Pregnancy Symptoms Week 35 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Most of the women experiencing pregnancy symptoms week 35 are more uncomfortable and breathless than ever. As your uterus grows so big that now it is pushing against your diaphragm, there is not much space in there right now.

Some moms are so ready for the baby, while others feel a bit anxious about childbirth. Pregnancy symptoms week 35 notoriously difficult to bear especially your growing bump. But feeling a little overwrought is completely normal. There is not much difference between pregnancy symptoms week 34 and 35 but we are still providing you all the information you need.

Now let’s talk about a ton of stuff left to do, prepare yourself as your baby will show up and will not care if you have checked every single detail of your preparations or not. But do not stress yourself, trust us you will be a great mom!

Baby at 35 weeks pregnancy

Baby at 35 weeks is feeling very cozy inside your belly. But now there is not a lot of room inside your uterus so, baby can only roll around or jab you a bit instead of kicking and punching. Baby is still in a growing stage, vernix, a thick layer that protects your baby from amniotic fluid.

Circulatory system and musculoskeletal system are fully developed now, his or her skin is becoming pinker and smoother. Getting ready for your cuddles, Cute!

35 weeks old fetus

This week, your little one is about the size of a honeydew melon. Your baby measures around 18.2 inches in height and weighs about 5.3 pounds by the end of this week. Now let us tell you about another important factor that is preterm labor, more likely to occur with twin’s pregnancy.

50 percent chances of preterm labor if you are pregnant with twins. But chances will increase up to 90 percent if you are expecting triplets.

35 weeks pregnant belly

Are you wondering how many weeks of conception left? The good news is only 5 weeks more to go to full term. Full term starts from week 39 to week 40. Your uterus has grown up to 1000 times than its original size. You may think like we are exaggerating things. Well, we are not, moms-to-be can relate to it.

You should know about labor signs so; you can call your doctor when needed. It includes water breaking, painful contractions, and regular contractions. You should gain about half a pound each week of your conception.

35 week pregnant belly pictures

Pregnancy symptoms week 35


From now, you will have a prenatal appointment every week with your doctor. You can also go for 35 weeks pregnant ultrasound if you want to see what baby is doing inside your belly or position of your baby.

But now, as you are in the last of the third trimester, it is necessary to have the Group B strep test. It does not harm the mother but as far as babies concerned, we doubt it. It can also cause pregnancy complications in late conception or to your little one.

The procedure is very simple and painless, the doctor will have a swap of vaginal area as well as rectum. Even if the results are positive, there is nothing to be worried about. Your doctor will give you antibiotics to prevent its exposure to your baby.

Show at 35 weeks first pregnancy

You are felling probably a bit awkward with 35 weeks pregnant bump. But some women like to have a big bump to look more pregnant. This is the perfect time for a maternity shoot, time will fly only memories left.

It is interesting to know that measurement in centimeters from the pubic bone to the top of your uterus is probably equal to the number of weeks of your conception.

Sex at pregnancy symptoms week 35

The good news is you can have sex at pregnancy symptoms week 35, but it is not necessary to have sex, you can give a massage or cuddle your partner. It is hard for many couples to maintain a healthy sex life after baby so, take advantage of these final days. Enjoy this intimacy!

35 weeks pregnant what to expect

You are probably wrapping up your 8 months of pregnancy, but it is important to know about pregnancy symptoms week 35. So, here we go:

Frequent urge to pee

Are you feeling peeing all day? When pregnancy symptoms week 35 occur, it is a common and expected symptom. Your growing baby is putting a lot of pressure on the bladder. You may feel a bit of leaky even when you laugh, sneeze, or turn over.

You can deal with these Oops moments by wearing a pantyliner or go to the bathroom more frequently. But do not deter yourself from drinking plenty of water, it can be the reason for preterm labor.

Leg swelling and pain

Changes in hormonal levels and more fluid in your body can cause swelling in your legs and feet. You can help yourself by avoiding standing for a longer time and wear comfy shoes.

Occasional headaches

Are you going through 35 weeks pregnant headache? It could be for a lot of reasons especially overheating. Take a break from your daily routine and unwind yourself. Go for some open-air or ask your doctor about appropriate antibiotics.

Stomach pain at 35 weeks pregnant

Stomach pain can be triggered by your growing uterus, round ligament pain, constipation and gas, Braxton hicks’ contractions. But these are common and harmless symptoms in your pregnancy.

On the other hand, stomach pain can also be the reason for ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, preterm labor, placental abruption, preeclampsia, and urinary tract infection. Notify your doctor right away.

35 weeks pregnant cramps

Contractions may feel like cramping or tightening in uterus associated with high blood pressure and constipation. But it is very common in pregnancy symptoms week 35.

Pregnancy transformations

  • Varicose veins
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Bleeding gums
  • Skin rashes
  • Increasing clumsiness
  • Pregnancy brain
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Numbness in hands and feet
  • Heartburn
  • Thick vaginal discharge

Precautions during the 35th week of pregnancy

  • Research about effective ways to reduce pain in labor.
  • Stock up on nasal straps to open your nose.
  • Prepare a birth plan so that you can go through childbirth more easily.
  • Relieve heartburn and indigestion by making healthy food choices.
  • Continue hitting the maternity exercises at home or the gym, it is good to prevent trouble sleeping.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 35

  • Install a baby seat in your car
  • Prepare yourself to announce baby’s arrival
  • Complete your hospital bag
  • Get your baby’s nursery done
  • Plan a date night

Things you should ask the doctor

  • Ask about labor signs
  • Do you have inverted nipples? Ask your doctor about breastfeeding possibilities
  • Ask about cesarean and vaginal delivery

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