Am I Pregnant? How to find out with One Step Pregnancy Test Dollar General?

Have you missed your period? Have you been trying to conceive and anxiously waiting for the “good news”? Or did you have unprotected sex accidentally and fear you might be pregnant? Finding out if you are pregnant can be a life-changing event and you definitely do not want to get it wrong. Whether you are hoping for a positive or a negative result, the Dollar General Pregnancy Test can validate your hopes or allay your apprehensions.

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What is the Dollar General Pregnancy Test?

The Dollar General Pregnancy Test is a pregnancy kit available at the Dollar General stores which are one of the most profitable chains of variety stores in the US, famous for providing a wide range of products at very low rates.

It is also known as the DG Health One Step Pregnancy Test Cassette or the Quick-Check Home Pregnancy Test. It is manufactured by the ACON Laboratories, INC.

How is it different from most of the other pregnancy tests?

Unlike most of the other pregnancy tests which can cost you 20 to 50 bucks, it costs only $1! So you are probably less likely to regret spending on it even if your pregnancy test results do not meet your expectations. It is a good combination of price and quality. Though it is not extremely sensitive, it is 99% accurate.

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How does it work?

Similar to most other home pregnancy tests, the Dollar General Pregnancy Test is a qualitative test that detects the presence of pregnancy hormone hCG in urine.

What is hCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta of a pregnant female.

When does your body start secreting hCG?

During ovulation, the ovaries release an egg that can fuse with sperm. Once fertilization has occurred, the embryo travels to the uterus. It implants usually 8 to 10 days after ovulation in most successful pregnancies, according to research by A J Wilcox, D D Baird, and C R Weinberg.

This is the time when the cells surrounding the embryo start secreting hCG. Thus it is too soon to try to detect hCG before 8 days past ovulation (DPO). The levels start doubling every 72 hours and reach their peak in the 811 weeks of pregnancy. Then they decline and level off.

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When does hCG appear in urine?

The hormone first appears in the blood, so it can be detected earlier in the blood, about 11 days after conception. But this requires drawing blood and testing in the laboratory. So it may be painful and expensive.

Fortunately, only a few days later, hCG starts appearing in the urine. All you have to do is to pee on a pregnancy test strip 12 -14 days after conception.

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Can you rely on the Dollar General Pregnancy Test?

Here comes the million-dollar question! The price tag can be enticing but you surely do not want to mess up the results. It might have crossed your mind that buying a cheap pregnancy test will compromise the accuracy.

Is the Dollar General Pregnancy Test accurate? Surprisingly, yes! While not all Dollar General stores’ products are recommended, the Dollar General Pregnancy Test certainly is. It is 99% accurate despite being so cheap. This may be because the only part that matters is the chemical-treated paper that will change color with hCG, and it is really cheap to produce. It is mostly the packaging and branding that increases the price of branded pregnancy tests.

If you are unsure about any pregnancy test, you can check it in the FDA Over the Counter Database of IVD Tests. The FDA regulates the pregnancy tests and ensures their accuracy and sensitivity. So you can confidently buy the Dollar General Pregnancy Test.

However, according to the FDA, the accuracy of a pregnancy test depends on how well the instructions are followed and results are interpreted. This is why getting wrong results has something to do with the user most of the time, rather than the product.

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How sensitive is the Dollar General Pregnancy Test?

The sensitivity of a pregnancy test depends on the concentration of hCG it can detect. A more sensitive test can detect lower levels of hCG; and thus it can detect pregnancy earlier when hCG levels are quite low.

A Dollar General Pregnancy Test is quite sensitive, though it may not be as sensitive as some of the other expensive tests. It is able to detect 25 mIU/mL hCG in the urine.

How early can the Dollar General Pregnancy Test detect pregnancy?

The Dollar General Pregnancy Test can detect pregnancy as early as the first day of your missed period. However, the ideal time to check is 3-7 days after your missed period.

If you are anxious to take the test earlier than the day of your missed period, you can use other highly sensitive pregnancy tests which can even detect pregnancy even 5 days before your missed period; but not the Dollar General Pregnancy Test.

