Does Masturbating Stunt Your Growth? Myths and Facts You Should Know

What do you mean by masturbation?

Before answering the frequently asked question ‘Does masturbating stunt your growth?, let’s first understand what it is and people understand it. ‘So, what is masturbation? Masturbation is an act where you touch your genital organs to arouse yourself sexually. Some people use porn for this and others use imagination. Interestingly both genders can perform the act of masturbation and one can masturbate others too.

An important thing to note here is that orgasm is not always the endpoint of the masturbation.

Is masturbation a normal thing?

You must have a lot of questions about it. Whether it is normal or not and does masturbating stunt growth? The answer is simple and straight that it is a normal act and has nothing to do with stunting of growth.

Although excessive masturbation has its hazards science says it has more benefit than harm if done cautiously. Some benefits include:

  • A learning experience to know your sexual likings and dislikes.
  • Masturbating carefully can help you get better control over your orgasm and ejaculation.
  • Females can learn what helps them to achieve orgasm and what doesn’t.
  • It helps you in reducing stress, tensions, and pain. Masturbation is also seen to reduce menstrual cramps.
  • It improves the quality of sleep and enables you to have better concentration.

To summarize, masturbation is a personal choice with no serious harm if done cautiously. Some people like it and even enjoy it with their partners and others don’t.

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Does masturbating stunt your growth?

You must have heard countless myths about masturbation. Some say it causes stunting of growth while others say it causes blindness. You will even find people associating acne, insanity, and hair growth on your palms with masturbation.

Does masturbation stunt your growth and cause all this stuff that people say? The answer is no. Masturbation has no harmful effects on the body and if you are restricted to yourself the chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases are next to zero.

Testosterone, growth, and masturbation

Just to enlighten you more about the topic here is a brief discussion on how growth occurs. As the puberty hits and the body starts producing a large amount of testosterone there is a growth spurt. This testosterone is responsible for the physical changes associated with the male gender. It causes the development of muscles, hairs, and increases your height as well as the size of the external reproductive organs.

With masturbation and ejaculation, there is a slight variation in the levels of the testosterone but these levels are insignificant. Although there are some side effects of excessive masturbation there is no evidence of masturbation causing stunting of growth.

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Masturbation and sperm count

By now you have the answer to does masturbating stunt growth but you are curious to know that does it decrease the sperm count? Well, the male gender has countless sperms and it never runs out. Although frequent masturbation within a short period can reduce the number of sperms in the subsequent acts. You can regain the number with the rest of a couple of weeks.

On the other hand, there is evidence of the decrease in the sperm count when you don’t ejaculate for a long period.

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What is excessive masturbation?

Excessive masturbation is just a relative term i.e. it varies from person to person. There is no specific number or definition of excessive masturbation and it can be any number. Although masturbation has no harmful effect but doing it frequently can cause certain issues.

The main issue with excessive masturbation is soreness and swelling of the external genitals. However, it is temporary and settles on its own within a few days.

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Hazards of excessive masturbation

Everything in excess is harmful. It is true for water and it is true for masturbation as well. Excessive masturbation is the number of times you masturbate which your body can’t handle. It reflects in the form of harmful effects. Here are some harmful effects of excessive masturbation on the human body:

  • Masturbation helps you stay sexually active but if you overdo it there is a negative impact on your sexual life. It can cause premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • If your partner doesn’t like masturbation then it can harm your relationship.
  • Masturbating with a partner puts you at risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Although the risk is low, it isn’t insignificant.
  • Too much masturbation can decrease your sexual drive.
  • It is easy to get addicted to masturbation especially when you use porn. This can affect your mental health.
  • Although masturbation is full of pleasure you can get injured doing it. It is rare but it happens. It can range from scratches, cuts, and bruises which are more common to rare shaft damage.

To end the discussion of does masturbating stunt your growth, if you are careful and not doing it frequently you are getting more benefits than harm. However, too much frequency will harm in you long run!

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Masturbation During Pregnancy – Myths And Facts | The Right Parenting

Now that you know you are pregnant, you must already be dealing with loads of symptoms. And the idea of pleasing yourself amid this stormy process might sometimes not appeal to you. While many women take the plunge and do it, many others stay in a dilemma. Let us address some of your concerns regarding masturbation during pregnancy.

Is masturbation during pregnancy safe or not?

