Pregnancy Symptoms Week 22 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 22

We are almost done with our second trimester. Doesn’t that sound great? We are using the phrase “we” here because we feel like we have been a part of your journey as well. Before starting to inform you about pregnancy symptoms week 22, let us first acknowledge how brave and resilient you have been! Kudos! Prayers and more power to all the moms-to-be out there!

Baby at 22 weeks of pregnancy is about the size of a beautiful, ripe coconut that you love to buy on the beach now and then. This growing and flourishing 22 weeks old fetus have now more facial features like a human being. Your pregnancy transformation is now going to be more dramatic and exciting! So, let us get started on the topic of ‘22 weeks pregnant: what to expect.’

Pregnancy symptoms week 22: Your checklist


If you search 22 weeks pregnant belly pictures on the internet, you will find many adorable and breath-taking belly shots. Your 22 weeks pregnant bump is now perfect for showing it off to people proudly on Instagram if that is what you want to do. Get a friend or a partner or a professional photographer. Channel your inner model by getting a mesmerizing 22 weeks pregnant belly photoshoot.

Pregnancy symptoms week 22


22 weeks pregnant ultrasound is extremely important! By this time, your baby has developed all his or her vital organs. A professional look at them by a sonologist will rule out any malformation or anomaly that must be dealt with before the birth of the baby. If your pregnancy symptoms week 22 are not very worrisome, you still need to visit your ultrasound doctor!

Baby Movements during 22 weeks of pregnancy

As your pregnancy belly week by week becomes more prominent and better, so does your baby’s movements. Your baby must be kicking like crazy by now. A baby tends to sleep for almost half a day, so do not freak out if you do not feel the baby’s kicks for some time in a day. To keep track of your baby’s activity, take a piece of paper and tear it, or make a mark on it throughout the day, whenever your baby moves. You can later show the progress to your doctor.

Some babies like to move around more when they enjoy the sounds they hear. Try playing soothing music for the baby. Have a talking session with the baby as well. They love to listen to your voice and will express it by moving around in your belly.

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Hair Growth

If you have not been a hairy person ever in your life, this one will come as a shocking surprise for you. Pregnancy symptoms week 22 are caused by the rising levels of hormones in your body. While these hormones are suitable for the well-being of your baby, they might become a nuisance for you. With hormones comes hair growth all over your body. Specially under-arms and the pubes. We would recommend shaving or waxing as per your comfort to maintain proper hygiene.

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Weight Gain

Pregnancy symptoms week 22 involve a significant rise in the appetite. Although you might be an exception. Even if that is the case, and you do not feel particularly crazy about food, you must be careful about your food intake. You require approximately 300 more calories than you previously used to consume. Binge on healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Take milk. Eat a burger or a pizza too if you want. The weight gain is inevitable. We shall worry about getting rid of it after the baby’s birth.


22 weeks pregnant cramping will be scarier and more intense than ever before. Some women start experiencing false contractions too. They can be very painful, but they are nothing to freak out about. Check-in with your OB/GYN for any pregnancy symptoms week 22 that seems a little too much for you to handle.


The headaches are one of the most annoying pregnancy symptoms week 22. You might have experienced milder problems before, but at 22 weeks they will increase in intensity and will also fluctuate. Be very careful about new patterns of headache as they might be an indication of raised blood pressure!


Though you may feel an increase in your sex drive, you might not have the energy actually to do something about it. Lethargy and weakness are a part of pregnancy symptoms week 22. You might want to sit around all day on a couch, eating nothing but nachos. But trust us when we say this, no matter how bad you want just to lay around, some amount of physical activity is right for you and your baby.

Keep going to work. Masturbate if you feel like it. Walk around in the yard or the neighborhood. Go to a park with your friends or partner or other children and make a day out if it. Go for a picnic by the riverside. Any physical activity will do wonders for your mood. Not only will you feel less stressed, but also you will notice a fresh rise in your energy levels.

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Red flags during 22 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms week 22 can be a pointer towards some severe conditions like rising blood sugar, diabetes, or liver damage that can occur at this stage. Precautions during the 22nd week of pregnancy include:

  • Keep an eye on the color, frequency, and consistency of your urine. Any change like frothy urine or blood in urine is a red flag!
  • Report any change in the pattern of headaches, especially if they accompany dizziness, weakness or decrease in eyesight
  • Report any pain on the right side of your tummy
  • If your skin starts becoming yellow, or you feel itchy all the time, immediately contact your doctor.
  • Bruises appearing on the skin out of nowhere, or bleeding from any body orifice might be an indicator of liver damage
  • If your feet, face or tummy suddenly becomes very swollen, your doctor needs to examine what’s going on.

Showing at 22 weeks, especially in the first pregnancy, needs to be checked out by your OB/GYN. Make sure you are punctual with your antenatal appointments.

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