In case you do not have regular periods, you can take the test 2-3 weeks after having unprotected sex.

When to perform the test?

When you are pregnant, your body starts giving you signs. But many women get these signs before the menstrual period (PMS), so they overlook them. You should perform the Dollar General Pregnancy Test when:

  1. you have had unprotected sex
  2. your birth control method fails (e.g. you miss a pill or your condom breaks)
  3. you notice the signs of pregnancy. These include:
  • Missed Periods
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea, headache
  • Swelling in the vaginal area
  • Frequent urination
  • Mood swings
  • Food aversion

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According to the survey by the American Pregnancy Association on the earliest sign of pregnancy, 29% of women reported missed periods, 25% nausea, and 17% change in the breast.

However these symptoms may be due to many other reasons, so it is very important to confirm pregnancy with any pregnancy test such as the Dollar General Pregnancy Test.

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How to perform the Dollar General Pregnancy Test?

Follow all the instructions given on it to ensure accuracy. There is an expiration date on the packet. Do not forget to check it before buying one.

What do you need to perform the test?

You need:

  • The Dollar General Pregnancy Test
  • A clean dry cup
  • Stopwatch

What will you find when you open the packet?

Use the notches to tear it open. When you open the foil pouch, you will find:

  • A pregnancy test cassette which has a sample well (labeled S) and a testing window with two marked points C (control) and T (test)
  • A dropper
  • A moisture-absorbent that you can discard.

Specimen Requirement

No special patient preparation is needed. A random clean-catch specimen is collected in a clean dry container. However, rinse the cup with water before using it. Because a dirty cup or soap/detergent may interfere with your test results and invalidate them.

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Best time to perform the test?

The Dollar General Pregnancy Test can be performed at any time of the day. But you can increase the accuracy of your results by using the First-Morning Urine (FMU). It has the highest concentration of hCG because it is not diluted.

If you cannot perform it in the morning, you can recreate your morning pee by not drinking for at least 4 hours and holding your urine. Drinking water can dilute your urine and affect your results.


  • Pee in a clean dry cup. You cannot hold the testing cassette in your urine stream, like some other pregnancy tests.
  • Place the test cassette horizontally on a flat surface.
  • Using the dropper, pour three drops into the sample well of the testing unit.
  • Start the timer. You can see the urine traveling up the testing window.
  • Wait for the time mentioned in the instructions for the appearance of red lines which is usually 1-3 minutes. You can wait one minute longer if no line appears.
  • Do not pay attention to any results that appear after 10 minutes.

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Storage and Handling

  • Store at room temperature between 2°C to 30°C, and do not freeze.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Don’t attempt internal use.
  • Don’t use it after the expiration date printed on the foil pouch.
  • Open the test foil pouch only when you are ready to take the test.

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How to read and interpret the results?

A single line opposite the C i.e. the Control line must appear to validate your results. It indicates that your test has worked properly.

Positive Result

If two red lines appear, one opposite the C in the upper region (the Control line) and another opposite the T in the lower region (Test line), it indicates that you are most probably pregnant.

Faint Positive Result

If a very faint line appears opposite the C, it indicates that you might be pregnant but the hCG levels are low. It is called a faint positive result. You will need to perform the test again after a few days.

Negative Result

The appearance of the Control line only indicates that you may NOT be pregnant.

Invalid Result

If no line appears, it indicates that the testing kit may be expired or the test has not been performed correctly. Repeat the test but do not use the same kit. A pregnancy kit cannot be reused.

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Can you get false-positive results?

Can you not be pregnant despite getting a positive result? Unfortunately yes. You may get false-positive results due to the following reasons:

Incorrect testing

If you do not follow all the instructions accurately, you may get false-positive results.

Defective Pregnancy Test

Make sure you read the expiration date before using it.

Evaporation Line

The time you are required to wait for your test results is very important. If you wait longer, an evaporation line can appear, and you can interpret it as a positive result.

Chemical Pregnancy

It refers to a very early miscarriage that occurs at the fifth-week gestation. The fusion of egg and sperm occurs but the embryo never fully implants in the uterus. So you may have hCG in urine and you may get a positive result. There is bleeding around the time of your menstrual period as a result of miscarriage, which is perceived as menstrual bleeding.