You can blame it on your hormones but the truth is, your need for masturbation during pregnancy is actually increased. But the real question you want to be answered is, whether it is safe to masturbate during pregnancy or not?

The simple answer is yes! Masturbation during pregnancy is safe if it is a low-risk pregnancy. However, there are chances of labor induction in high-risk pregnancies. If you have no serious problems with your pregnancy and your doctor is fine with your masturbation, you are good to go!

Why you have suddenly developed a need for masturbation during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a huge change in your body and you should be ready for all sorts of things. You develop weird desires, tastes, and smells. But it is all normal. Increased libido during pregnancy is one of those things. It may be your raging hormones but honestly, no one knows the real reason.

Secondly, you and your partner are more protective of the baby and avoid regular intercourse. Which may leave you with masturbation the only way to meet these increased needs.

Safe way to masturbate during pregnancy

Pregnancy doesn’t take the status of being a woman from you. Instead, it brings strange desires. You develop a liking for cheeseburgers and pickles. One such liking can be masturbation and it is completely natural.

If you are a little cautious you can enjoy your time safely. When you have a low-risk pregnancy you can masturbate as much as you want. However, don’t be rough and use sex toys safely. Just take things lightly and don’t put your ears to any myth, your baby is not going to come out.

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Benefits of Masturbation during pregnancy

Surprise! Surprise! Masturbation during pregnancy is not only safe, but it also has plenty of benefits for you as well. Let’s have a look at all these benefits that you can get from masturbation besides getting the pleasure.

It helps you release stress

If being pregnant is hectic for you and fill you with tons of stress every day. You must be looking for ways to release your stress. Probably you won’t be going to find a way better than this to shed off your daily stress and relax.

The only thing that might be holding you back is the safety of the baby. Well, your baby is completely safe and you can release your stress the way you want. You can even use sex toys you like to increase the heat.

It increases Oxytocin

Do you know what else is partying in your brain while you are having your time? It is oxytocin and it makes your mood all happy and stress-free.

We know that oxytocin also induces labor which may seem to support all the myths about the baby coming out. But the reality is far from it. However, no one has ever proved that masturbating during pregnancy induces labor.

Masturbation during pregnancy boosts immunity

Masturbating during pregnancy has been proved to increase your immune system and make it better in fighting flu and other infections. It improves the functioning of the antibodies and helps you keep your energy up.

It reminds you of the feeling that you are a woman too

You are bored with your belly bump and everyone is treating you like a pregnant lady, it can be a great way to bring back the feeling of being a woman. Even if you have become a mother, you still have a separate identity as a spicy woman and you are allowed to enjoy.

Reduces your pain

Orgasms and masturbation give a pleasing and pain-relieving effect. Due to your pregnant belly, you will be in mild pain all the time. Whether it is back pain or sciatica you can easily get rid of it by masturbating.

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It helps with morning sickness

Pregnant women do all sorts of things to minimize morning sick. Well, here is a little secret for you to cope with morning sickness in a better way. Masturbating before going to bed or early in the morning can help reduce the effects of morning sickness by a great degree.

It helps you sleep better

Masturbation not only help you sleep better but when you wake up, you feel fresh and energetic as well. All your stress is gone and you feel light as a feather. Moreover, your mood is better too.

When not to masturbate during pregnancy?

Masturbation is mostly safe throughout the pregnancy provided there are no other risks to your pregnancy. You can do as much you want without any risk of going to labor. However, you should avoid it when you have a high-risk pregnancy. As it can induce labor and premature delivery of the baby.

Here are some scenarios when you should avoid masturbation:

  • When there is a risk of miscarriage.
  • If you find any unexpected bleeding from your vagina.
  • You have broken your water i.e. the membranes have been ruptured.
  • When the pregnancy is placenta previa i.e. the placenta is attached to the lowermost part of the uterus.
  • You are showing any signs of premature labor.

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What about using sex toys?

Sex toys like vibrators and dildos are there to increase your fun and you can use them safely during pregnancy as well. However, you should use a few safety tips like;

  • Wash your toys with warm water and antiseptic.
  • Don’t go rough and penetrate deep in your vagina.
  • Make sure that you don’t penetrate hard material in your vagina.
  • Don’t masturbating with toys if you find bleeding from your vagina.

There is a safety mucus plug covering your vaginal hole. It protects anything from going deep. So you are pretty safe unless you stay superficial. Going deep or rough with a hard material can damage the placenta and induce the labor. So enjoy it but don’t go crazy!

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