Parents Who Bully Their Children – Are You One Of Them?

parents who bully their children

How Do Parents Bully Their Children? All parents want their children to grow up in a peaceful environment. A calm domestic atmosphere ensures the healthy development of a child’s mental faculties. But what if there are parents who bully their children and cause mental disturbance? You often hear about children bullying other children. It may […]

One Leg Longer Than The Other – Causes and Treatment

Leg length discrepancy or having one leg longer than the other is a quite common phenomenon in the pediatric and adult population. The standard discrepancy is commonly not more than 1.1 cm and it is negligible for patients but sometimes it can bring several ankle and leg problems. If a child has leg length discrepancy, […]

How to Use Ear Drops for Kids? Are you doing it right?

how to administer ear drops to kids

Ear infections and the like can cause a great amount of discomfort in your child. This distress can manifest itself in several ways; your kid might become irritable, fretful, or even straight up start wailing. Therefore, it also results in stress for parents. Doctors usually recommend ear drops for kids who have some kind of […]

One Shoulder Lower Than the Other! Facts vs Myths

Closely observing your child one day and you come across their one shoulder lower than the other? Before rushing towards your doctor in an anguish, you may want to give a quick read through this article. As we tell you what unequal level of shoulders means. And what to do about it. What Does One […]

Kid Crying with Cross – Myth Vs Reality

how to help an angry child calm down

Crying kids are your least favorite, lets admit! And of course, that headache you get from all that crying and then the efforts of consoling them. Yup, we get you!  While sometimes kids cry for no apparent reason, kid crying with cross may point out to a problem. So, let’s take a plunge into all […]

Sudden Neck Pain in Child – Causes and Solutions

sudden neck pain in child

Sudden neck pain in a child can be a troublesome issue. There is a span of things that can cause sudden neck pain in a child. It can bring a significant amount of discomfort to your child. Hence you must learn to identify the symptoms and the origins of the pain. Sudden neck pain in […]

Is Your 11 Year Old Bikini Crazy? A Guide to Your Child’s Sexual Journey

11 year old bikini

Is your 11-year-old bikini crazy? Well, this can be a surprising situation for you. If you are a mum living in “not a bikini” society, you will definitely think that this is too early. On the other hand, if you are self-empowered or self-confident yourself, then you must sense that your daughter should feel the […]

My Child Has No Friends At School – What To Do as a Parent?

child doesnt have friends at schoolThe thought that my child has no friends at school can make almost all the parents worried. As a parent, you hold an extraordinary place in your kid's social life. You are the best friend your kid can have. You keep your child in the warmth of your motherly feathers. And never want him to [...]

Child Doesn’t Want To Go To School Because of Anxiety – What To Do?

child doesnt want to go to school because of anxiety

‘School refusal’ refers to the behavior exhibited when the child doesn’t want to go to school because of anxiety. It doesn’t end up in a calm conversation between you and your kid. Instead, there is usually crying, panicking and yelling demonstrated by your child. It can happen abruptly, or can start gradually. It is usually […]

Effective Communication with Child: Are You Really Listening to Him?

effective communication with childEffective communication with your child is the key to having a healthy relationship with him/her. It involves listening well and talking to your child in a way that he listens to you. It requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and practice. Parents are often found scouring the Internet for workable strategies to talk to their [...]