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Some medicines increase your hCG levels. So you can get false-positive results if you are taking them. They include:

  • Antiepileptics (barbiturates)
  • Anti-anxiety (diazepam/ alprazolam)
  • Diuretics
  • Anti-allergy (promethazine)
  • Antipsychotic (chlorpromazine, clozapine)
  • Medicines used in Parkinson’s Disease

However, medicines that do not contain hCG have no effect on the test results. Oral contraceptives, antibiotics, painkillers, and alcohol do NOT affect the results.

Fertility Treatment

You may be getting hCG shots as a part of your fertility treatment. So hCG levels can rise in urine 2 to 3 weeks after the shot. In this case, you should go for a blood test.


Ovarian cysts also cause a rise in hCG.

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Can you get false-negative results?

False-negative results are quite common. They can cause stress and anxiety in women who are trying hard to conceive.

Testing too early

This test is not designed for early detection. You may have to wait for 2 to 3 days after your missed period.

Not using the test properly

You may be too excited to read the instructions carefully. But make sure you follow them to get accurate results.

Reading too early or late

You have to strictly follow the time mentioned on the pregnancy kit to read the results.

Diluted urine

Diluted urine can result in false-negative results. Avoid drinking too much water before taking the test.


The hCG levels are lower in obese women. An inverse relation between BMI and hCG levels has been shown by research.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy outside the uterus. Research has shown ectopic pregnancy to be associated with low hCG levels, which may not be detected by the General Dollar Pregnancy Test. Ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition and must be detected.

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You took the test: Now what to do?

If you get a positive result

In case you get a positive result, repeat the test after a few days to be 100% sure. Now it is time to go to the gynecologist, confirm your pregnancy, and get prenatal care.

If you get mixed results

Mixed results may indicate pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, or chemical pregnancy. In any case, go to a gynecologist for blood tests and Ultrasound exams. Get treated in case of ectopic pregnancy.

If you get a negative result

Repeat the test after a week. If you still get a negative result and no periods, consult a gynecologist. Performing blood tests and ultrasound exams will confirm pregnancy.

If you get continued negative result and no period

If your blood tests and ultrasound exams have confirmed that you are not pregnant but you are still not having your period, consult a gynecologist to find the cause of amenorrhea.

Why your period might be late if you are not pregnant?

Several other factors may contribute to amenorrhoea or delayed periods.

  • Stress
  • Low body weight/ obesity
  • Over-exertion/ too much exercise
  • PCOS
  • Birth control
  • Thyroid issues
  • Early peri-menopause
  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes or celiac disease

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Pros of the Dollar General Pregnancy Test

  • Easy to use with simple instructions
  • Can be performed without a doctor’s aid in the privacy of your home
  • 99 % accurate
  • Cheap
  • Built-in control window that helps you find out if you have performed the test correctly
  • Suitable for use at any time of the day
  • Does not require measuring or mixing anything

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Cons of the Dollar General Pregnancy Test

  • It is not extremely sensitive; it can detect pregnancy on the day of the missed period or after it. Some other tests can detect pregnancy before this time.
  • Sometimes, it may take up to 3 minutes to display the result.
  • Its design is not as impressive or comfortable as some of the more expensive pregnancy tests which even come with a handle.
  • It cannot tell the week of pregnancy like some other pregnancy tests.

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Not having a digital display: A boon or a bane?

Most women find it difficult to interpret the lines. Undoubtedly, it is more convenient to read “pregnant” or “non-pregnant” on a digital display than interpreting the control and test lines. However, Christina Hernandez Sherwood says in her article “Why I’ll always use dollar store pregnancy tests” in the Chicago Tribune that she’ll prefer shades of gray rather than black and white.

She tells about her pregnancy which resulted in a miscarriage. She used a pregnancy test that displayed “pregnant”. A few days later, her pregnancy symptoms disappeared; so she retook the test and it again displayed “pregnant”. She argues that if she had used the dollar store pregnancy tests, the line would have got fainter the second time she performed the test. And this would have given her the idea that the levels of hCG in her body are decreasing.

