Pregnancy Symptoms Week 25 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 25

There is no way to be a perfect mom but a million ways to become a good mother and develop a strong relationship between you and your baby. As pregnancy symptoms week 25 occur, you are getting one step closer to deliver this baby. We can understand it might be scary for pregnant women, but it is exciting too!

A lot of hospitals now let you pre-register for delivery, which means you can fill out your paperwork early. Isn’t it cool? You do not have to stand around finishing this paperwork while in the throes of labor.

If you are in week 25, you are in 6 months of your pregnancy. Only three months left! It is the end of the second trimester. Now you have entered the third trimester, you can think about having childbirth classes or consider yoga and meditation. It will help you to prepare yourself for the final stretch of your pregnancy.

Baby at 25 weeks pregnancy

25 weeks old fetus is as big as a cauliflower, 13.5 inches in height, and weighs about 1.5 pounds. Your soon-to-be baby is now developing startle reflexes so do not scare the baby. Baby is putting on some fats to lose that wrinkly appearance.

Baby’s skin getting to turn pinker due to small blood vessels are known as capillaries, developing under the skin of your baby and filling with blood. The lungs are also developing, bringing your baby one step closer to maturity.

Baby at 25 weeks starts responding to a familiar voice like your voice by making movements or changing positions. It is the best time to start developing a connection between you and your baby.

25 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby is learning equilibrium, which way is up, and which way is down. Your baby is growing more hair and more fat now. It is not recommended to have an ultrasound this week, but your doctor can order you to have a screening test for extra monitoring.

At the beginning of week 25, your visits to the doctor will be after every 2 weeks. Have you done with the Glucose Challenge Screening Test? If not, then try to get an appointment.

25 weeks pregnant belly

By the end of this month, you may have gained 15 to 18 pounds. But if you are pregnant with twins, then you must have 25 to 40 pounds. This much weight gain can be a source of anxiety. But let us tell you, it is very common at the end of the second trimester.

Gaining the exact amount of weight cannot going to happen, some fluctuations in weight can be expected. Do not stress yourself, keep eating healthy food, and do some exercise regularly.

If your weight gain is making you worry, consult with your doctor. Instead of worrying too much about your weight, start thinking about what is going on inside your 25 weeks pregnant belly.

Showing at 25 weeks first pregnancy

You are almost completing your six months of pregnancy. Your belly is getting bigger and bigger with every week which passes. If you have 25 weeks pregnant bump for the first time, it can be overwhelming.

You can enjoy this period with your family and friends. Try some comfy clothes and a sports bra to have a good sleep at night.

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25 weeks pregnant what to expect

Frequent urination

As your growing baby crowding your bladder, you may suffer from frequent urination. A lot of visits to the bathroom!


Constipation is another symptom include in pregnancy symptoms week 25. But you can deal with it by taking regular walks, exercise, drinking a lot of water, and try to consume fiber-rich food. It will help you to avoid this symptom during pregnancy.

25 weeks pregnant headache

Are you going through pregnancy symptoms week 25? Then you must be familiar with pregnancy headache as it is a very common symptom. The reasons can be sudden changes in hormones, anxiety, dehydration, and disturbance while sleeping.


We know, you are very depressed about these swollen varicose anal veins. It is common at the end of the second trimester. Your baby is putting a lot of pressure on your digestive tract. But you can treat it by getting constipation under control. It will help you to reduce these swellings.

Gas and bloating

Due to a lot of pressure on your digestive tract, it will slow down digestion and producing an excess of gases in your body.

25 weeks pregnant cramping

Some moms-to-be are bothered by the leg cramps and pain in the lower belly. It usually starts at night and lasts for minutes. You can try some stretching exercises before going to bed.

Trouble sleeping

Try different ideas for having sound sleep at night. There are numerous reasons for trouble sleeping like haywire hormones; maybe you are getting nervous about delivery, or maybe your big belly getting in the way.


Try to avoid greasy and spicy food items, especially before bedtime; it will help you to get rid of heartburn.

Stomach pain at 25 weeks pregnant

As your baby is growing quickly, it increases pressure on your belly, and you are carrying a lot of extra weight too. But stomach pains are very common. Try to use a maternity pregnancy belt.

Pregnancy transformation in pregnancy symptoms week 25

Carpal tunnel

Carpel tunnel syndrome, also known as tingling hands. It is caused by increased blood volume in your body that puts pressure on nerves in your wrist. Talk to your doctor or wear wrist braces.

Symphysis pubis dysfunction

Pain in the pelvic area can be expected in pregnancy symptoms week 25. The reason for symphysis pubis dysfunction is relaxed and stretched ligaments that usually keep your pelvic muscles aligned.

Restless leg syndrome

It is like tingling hands; you can call it tingling legs. According to a research, it happens due to iron deficiency so, check iron quantities in your diet.

Other transformations include:

  • Fast-growing hairs
  • Stretch marks
  • Nosebleeds
  • Gums bleeding
  • Vaginal infections

Precautions during 25th week of pregnancy

  • Do not dampen your positive emotions; it can cause postpartum depression.
  • Slather on moisturizers to avoid itchy skin.
  • Try to eat healthy food.
  • Do some regular exercises if pains are getting you down in this journey.
  • Drink a lot of water during the day.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 25

  • Plan about maternity leave
  • Start taking childbirth classes
  • Think about pain relief possibilities during labor
  • Take part in planning your baby shower

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