to become a new member of your family. People look up for many ideas to make gender announcements more agitative yet funny.

For example, most commonly they use two Colors blue and pink. Blue indicates the baby boy and pink reflects baby girl’s addition to the family.

Sharing your pregnancy news on social media

Most of the people living in this digital era have spent more and more time on social media like on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. You can spread this pleasantly entertaining news with some fun puzzle and wait who will crack this puzzle first.

Why I should not tell this news to everyone?

When a pregnant woman is going through her pregnancy period, she begins to take every precaution. But in some cases, people are not sure about the daily routine and diet plans, but they still try to convince you that it is necessary to follow. This causes consequences at the later stages.


Basically, pregnancy announcements are the source to be happy and to celebrate your unexpected joy. Different people have different ways to express their feelings and sometimes people cannot decide and put their emotions into words to share them. People wanted to have this family moment in unique but funny. So that it may become the reason for their joy and the moment of life they will never forget.

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Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

Medical Officer at Ammar Medical Complex, Founder at Therightparenting and Owner and Founder at OOPER with Syed Ahmad Raza

Find me on: Web | Facebook