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If you are looking for a reliable and cheap way to confirm your pregnancy, the Dollar General Pregnancy Test is definitely a good choice. However, make sure you follow the instructions properly and take the test at the right time. But whether you get a positive or a negative result, you should be mature enough to rule out the false-positive and false-negative results, by going to a doctor and having other confirmatory tests done!

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Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

Medical Officer at Ammar Medical Complex, Founder at Therightparenting and Owner and Founder at OOPER with Syed Ahmad Raza

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Why Am I Having Sore Breasts After Ovulation – Is It Normal?

Sore breasts after ovulation or breast aches around ovulation are absolutely normal. Some women may feel discomfort during ovulation, which could range from minor to severe. It can also be a probable symptom of pregnancy (we will explain it later in this article). A woman might feel pain in one or both breasts. This pain in the breast is referred to as mastalgia.

Ovulation is a process in which a female ovary releases an egg each month. It occurs almost about 14 days before a period starts. It is different for each cycle e.g. for a 28 days cycle, a woman would ovulate on day 14. Similarly, for 31 days cycle, a woman would ovulate on day 17. The chances of getting pregnant during the time of ovulation are high.

Is it normal to have sore breasts after ovulation?

It is absolutely normal to have sore breasts after ovulation. Many women experience tenderness and sore breasts after ovulation, which is due to a high level of progesterone in the body. The level of progesterone in the female body increases each day after ovulation until either she gets her periods or she gets pregnant. The level of progesterone decreases if a woman gets her periods while it increases if a woman gets pregnant.

While many women with sore breasts among you must be thinking of ways like wearing the best loose and comfortable bras or taking any painkillers to battle this soreness, we suggest you first understand how ovulation is linked with having sore breasts, and then proceed with finding solutions for it.

Effects of ovulation on body

During the different phases of the menstrual cycle, hormonal instability occurs. This hormonal instability can cause various symptoms in the woman’s body. Every woman’s body acts differently so it is not necessary for every woman to feel the same symptoms. They depend on how sensitive the body is.

Some of the symptoms a woman may experience are:

Sore breasts after ovulation

Sore breasts after ovulation or breast pain can occur at various times throughout the cycle. Breast discomfort during the cyclic changes is known as cyclic mastalgia.

Vaginal discharge

Some women may notice a wet, clear, and non-itching vaginal discharge before ovulation.

Body temperature

The basal body temperature of a woman increases during ovulation. You can use a thermometer to track your basal body temperature.

Spotting or light bleeding

A woman may have spotting or light bleeding during the time of ovulation. This can be due to hormonal instability.

Increased sex drive

A woman may experience increased sex drive at the time of ovulation.

Pain in ovaries

Pain in ovaries is usually felt at the abdominal or pelvic region, which also linked to ovulation. This pain usually lasts only a few minutes or hours.

Observing these symptoms carefully can help a woman predict when she is ovulating.

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How long the sore breasts after ovulation last?

Sore breasts after ovulation or any discomfort in the breast start at the time of ovulation and usually last until either a woman gets her periods or gets pregnant.

These symptoms in each case are different. A woman can find out if these symptoms are related to her menstrual cycle or not by charting her symptoms each month to see when they start and stop.

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What are the other causes of sore breasts?

Some women may experience sore breasts after ovulation but there can be some other reasons for the soreness of breasts.

The other causes of sore breasts include:


Any breast changes like soreness, itching, pain, and tenderness can be the signs of early pregnancy too. These symptoms can be observed as early as one week of getting pregnant and will get better after a few weeks.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

Other symptoms of early pregnancy include

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Increased urination
  • Missed periods


Breastfeeding can also be a cause of sore breasts, especially if breastfeeding for the first time.

Causes of sore breasts due to breastfeeding can be

  • Improper position
  • Improper posture
  • Inverted nipples
  • Blocked ducts

Sometimes soreness of the breast can be due to infection in the breast known as mastitis.

