Sugared Water for Baby Constipation – Is it Safe? Does it Work?


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sugared water for baby constipation

Sugared water for baby constipation? Yup, you will risk trying any home remedy to make sure your baby is pooping. And is relieved of that nasty constipation!

But is sugar water for baby constipation really effective? Let’s find out about all the things that help soothe your babies’ tummy. And stuff that you should avoid!

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Tummy Troubles?

Baby’s bowels are as delicate as your tiny toy itself is! And hence any tummy trouble should be rightly taken care of. Your baby can tell you when their bowels are not okay. And when they are having pooping problems.

As you monitor each cry, laugh, hiccup, and burp to see if your baby is doing well. Hence, it is very easy for you as a parent to be mistaken about these problems. A baby’s bowel habits change regularly from time to time.

So, at some times they may go days without pooping. But that does not necessarily define constipation. So then, what is constipation in babies?

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Constipation in Babies

So, a few days have passed by since your baby last passed stool. And you may think that surely your baby has constipation. But that is not always the case.

Constipation is more than just having less frequent stools. It also points to a period when your baby has harder than normal stools. Which makes it difficult for baby boo to poop.

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Signs Your Baby is Constipated

Bowel movements vary greatly from one baby to another. They are also linked to the type of milk a baby is consuming. Whether its breast milk or formula feed. Or if you have introduced solid foods, and what type of food at what time.

Babies who are exclusively on breast milk may not have a bowel movement every single day. That is because breast milk is full of nutrients. Almost all of which are absorbed. A fun fact to remember here is that babies who are on breast milk are highly unlikely to develop constipation!

On the other hand, babies who are having formula feed may have up to 3-4 bowel movements per day. Or may go about a few days without pooping.

Keep a watch out for the following signs to see if your baby is having defecation problems.

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Not That Frequent Pooping Pattern

Infrequent pooping is one of the signs your baby has constipation. It mostly develops when you have introduced your child to a new food. And hence the number of bowel movements your baby has can fluctuate in response.

Apart from the number of times the baby poops. The consistency of the stool is also important. If the baby has passed a few days without pooping. And then passes a hard-tough stool with difficulty. That means your baby is having constipation.

Taut and Tight Tummy?

A firm belly is another indicator of your baby having constipation. Boating due to flatus and stool as well as pressure causes your baby to have a firm and taut tummy.

Straining and Crying while Pooping?

The hard, dry stool is difficult to pass. Hence your baby may be straining and exerting pressure while pooping. Most often, this causes your baby to become agitated and cry.

This straining can also tear the delicate blood vessel. And hence blood appears in the stool.

Not Eating Well?

Constipation causes your baby to become full quicker. Which is why your baby may refuse to eat normally like before.

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How to Combat constipation?

So, now we have a fair idea of how to pick up constipation in babies. The next step is, how to get rid of it? Let’s dive into some remedies.

Sugared Water for Baby Constipation

There are several home remedies when it comes to combat constipation. One of them that you may have come across is sugared water for baby constipation.

This is an age-old remedy in use for centuries to curb constipation in babies. The sugar works as an osmotic agent. That is, it helps to draw water out into the baby’s bowel. And hence soften the stools.

In the past, honey was the go-to agent. But is not recommended now in babies younger than 12 months old. Due to the risk of botulism associated with the use of honey.

Both white and brown sugar can be used. The sugar can also be added to the formula feed. But won’t be a good idea as your baby is likely to throw a tantrum when he doesn’t get sweetened formula in normal days!

Hence it is better to give sugared water for baby constipation. For this purpose, add half a teaspoon of sugar in a small amount of boiled but cooled water.

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Other Home Remedies to Curb Constipation

Apart from sugared water for baby constipation, there are a few other tried and trusted methods. As seen below.

Simple Water!

Yeah, sugared water for baby constipation is sweet. But why not try plain water first? For babies less than 6 months old, try adding 1 ounce of cooled and boiled water, at least once or twice a day.

And for babies older than 6 months, you can give 2 ounces of cooled and boiled water.

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Fruits and Fruit Juices

Fruit juices have the same effect as sugared water for baby constipation. Pear, apple, and prune juice are really effective in this matter.

But remember to dilute the juice with water. And start with lower concentration such as ¼ ounce of juice in 1 ounce of water. Then increase the strength if needed.

If you have introduced solid foods in your baby’s diet, adding fruits can help relieve constipation. Apples, pears, plums, and apricots can serve the purpose.

Exercise and Massage

Exercise really does the trick in getting the bowels moving. As babies themselves can’t do much, a parent or caregiver can facilitate. By gently moving the legs as when riding a bicycle.

This practice along with massaging the tummy helps activate the bowel movements. And have the baby pooping in no time!

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When to Consult with Your Doctor?

A lot of simple remedies are available to treat a troubled tummy at home. Including sugared water for baby constipation.

However, if there appears blood in poop. Or constipation is becoming a more persistent problem. Or if you have concerns regarding the change in your babies’ weight and growth. You should sooner, rather than later, talk to your doctor. As is in the best interest of your tiny tot!

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