Pregnancy Symptoms Week 38 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 38

If you are going through pregnancy symptoms week 38, you are almost approaching full term conception. You are probably feeling so ready for the next and the last phase of your pregnancy, childbirth. But before delivery, keep an eye on the labor signs.

This week, you will go through lightning bolt-like feelings, moving up and down in your legs and vagina. Do not worry, the baby is sitting low in the uterus and bumping into all of your nerves.

You may believe it or not, you are still gaining weight about half a pound each week. Your big belly is getting in the way of good night’s sleep, but the end is in sight now! it is interesting to know that, only 4 percent of women deliver on the due date. So, do not overthink about delivery day. It can be any day, before or after the due date.

Baby at 38 weeks pregnant

Although it is week 38 -the final days of pregnancy – but your baby is still finishing the last developmental stages; his lungs, brain, and liver continue to grow. This is the reason why childbirth should be at full term or close to full term as much as possible, unlike preterm births which might have developmental complications.

Meconium, first poop of your baby that is made of anything that your baby engulfed in the uterus. Baby’s vocal cord is developing now, he or she is getting ready to communicate with you through wails and cries. Whoa!

38 weeks old fetus

The average size of a baby at 38 weeks is about a watermelon. He or she has gained 6.8 pounds along with 19.6 inches height. His or her head is around the same circumferences as belly, sounds like a bird, huh?


As you are attending every week prenatal appointment now. Your doctor probably checks for the baby’s position, is he or she head-down or the head has moved into the pelvic chamber. Another important test will also conduct to check your cervix for dilation and effacement, either your body is ready for labor or not.

Your doctor can call you for 38 weeks pregnant ultrasound to have a brief look at baby’s growth such as breathing, movement, muscle tone, and heartbeat. It is an important part of your biophysical profile, after this, your doctor can decide about the delivery date.

If your doctor finds the baby in the breech position, feet first, the recommended procedure to make your baby head-down position is an external cephalic version. But if your baby’s development is normal then maybe it is your last screening test.

38 weeks pregnant belly

You may look at your belly in pregnancy symptoms week 38 and wonder, why it looks droopy, lower towards the pelvis. This shows that your baby has changed his or her position in the uterus, head-down. One of the biggest changes that you will experience in pregnancy symptoms week 38 is a lot of pressure on your lower abdomen.

You are maybe more uncomfortable than ever in the last days of conception as you have gained a lot of weight. It is hard for many women to find a relaxing position to sit, sleep, or even stand. The best remedy is to do some mind diverting activities or have some healthy food to keep yourself anxiety-free.

38 weeks pregnant belly picture

Labor during pregnancy symptoms week 38

If there is any complication in your pregnancy such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or uterine infection, the doctor will go with labor-inducing procedure. Also if you are expecting twins or going through the bloody show, get ready for childbirth. It’s the time!

Do not try to stimulate labor at home by yourself, it can be dangerous for you and your baby. Always discuss with your doctor first and wait for the doctor’s opinion.

Sex at pregnancy symptoms week 38

It is safe to have sex in any week of your pregnancy but be careful about the positions. And let us tell you, pleasurable sex can boost up your energy as well as your mood. It can help you to reduce your anxiety level.

Show at 38 weeks first pregnancy

From this week until your delivery day, 38 weeks pregnant bump is going to be constant in size. But no one can exactly tell you how big belly bump a pregnant woman can have. Every woman is different so does her journey. So, do not stress yourself if you have a small belly bump.

38 weeks pregnant what to expect

Braxton hick contractions

It is one of the most common and frequent symptoms included in pregnancy symptoms week 38. If the contractions go away by changing position or last only for a few moments, do not worry. Your body is practicing for labor.

38 weeks pregnant headache

Headache cannot harm your body, but it can make you uncomfortable for hours or even for days. Severe headache, vomiting, and sudden swelling are common signs of preeclampsia. Call your doctor right away.

Stomach pain 38 weeks pregnant

As your baby has changed position, head-down, this week. It can cause mild pain in the lower belly, but no one can help you in this situation. Try to do rest as much as you can.

Signs of labor

  • Diarrhea
  • Mucus plug or bloody show
  • Nausea
  • Back pain
  • Water breaking

Pregnancy transformation

Itchy belly

As your belly has stretched as much as it can so, it is more sensitive now. stay hydrated. But notify your doctor if you get a rash.


Maybe due to the anxiety of labor or your belly bump, it can cause trouble sleeping at night. Listen to your favorite music or read a book in this condition.  Make sure your bedding is comfortable enough and the atmosphere is calm enough to let you sleep. These things will help you sleep faster.

Leaky breasts

This week, your breasts have grown up to a maximum extent and leaking colostrum too. But if you are not experiencing these signs during pregnancy symptoms week 38, it is also normal.


Loose bowel movements are the organic way to make proper room for your baby to emerge. Labor is imminent, Yay! Stay hydrated, eat light meals and avoid fiber-rich food items.

Mucus plug

You probably have noticed globs of thick mucus-like discharge, this yucky stuff is normal. This is happening due to your dilated cervix. It brings you one step closer to labor.

Precautions during 38th week of pregnancy

What should be in your hospital bag?

  • Warm socks or slippers
  • Message oil
  • Lip balm
  • Watch
  • Camera
  • Personal toiletries
  • Nursing pads
  • Bra pads

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