Signs of breast infection are

  • Breast pain
  • Breast tenderness
  • Change in the color of breast
  • Warm breasts
  • Bleeding
  • Fever
  • Chills

A woman must consult a doctor if she observes any of the symptoms while breastfeeding.

Menstrual cycle and sore breasts after ovulation

The linkage between sore breasts and ovulation is a medically proven fact. Some women may experience sore breasts after ovulation during the menstrual cycle. Sore breasts or breast tenderness is absolutely normal during the menstrual cycle. It begins at the start of the cycle and lasts until the cycle ends.

Hormonal imbalance

There is a hormonal imbalance between progesterone and estrogen if a woman does not ovulate. A high level of estrogen and a low level of progesterone can be the reason for sore breasts after ovulation.

Breast cancer

Sore breasts are a very rare sign of breast cancer. Other symptoms of breast cancer include

  • A lump in the breast
  • A lump in the underarm region
  • Pain in the breast
  • Swelling in the breast
  • Nipple discharge
  • Itchy breasts
  • Skin irritation
  • Redness of the breasts
  • The thickness of the breast skin
  • Inverted nipples

If a woman observes any of the symptoms immediately consult her doctor as these symptoms can be alarming.

Skin problems

Any skin condition like eczema can cause dry and irritated skin of the breast leading to the soreness.

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Other causes of sore breasts include

  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Wearing a small or tight bra
  • Rubbing the breasts
  • Certain drugs

Can sore breasts after ovulation cause discomfort?

The discomfort in sore breasts after ovulation can be mild or severe. If the discomfort is severe, it is affecting your routine life and does not go away even after the menstrual cycle, then consult your doctor. He may advise you some hormone blockers or birth control pills. This will treat your hormone-related symptoms.

Dietary changes such as avoiding alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and high fat-containing food can also help to treat the discomfort.


Sore breasts after ovulation are usually due to high progesterone levels in the body. It is a really good sign of ovulation. With each passing day after ovulation, the level of progesterone in the female body increases until you either get your period or you get pregnant. The level of progesterone increases when a woman is pregnant and it decreases if a woman gets her periods.

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Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

Medical Officer at Ammar Medical Complex, Founder at Therightparenting and Owner and Founder at OOPER with Syed Ahmad Raza

Find me on: Web | Facebook

Why Do I Crave Spicy Food In Pregnancy? Is It Safe To Eat?

Why do I crave spicy food? Yup, you may have asked yourself this question many times throughout your pregnancy. Spicy food is definitely a go-to option when you feel like tantalizing your taste buds. But are these cravings okay? Or not?

Grab a bag of flaming hot Cheetos as we guide you and your spice cravings!

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To Crave, or Not to Crave….

So, one day, you’re just sitting there, and suddenly, out of nowhere, you feel the intense desire to munch on a bowl of nachos with salsa and guacamole. Or have a whole large sized pizza with extra cheese and a double serving of French fries all to yourself!

And maybe it doesn’t even stop there. You may be wanting to top off your hunger with a decadent dessert! And what would satisfy your sweet tooth better than a tub of vanilla ice cream? Or a large slice of glazed caramel Bundt cake, or Irish scones with clotted cheese and strawberry jam!

Nope, we’re not going over the top. Believe it or not, this actually does happen. And guess what, it’s normal and okay!

You may be asking yourself,” What are these cravings actually?”. “Why do I crave spicy food?”.

Cravings are the intense desire or the urge you develop to have a particular food item. And these urges are not restricted to pregnancy. You may develop them normally too.

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Is it Normal to Crave in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one hell of a ride. And it certainly affects almost every aspect of your life. This includes your eating habits too. You can develop cravings anytime during those 9 months. Though these urges are most strong during the second trimester.

Why do I crave spicy food? That is because during pregnancy, your hormone levels are altered. And this causes you to have a heightened sense of smell and taste.

So, due to these hormonal changes and an increased sense of smell and taste, you develop the intense desire to devour anything. Even things you may have never eaten before. Obviously, who prefers jalapenos over Nutella? But yup, pregnancy can make you do that!

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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice!

