Pregnancy week 14 symptoms – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy Week 14

Congratulations! You are past almost a fortnight in your pregnancy journey i.e. pregnancy week 14. We know you must have been dreaming about becoming the perfect mother soon, but these stages of pregnancy must not milden your excitement. We are here to provide you all the information you need.

Pregnancy week 14: baby size

In pregnancy week 14, your baby is growing rapidly after entering the second trimester. He is about 3.5 inches long and weighs about 1.5 ounces. During this week, your baby can make faces like frowning, grimace, and squinting.

New developments in the baby during week 14

Since most of the physical structures are formed already, it is time for their development. Your baby is taking his adult form and these changes are more evident on an ultrasound. Here are the important developments in your baby’s during this week:

  • Your baby is now able to open their eyes and move them around.
  • He is flexing his limbs and the limbs are becoming more proportionate to the size of the body. As if he is trying to practice limb movements.
  • Since the neural connections have established it is time for the improvement in the skill levels of sense of smell and taste.
  • The skin of the baby is becoming thicker and you can appreciate small hairs all over his body. This is called lanugo and it begins around the pregnancy week 14.
  • Although the genital organs of the baby are fully developed it is still early to tell the gender of the baby with surety.
  • Your baby is taking up amniotic fluid through his mouth and excreting it through his kidneys. He is also able to produce feces called meconium.

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Pregnancy symptoms week 14

The change in trimester brings a lot of changes in the pregnancy symptoms. Luckily, a lot of annoying symptoms of the first trimester start settling. However, a lot of pregnant females experience new symptoms as well.


The most annoying symptom of the first trimester is going to regress drastically. You will be able to smell and eat your favorite foods again. However, it doesn’t mean that you should make up for the past weeks in just one meal. You should always eat less and more frequently.

Although it is true for most females some may suffer from nausea throughout the pregnancy. It is normal and poses no risk to your baby. However, stay hydrated and avoid the food which aggravates it.

Mood swings

If you aren’t in control of your mood and it is making you worried about pregnancy. You are not alone. A lot of pregnant females pass through it during pregnancy week 14. It occurs due to hormonal variations and automatically resolves after the delivery.  However, with little support from your partner and relatives, you can cope with it.

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Leaky breasts

During pregnancy week 14, you may notice a thick yellowish discharge coming out of your nipples. It is called colostrum and is a baby’s nutrition after his delivery. However, it is normal and you can use a cotton pad to avoid the stickiness.

Sinus congestion

This condition is called pregnancy rhinitis. The symptoms are exactly like an allergic reaction including congestion, watering, sneezing, and difficulty in breathing. However, the cause is raised levels of progesterone.

To avoid this worrisome condition you can use humidifiers or saline nasal drops and keep yourself hydrated.

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Leg cramps

Pregnancy symptoms week 14 include a cramping pain in the lower limbs and these can be sharp enough to keep you up all night. Try massaging the leg or take a hot shower to relieve the pain.

Increased appetite and weight gain

The biggest fear of every pregnant woman i.e. getting weight during pregnancy is true. You are carrying a whole human being inside you and then there are these pregnancy hormones that aid in gaining weight. Your appetite increases as well.

However, the weight gain is reversible as long as you are taking care of your food and doing a light exercise.

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Round ligament pain

Your womb is trying to stretch to keep the growing baby inside and this stretching produces a dull pain in the belly called round ligament pain. Don’t worry this will last for a short while and you can ease yourself with a comfortable position.

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Pregnancy week 14: things you can do

With pregnancy week 14 setting in there are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself healthy. These include:

Light exercise

Don’t choose a lazy lifestyle as it will only add to the weight you are already putting during pregnancy. Although safety and comfort are important during this time the things aren’t too bad. You have plenty of energy and light exercise gives you the best opportunity to spend it. However, don’t do vigorous exercise and avoid lifting heavyweights.

Healthy eating

We know that you are cutting your calories to avoid putting on weight but it is not the way to go. You are carrying the responsibilities of two lives. So you should take adequate calories as well as all the essential nutrients to fulfill all the needs of your body as well as your baby.

However, you should eat too much during one meal as well. Eat less but eat frequently. Add more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet for a healthy baby.

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Dentist appointment

Make sure to make a dentist appointment during this week as the pregnancy makes your teeth prone to infections like gingivitis and other periodontal diseases.

Flu shots

Pregnancy depresses the immune system and makes you vulnerable to infections. Hard to believe but simple infections are harmful during this part of your life. Get your flu shots if you haven’t and try to avoid contacting any sick person.

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Bonding with your partner

This is a nice time to bond with your partner as annoying nausea starts disappearing and the belly is not too big. Take all the time you can with your partner because things may get a bit difficult with the growing belly.

Childbirth classes

Another thing you can do while waiting for delivery is to evaluate your options for childbirth classes. These classes are important as they help you understand the delivery procedure and make it less painful!

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