Sugared Water for Baby Constipation – Is it Safe? Does it Work?

sugared water for baby constipation

Sugared water for baby constipation? Yup, you will risk trying any home remedy to make sure your baby is pooping. And is relieved of that nasty constipation! But is sugar water for baby constipation really effective? Let’s find out about all the things that help soothe your babies’ tummy. And stuff that you should avoid! […]

Broken Skin Diaper Rash In Babies – Causes and Remedies

Broken skin diaper rash

Wait. What? I am going to the bed after the so hectic and tiring day and this is what I am getting? – a broken skin diaper rash and crying spells of my baby. I never thought why my baby is restless at nights, and more often all day long. Moreover, he is distressed and […]

High and Tight Circumcision – What Should You Prefer?


You may have come across high and tight circumcision when searching up circumcision. Which made you question the practice of circumcision altogether! Circumcision is a lot more than just the simple removal of the foreskin. It is also essential in various ethnic and religious groups. So, sit back tight as we tell you about this […]

What to Give One-Year-Old for Cough? Home-Remedies or Medicines?

What to Give One-Year-Old for Cough

Colds and coughs are pretty frequent in toddlers, and many cough medicines are not suitable for them. Hence you may want to know what to give a one-year-old for cough. OTC medicines aren’t always ideal for children of this age, raising the question ‘What cough medicine can you give a 1 year old?’. Several home […]

Baby Not Walking At 13 Months – How Can You Help In The Process?

baby not walking at 13 months

Is your baby not walking at 13 months? This may seem worrisome as a parent. Because watching those cute tiny feet stumbling and exploring the house is the best feeling ever! But guess what? That is nothing to fret over. Before you get all panicky, we’d suggest you relax. As we cover all steps, or […]

12 Months Sleep Regression: A Survival Guide For Parents

12 months sleep regressionSleep regressions are expected disruptions in sleep for a baby or toddler who was previously having no problem in it. A 12 months sleep regression is one of those periods that usually happen around a child’s first birthday. These are related to developmental milestones. Your child may regress in one area of their life as [...]

4 Month Sleep Regression – How To Tackle As a Parent?

4 month sleep regression

Sleeping babies are no doubt the cutest beings on the planet! Whether it’s their mid-day nap or night time slumber, it’s surely the best time. However, you may notice a change in their sleeping habits around 4 months of age. Though this is a stressful time, you may want to delve into this article as […]

When Do Babies Start Laughing? How To Make Your Baby Laugh?

when do babies start laughingLaughter is the best medicine, they say. And what is even better than hearing your tiny bundle of joy laughing for the first time! It is, no doubt, the favorite developmental milestone that your baby achieves. By now, you might be wondering, “When do babies start laughing? “. Well, you may want to work on [...]

When Do Kids Stop Napping? What Is The Ideal Age?

when do babies stop napping

Nap times are perhaps the best times of the day. And who doesn’t like seeing their kids enjoying a wholesome sleep? But a time does come when your child may not be sleeping like before. Which leads you to the question, “When do kids stop napping?”. Well, grab a pillow as we take you onto the […]

Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn – Breathing Difficulty After Birth

transient tachypnea of the newborn

What is the transient tachypnea of the newborn? Transient tachypnea of the newborn also known as TTN is a respiratory disorder of the newborn. In this disorder, there is a temporary increase in the respiratory rate of the newborn. It usually occurs in the first hour of birth. Mostly it is a mild disorder and […]