These are the ingredients chosen to, well, obviously quench your pregnancy cravings.  Different people develop cravings for different types of food. According to the Baby Centers’ recent survey report, 17% of women crave spicy foods while pregnant. Another 40% craved sweet foods, whereas around 33% and 10% mums-to-be longed for salty and sour foods, respectively.

So, for some women, tacos with potato wedges and tartar sauce may satiate their hunger. Whereas for others, Belgian waffles with maple syrup and whipped cream may do the trick.

But if you are a member of the spice club, jalapenos, Mexican food, a jar of pickled veggies or beef steak with a side of mushrooms and bell peppers may be the ultimate solution to those cravings.

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Speak to the Spice!

Why do I crave spicy things? Is my body trying to tell me something? Guess what? Maybe yes.

Cravings are a way your body is telling that you’re low on some nutrient. Like when you are running low on your energy levels, you would prefer grabbing carbs. For that instant energy effect.

Likewise, a deficiency of magnesium may cause you to stock up on those chocolate bars. Or eat that cookie dough or cake mix, straight out of the bowl!

Low sodium levels may have you sprinkling salt on fish, avocados, that yummy Greek salad, or even on yogurts and bread puddings!

But what are those spice yearnings conveying to you?

Spicy food is a way of the body to cool down. Surprising, right? Hot and spicy foods such as curry, or those tasty peri-peri chicken bites not only set your mouth on fire. They also cause you to sweat. Thereby cooling off your body.

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Spice-The Gender Predictor?

Why do I crave spicy food? Yeah, that spicy chicken tikka seems like a Holy grail to your tummy. But ever wonder if those urges to gulp down the hot sauce meant more than just a way to satisfy your spice desires?

You may have heard the old wives’ tale that if you are craving more spicy foods throughout your pregnancy, it’s likely you will have a boy. And those extra helpings of blueberry and banana pancakes with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may mean there is a sweet girl on the way.

However, there is no scientific evidence, obviously, to back up these claims. You can have a girl despite enjoying barbecue honey wings with spicy ranch and garlic mayo dips.

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When to Stop the Spices?

Sure, that spicy food may seem like a gourmet serving during this time. But when does spicy become too spicy? And needs to be discontinued?


Too much spicy food may cause heartburn, indigestion, an irritable gut, and even hemorrhoids. So, to avoid all these complications, you may want to tone down those spice cravings.


Seems a bit tough? Yes. But there are always healthier alternatives. Rather than rummaging your kitchen cabinets next time for a jar of jalapenos or pickles, you can go for simpler stuff.

This includes garlic, cloves, all-spice, ginger, turmeric, wasabi peas, and even simple pepper.

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Spice or No Spice?

Its 3 am in the morning and suddenly you have found yourself in the driveway of McDonald’s. And yup, nothing tastes better than a double patty, extra spicy, crispy chicken deluxe burger with a large serving of fries!

Nope, no judgment here. Because pregnancy cravings are for real. And yes, you can be craving for anything. I repeat. Anything!

So next time you ask yourself, “Why do I crave spicy food?”. Grab a bowl of salsa and tell yourself, it’s perfectly fine.

However, as long as those spicy peri-peri chicken bites, smoky enchiladas, stuffed peppers or chipotle don’t start interfering with yours and your baby’s health. There is no problem enjoying these miraculous savories.

But anytime you feel its too spicy for your tummy, wait no more. Check-in with your doctor. You can always catch up on that fajita pizza later!

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Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

Medical Officer at Ammar Medical Complex, Founder at Therightparenting and Owner and Founder at OOPER with Syed Ahmad Raza

Find me on: Web | Facebook

Why Am I Craving Pickles in Pregnancy? | Is It Safe To Eat?

As you grab the fourth bottle of pickles from Walmart, you may be wondering, “Why am I craving pickles?” “Is it me or do other women also experience these tangy cravings?” “Do pickles go well with peanut butter or whipped cream?”.

Well, grab a jar of pickles with some barbecue Lays as we go full pickle mode in this article!

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Pickle Passion!

Pickle with curry and flatbread, deep-fried pickles, pastrami roll-ups with pickles and cream cheese, or just pickles topped on your favorite pizza or stuffed inside that juicy chicken burger. Pickles, inevitably, can go with anything. You name it, you got it!

