Pregnancy Symptoms Week 13 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 13

Hey, Congratulations! You have made it to 13 weeks. That is almost 3 months! Close your eyes, let this sink in, and cherish this for a minute. Done? Great. Now let us talk about pregnancy symptoms week 13. Each week of pregnancy comes with its new and exciting changes, and also concerned thoughts about how to be a good mom when the newborn comes out. Though some of these changes can be uncomfortable, every change means your baby is growing bigger and better than ever!

Pregnancy symptoms week 13: What to expect?

So, first things first. You must be wondering if your baby is growing fine or not. Well, 13 weeks pregnant bump does not show how much your baby is growing. 13 weeks belly may or may not be visible. Viewing 13 weeks pregnant belly pictures will give you a better idea.

Visit your doctor during pregnancy symptoms week 13

It is high time that you plan your next visit to your doctor. A sonogram will help you figure out if you are having one baby or more. Your baby as this time will be looking like an outer-space being of the size of a lemon, whose checkup is important. 13 weeks pregnant ultrasound is very necessary!

Things you need to know about pregnancy symptoms week 13

The following symptoms may be caused by a 13 weeks old fetus:

Constipation and bloating

As your baby is becoming a bigger girl or boy, the most annoying pregnancy symptoms week 13 are constipation and bloating. The baby puts pressure on your intestines, which causes you to have that annoying gas and inability to poop well.

To develop a better bowel movement, focus on your diet. Eat a fiber-containing diet including fruits without their peels. Make yourself yummy salads. Add cream or yogurt to your home-made salad. But do not forget to always use fresh vegetables and fruits!


Baby’s growth comes with pressure on the stomach as well. Moreover, in pregnancy, the top of your tummy relaxes. This causes your stomach acid to slide up in your esophagus (your feeding tube) This acid causes that burning sensation in your chest. Take fresh fruits and vegetables to decrease acid production. Avoid alcohol and all drinks with caffeine if you have heartburn.

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Leukorrhea is yet another annoying one of the pregnancy symptoms week 13. Leukorrhea sounds like a crazy, medical condition but it is just a safe way of your body to protect your vagina from infections. If the discharge from your vagina gets too annoying, use absorbent underwear or a pad. Avoid using tampons or douches as they might cause unwanted contractions or infections.


13 weeks pregnant cramping can be scary. It might give you anxiety because that cramping can be like labor pains. But do not worry! It is one of the healthy and normal pregnancy symptoms week 13. What you can do is take warm milk or use a heating pad to comfort the pain. A massage never hurts! Go for a good back rub. Try making a spa day out of it!


Pregnancy symptoms week 13 may include headaches and dizziness. These may give you a fright but do not worry. 13 weeks pregnant headaches are a normal and healthy response of your body to deal with the baby at 13 weeks. If the headaches are causing you a lot of trouble while working or sleeping, contact your doctor for a safe and effective painkiller. Never take any medications without the doctor’s advice.

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Physical pregnancy transformations

Pregnancy carries a great toll on your physical form as well. Gaining weight, visible veins, the appearance of stretch marks; all of these can be very stressful. Chin up! All these physical transformations show that your baby is making a nice home for itself in your belly. All the scars and the weight will go away after you have the baby. And it is all going to be so worth it!

Libido changes

Pregnancy symptoms week 13 come with an increase in libido. This is because of the cocktail of hormones raging inside your body. Do not be weirded out by it. Engaging in sexual activity and intimacy can be helpful for you in many ways. Your mood will be elevated and your stress levels will be lowered down. It will also help in strengthening your pelvic muscles! But do check in with your doctor first.


Showing at 13 weeks of pregnancy can be an indicator for you to visit your doctor. Show simply means the passage of mucus and blood. Keep looking at your underpants to see if you pass any unwanted discharge, other than leukorrhea. The show is most of the time odorless. So, you might not know at once when it happens. If showing occurs, check in with your OB/GYN.

Energy levels

By the 13th week of pregnancy, you may experience a new rise in your energy levels. The exhaustion and nausea that came, in the beginning, will start to disappear. Invest this energy in healthy work-outs and physical activity. Do not do intense cardio exercise or weight lifting. Keep a light exercise or walk in your routine. You can slowly increase the amount. Sudden, strenuous activity can be harmful to you and the baby.

Checklist while facing pregnancy symptoms week 13

You need to keep the following precautions during the 13th week of pregnancy:

  • Take your multi-vitamins! They are very important to you and your baby.
  • Add iron-containing food in your diet. Apples and green, leafy vegetables must be your staple diet.
  • Do not fret over food cravings. Eat what you like but do not give in to the cravings all the time.
  • Start doing light exercises. Do not over-do it in the gym. Slowly start getting the amount of exercise that you used to do before pregnancy.
  • Ensure safe sexual practice.
  • Keep yourself clean. Make sure to follow hygienic practices. Wash your hands after using the loo and before eating food. Keep your surroundings clean as well.
  • Regularly look at your underpants for any unwelcome discharge, show, or blood.
  • Save your sonograms and other tests in a file.

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