Pregnancy Test With Salt – Is It Reliable?


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pregnancy test with salt

At-home pregnancy test options, including a pregnancy test with salt, are widely popular on the internet. Yet, there is no supporting medical research that salt-based home pregnancy tests work.

You want to know how a pregnancy test with salt would work, but why would you need this homemade test? Pregnancy is indeed the best experience of your life. Although it might sound like something that everyone could have, many people are trying to get pregnant but cannot do so. This might be because of fertility problems, weight gain, or other health issues. Whatever the reasons are, trying and waiting becomes frustrating after some time.
If you are trying to get pregnant, you would want to check yourself again and again. Using pregnancy test kits would be an extra burden on your budget. That is where these homemade tests become relevant. Before all these commercial pregnancy test kits were available, pregnancy tests with salt were used. Although there is not a lot of scientific proof to verify the authenticity of this test, people have been doing them for ages. So, trying won’t hurt, and neither would it cost you some extra bucks.

How does the test work

The principle behind the pregnancy test with salt is like all the other homemade pregnancy tests. These tests aim to detect the hCG hormone in the urine of pregnant women. This hormone gets released in the mother’s urine after the conception of a baby. Anything that could detect the presence of hCG could be used as a pregnancy test.

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How to do the test

Essential Equipment

This is the most uncomplicated and effortless test to perform. No expensive equipment is needed to begin with. You will find the essential things already available at your home. But you have to make sure that all the equipment is ready before starting.
  • Common table salt. Take the best quality refined table salt to perform this test. Ensure it is clean and uncontaminated to prevent any misleading results.
  • A clean container. A glass container is best to use because it is easy to clean. If you are a person who is going to check for pregnancy again and again, using the same container and washing it would be a good idea.
  • A spoon. Regular metal or plastic spoons will do the job.
That’s it! All these things are available at home, and you can perform this test whenever you want. You can also repeat it a few times, to be sure.


Performing the pregnancy test with salt is easier than you could have imagined. You just have to follow these steps and get it done.
1. Take a clean glass container
2. Collect some urine in it
3. Take a spoonful of salt and add it to the urine
4. Stir the mix and wait a few minutes

How to read the Results

The white flaky appearance of the mixture of urine and salt implies hCG hormone present in the urine. If you witness this result, then probably you are pregnant. If you see curdling in the mixture that looks like milk, your test is positive. But, if the salt stays there and no flaky appearance is visible, your test is negative.
If you do not feel satisfied by trying the test once, you can repeat it. This test will save you a lot of money on expensive pregnancy test kits if you keep getting negative results.

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Considerations while performing the pregnancy test with salt

This test is straightforward, and performing it is not difficult. But, in case you want to rely on it, you have to make sure that nothing is playing a part in affecting the results in the wrong way. A few precautions will make your test results even more authentic.
  • If you perform this test, you must ensure that the timing is right. Your urine has the most concentration of hCG in the morning. This is the best time for you to take the test. Make sure you remember it and wake up early in the morning for this test.
  • Perform this test at least a week after your estimated conception. That is when the hormone starts releasing.
  • Ensure that the container you are using for the test is clean. Since you might be repeating the test in the same container, wash it thoroughly. In this way, no contaminant can affect your test results.
  • Use refined table salt without additives. Store-bought salt is often mixed with iodine or some preservatives and anti-cooking agents that may affect the result.

Should you rely on this test?

A pregnancy test with salt is not a scientifically proven test. That is why relying on it is not the best thing to do. These tests have been used for thousands of years, and some people still believe in them. It is good to save money if you often check for pregnancy. But if this is not the case, you can get the actual test done. Confirm the results of any homemade tests by visiting your doctor.

Better alternatives

Homemade pregnancy tests might be tempting because of their simplicity and affordability. However, none of them is medically approved, and the reliability of these tests is questionable. Still, many people prefer using these tests because of their popularity on the internet and personal circumstances, be it privacy issues or financial situations. Here we recommend more reliable alternatives to the homemade pregnancy tests that address all of these issues.

Free and Affordable options

For those who have insurance, doing a pregnancy test at the clinic is the most reliable that is usually included in the plan. Make sure to check it with your insurance company before the visit.

If you don’t have insurance, you may try a family planning clinic, as they often offer free pregnancy testing.

Consider using a general dollar pregnancy test if you want a much more reliable and medically approved pregnancy test than a salt pregnancy test but are still on a budget. Using this test is no more complicated than the pregnancy test with salt. It can be purchased online, at the supermarket, or at any local pharmacy.

Private options

Medical doctors cannot share the personal details of patients with anyone. Even the patient’s parents have no access to any details of such an appointment if the child is 18 years old. That’s why visiting a clinic is one of the best private options. In the clinic, you can get a quality test done and discuss all the questions you may have with the medical professional.

However, suppose you’re not fancy seeing a doctor or visiting a clinic. In that case, there are still ways to get the pregnancy test done privately. You can quickly get a variety of tests online and literally at any price. Another way is to get the test delivered to you from a local supermarket or pharmacy. Finally, you can ask a trustworthy friend to buy a test for you.

With the variety of options available, you can get the test that best fits your needs while ensuring reliable results.

When to see a doctor

Suppose there is an indication that a woman is pregnant. In that case, it is necessary to see a doctor before the end of the first trimester. A doctor will explain what necessary tests should be performed and create a schedule of visits.

Otherwise, pregnancy is not considered a medical emergency. Still, you must see a doctor avoid severe complications in some circumstances.

Call a doctor regardless of the test result if

  • there’s bleeding from the vagina
  • there’s intense pain in the pelvic area together with bleeding, fever, or dizziness
  • a period is very late

A doctor can help to resolve any questions and give advice over the phone if

  • a woman thinks she might be pregnant but feels unsafe and uneasy
  • a woman wishes to have an abortion


Since the test is easy to do and you do not have to make extra effort to perform it, there is no harm in trying it. The test saves you a lot of money. But believing this test alone is not a wise idea. Always get proper medical tests done before you confirm or deny the pregnancy.

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