No doubt it becomes a quintessential craving in pregnant women. You may munch in dill pickles with salted crisps and sour cream every time you rummage through those kitchen cabinets.

Which makes you wonder, “Why am I craving pickles?” Let’s sort this out for you.

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Cravings and Pregnancy- What’s the Link?

There may be times, several times in pregnancy, when you feel like devouring every edible item in your kitchen! And these urges can pop up anytime. So, it may be 4 am in the morning. And your tummy will be leading you back to the fridge!

So, what are these cravings? Cravings are the sudden desire or urge you have to eat a certain food item. And are these normal? Absolutely!

Pregnancy gets you craving for all sorts of things. You may desire a snack you normally would never tale. Or even make you hate your most favorite ice cream flavor!

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Expecting a baby or cravings?

With all these trips to the kitchen, you may be thinking, “Why am I craving pickles?” The changing hormone levels in pregnancy may explain this.

During pregnancy, your sense of smell and taste are heightened. As your hormone levels fluctuate. That means, your senses become sharper. Hence you are quicker to appreciate the smell of anything nearby. Which causes these cravings to appear.

This may also cause you to develop food aversions. And even nausea and vomiting. Known infamously as morning sickness. This is the body’s way of protecting the mummy to bee from any harmful food.

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Running Low on Nutrients?

Cravings can also be taken as a ‘stress signal’. A way of your body making you summon foods containing nutrients that you are deficient in.

So, when you feel like having Nutella dipped strawberries or chocolate-coated cookies. It is actually your body asking you to store up on magnesium.

The same is the case with wanting those lamb kebabs. Craving red meat signals an underlying iron deficiency.

‘’Why am I craving pickles?”. That is cause pickles, along with olives, the snack pack of plain salted pringles, or the Ritz cheese crackers may be a way of telling you. You are low on sodium. Hence these salt cravings.

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Nutritional Content of Pickles

“Why am I craving pickles?”. You asked yourself as you reached out for your fourth helping of dill pickles of the day. So, is it okay to eat pickles?

Pickles may not be the healthiest snack. Their nutritional value is comparatively low. They have very low levels of cholesterol, protein, and fat. However, they are a good source of sodium and iron. They may also provide some, but not that much, calcium, as well as Vitamin C and fiber.

Different types of pickles have different levels of nutrients. Based on their ingredients. So, a quick check at the label mentioning nutritional facts may help.

Pickles themselves aren’t that nutritious. But coupled with another meal such as some flatbread or chicken tikka masala curry. They increase the probiotic content of the meal as a whole.

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Health Benefits of Picking Pickles in Pregnancy

Pickles when consumed in small amounts may actually provide some health benefits.

Electrolyte Balance

As we saw above, the salty taste that makes you crave pickles is because of the sodium content in pickles. They also contain potassium. Hence, they can help regulate the electrolyte levels in your body. This is very important in pregnancy.

As any derangement in the levels of salts in your body can be harmful to both you and your baby.

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Tackling Your Tummy?

That jar of dill pickles you reach every time you order a beef burger. It doesn’t only serve the purpose of satisfying your taste buds.

Pickles don’t spoil owing to the good bacteria present in them. Which when consumed, can cause these good bacteria to multiply in your tummy. And hence aid in the digestion.

Immune Boosters-The Pickle Edition?

Pickled fruits and vegetables aren’t cooked. Hence the antioxidants in them are preserved. Which may strengthen your immune system by fighting against bad free radicals.

Pickles are also a rich source of vitamins C, A, and K. As well as contain minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, and sodium. These essential nutrients may boost immune responses. And help you from falling sick in pregnancy.

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Pickle Problems?

Why am I craving pickles? That is because pickles are, no doubt, a convenient and tasty go-to snack. Sure, you may be craving pickles with peanut butter and salami sandwiches. Or may want to casually drop in some pickles on your chilidog pizza. Or incorporate them in your chipotle or cheeseburgers.

But too many pickles can actually be harmful. And for a lot of reasons too!

