Pregnancy Symptoms Week 24 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 24

Are you feeling tired all the time? It can be one of the pregnancy symptoms week 24 brings with it. It might also seem quite difficult to fall or stay asleep, no matter how tired you get. The best remedy is to make sure you are avoiding caffeine and trying to eat your evening meal a little earlier before you go to bed.

The change in your sleeping positions, as well as the use of comfortable pillows, can help you to have good sleep time. Try to sleep on your side instead of back, it can help you to reduce the risk of stillbirth. You will also feel pain in your ribs during the pregnancy but can also be reduced if you sleep on your side.

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, you have entered in month six, only 3 more months to go! We can assure you; we are as much excited as you are.

Baby at 24 weeks pregnancy

By 24 weeks, you may have observed that your baby’s movement levels seem to increase such as before bedtime. Aww! This is cute.

Now your 24 weeks old fetus measures about 11.8 inches in length and weighs around 1.3 pounds. You can compare your baby’s size with a papaya. While pregnancy symptoms week 24 occur, baby at 24 weeks would be considered viable and with a chance of survival if she or he will be born prematurely.

24 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby is developing an auditory system rapidly but here is an interesting fact that your baby is still sporting white hairs, white eyelashes, and white eyebrows. All of this yet need to acquire pigment.

Drink up some sweet water! Your doctor will order a Glucose Challenge Screening Test this week to check the risks of gestational diabetes. This test is designed to check how your body processes sugar in 1 hour. If your results are bad, then this is not the end of the world.

You may have another test called a glucose tolerance test, hunker down in the waiting room. It will check how your body processes sugar in 3 hours to make sure that you actually have gestational diabetes.

If you do have gestational diabetes, then your doctor will counsel you on it properly. You may have extra monitoring, extra ultrasound tests. But let us tell you about the bright side, you will get to peek at your soon-to-be baby more frequently!

24 weeks pregnant belly

If your former innie is an outie now, then say hello to pregnancy symptoms week 24. Mostly pregnant women belly button pops as the swelling uterus pushes on inside belly. But it will be normal after the birth of your baby.

You already have experience baby kicks but now these kicks are getting stronger day by day. Recommended weight gain is 14 to 16 pounds by now but if you have gained a little extra then do not worry, it is normal too.

If you are pregnant with twins, then you should gain 24 pounds at the end of pregnancy symptoms week 24.

Showing at 24 weeks first pregnancy

Not showing much in your pregnancy can be true until week 23 but now you have a visible 24 weeks pregnant bump. Your stomach really starts growing now.

Some women start showing a little earlier and if you are one of them, you may surprise yourself at this stage of pregnancy. Because your growing bump could occasionally leave you unsteady on your feet, your center of gravity changed! Try to avoid standing suddenly.

24 weeks pregnant what to expect


We know that you have already experienced back pain but now its really getting worse. This is because as your baby grows so does your uterus. Your uterus keeps on pressing your spine, making it straighter and more strained now. Speak to the doctor if you have any concerns.

24 weeks pregnant headache

If you are going through 24 weeks of pregnancy headache, you are hardly alone. According to general observation, 1 in 4 women has a headache in this period. The reasons behind headache can be surging hormones, drop in blood sugar, increased blood volume and circulation, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, and caffeine withdrawal.

24 weeks pregnant cramping

Tight and achy legs are a sign of dehydration. This can lead you to severe leg cramps so, drink plenty of water, take regular walks, and do some leg stretching exercises.

Stomach pain 24 weeks pregnant

At the end of the second trimester, it is very common to experience round ligament pain. It is stretching pain in the hips and below the belly due to extra weight and pressure inside your belly. Try a maternity pregnancy support belt.

Pregnancy transformation in pregnancy symptoms week 24

Trouble sleeping

Due to increased belly size, it is difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Some well-spaced pillows can help.

Dizziness and loss of balance

Your growing belly size affects your weight distribution, making it easier to feel off balance. The changes in blood circulation can cause dizziness. Drink a lot of water and do not stress yourself.

Skin changes

You may have dark patches on your skin due to hormonal changes. The brown patches on your face called chloasma. Try to avoid heavy sun exposure.

Stretch marks

These tiger strips keep on appearing as your skin stretches even more.  If you are pregnant with twins, you probably have more stretch marks on your body.

Swollen ankles and feet

A bit of swelling on your feet and ankles is very common during pregnancy symptoms week 24. Try to do some exercise. Speak with your doctor if swelling seems out of ordinary.


Pregnancy hormones can cause your intestinal muscles to relax so it can keep your food in your digestive system for longer. So you and your baby can absorb more nutrients. Drink a lot of water to avoid constipation.

Precautions during the 24th week of pregnancy

  • Follow a healthy diet routine.
  • Try to avoid uncooked and raw food materials.
  • Healthy weight gain is recommended so, try to keep an eye on your weight.
  • Add 300 extra calories in your daily meals.
  • Take care of your bleeding gums and make sure regular checkups to the dentist.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Get plenty of proteins.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 24

  • Plan your babymoon
  • Prepare for a glucose test
  • Schedule your week 28 prenatal visit
  • Start babyproofing your house

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