Well first and foremost, too many pickles mean too much added salt. This in turn puts you at risk for developing gestational hypertension. It can also lead to dehydration.

Too many spices in the pickles can cause heartburn and acid reflux. Especially if you already have trouble with gastritis. And other tummy issues.

Also, pickles that use oils as preservatives means too much cholesterol. And this means, further risk of pregnancy-related complications.

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Pickles or No Pickles?

Whether it is peanut butter and pickle sandwiches with barbecue and mustard sauce. Or pickle with potato and tuna salad.  Or maybe just a delectable dill pickle dip to accompany those crackers and tortillas!

You may want to give in to those cravings. But, in moderation. You will have plenty of time to catch up with those pickles later!

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Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

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Mushrooms While Pregnant – Are They Safe to Eat? | The Right Parenting

‘Mushrooms while pregnant’ is a thought that often passes the minds of people who are expecting. It’s important to know what foods are healthy for you and what not; such as mushrooms while pregnant.

Even though mushrooms have low calories and almost no cholesterol or fat, they grow in soil or on top of plants, making them not safe for consumption without being properly cooked. Here are some facts that can help you out if you want to know whether mushrooms while pregnant are beneficial.

Harmful mushrooms while pregnant

Following is a list of mushrooms that you shouldn’t take while pregnant.

Raw mushrooms

Raw mushrooms contain carcinogens, which means that they can cause cancer in the mother and the fetus. Hence, raw mushrooms while pregnant can be very dangerous for mothers and should be avoided. Always cook the mushrooms before consumption.

Inedible mushrooms

Most of the mushrooms are inedible, which means that they should not be eaten. They can be poisonous in nature and can bring harm to mothers and their babies. Hence avoid unknown mushrooms while pregnant.

Magic mushrooms

These are the mushrooms that contain a chemical called psilocybin that alters brain chemical activity. They can gravely affect the mother and the fetus. Hence avoid magic mushrooms while pregnant.

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Beneficial mushrooms while pregnant

Following are some beneficial mushrooms that are safe to take during pregnancy:

  • White button mushrooms
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Maitake mushrooms
  • Porcini mushrooms
  • Chestnut mushrooms

Processed/Frozen mushrooms

These mushrooms are safe to take as long as they are under the expiry date.

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Benefits of consuming mushrooms while pregnant

Taking the right, well-cooked mushrooms can be very healthy for you and your developing baby. Following is a list of minerals and nutrients that mushrooms have, that can be beneficial for your health:

Vitamin B

Mushrooms have a great amount of Vitamin B in them, that improves skin, digestion, and the nervous system. Moreover, they can help the body take energy from the food we consume.

The Vitamin B components in mushrooms contain Riboflavin, which helps the bones and muscles of your baby to strengthen up.

It also reduces the Fatigue that often happens during pregnancy.

Pantothenic acid in Shiitake mushrooms can help prevent digestive disorders.

Thiamine and Niacin in mushrooms strengthen the nervous system.

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Vitamin D

They are rich in Vitamin D, making mushrooms while pregnant a good source of nutrition.

It aids the absorption of calcium and promotes strong bones and teeth in your growing baby. 1 cup of Shiitake mushrooms contains 12.9 units of Vitamin D, which is rare in other foods.

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Iron is the main component of hemoglobin of blood, and mushrooms are rich in iron. During pregnancy, women should consume foods that are rich in iron.

1 cup of morel mushroom has 8 milligrams of iron, so you can prevent anemia while taking healthy mushrooms.

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Protein and Fiber

Protein is overall essential for your body. Fiber helps ease the digestive system. Mushrooms are rich in both these sources, making them even beneficial for you and your baby.


Antioxidants like selenium and ergothioneine protect your body from free radicals, thus boosting your immune system, protecting you from illnesses. It also helps in the growth of your baby.

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You’re good to go!

Now that you know the mushrooms which are healthy and the ones who are harmful, you can improve your diet.

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Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza
Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza

Medical Officer at Ammar Medical Complex, Founder at Therightparenting and Owner and Founder at OOPER with Syed Ahmad Raza

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