How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Condoms? Where To Buy Them?

how old do you have to be to buy condoms

You may fear being judged discussing sexual health topics openly. A lot of myths surround the usage of condoms. One of the common questions that come to your mind is, “How old do you have to be to buy condoms?”. Well, look no further, as we have covered all (or almost all) of your condom […]

When Do Boobs Stop Growing? – Factors Affecting Breast Development

when do boobs stop growing

’When do your breasts stop growing?’ is a question you are guilty of asking yourself at least once in your life! It definitely is a prime concern for all girls, perhaps from the moment you first start developing breasts.   Breast development is an essential aspect of a girl’s growth and development. Your breasts undergo […]

Why Am I Having Sore Breasts After Ovulation – Is It Normal?

Sore breasts after ovulation

Sore breasts after ovulation or breast aches around ovulation are normal. Some women may feel discomfort during ovulation, ranging from minor to severe. A woman might feel pain in one or both breasts. This pain in the breast is referred to as mastalgia. It can also be a probable pregnancy symptom (we will explain it […]

What Are the Odds of Being Born

what are the odds of being born

You may have wondered this in your life: What are the odds of being born? Are they slim? Or are they great? The question of ‘What are the odds of being born’ arises in the minds of both parents, who are hoping to have a baby, or children themselves, who just want to know the […]

What Foods Destroy Testosterone?

what foods destroy testosterone

What foods destroy testosterone? You may be well aware of the carbs, fats, and proteins in your diet, but you might not know that some foods affect your hormones. Your hormones are the essence of your well-being. Be it the females’ estrogen or males’ testosterone, the food you eat has a prime role in boosting […]

Why drink milk while breastfeeding? A common concern for mothers

benefits of drinking milk while breastfeeding

I need to drink milk while breastfeeding. You say this to yourself almost every time you breastfeed your baby. The overwhelming feeling of getting an angel on your lap and the other hand, the tiring routine of feeding him all day long can create a mix up of feelingsfor you. In short, you need to […]

Mammogram while breastfeeding! What to expect?

screening mammogram while breastfeeding

Mammogram while breastfeeding: Is it safe? Mammography is a technique that uses minimal radiations to draw an image of your breasts. Since the radiations are in the minimal quantity you can get a mammogram while breastfeeding as well as during pregnancy without any risk. However, it is hard to read a mammogram of a breastfeeding […]

Smoking and Breastfeeding – Is It Safe To Breastfeed While Smoking?

smoking and breastfeeding

Do smoking and breastfeeding fit in the same sentence? Yup, you may have asked yourself this question. If you are an active smoker and wish to breastfeed your baby. Well, look no further as we answer all your queries about smoking and breastfeeding. Smoking Mums and Mums to be! It’s no surprise that approximately 10% […]

Meals After Delivery – What Foods To Eat After Childbirth?

meals after delivery

Childbirth is a process of enormous significance in human lives, and with it comes massive physical and emotional changes. “What meals should I take after my delivery?” is the question that pops up in the mind of new mothers. And this question is valid since you just went through a very painful and draining process. […]

How Long Is Maternity Leave? Duration and Privileges You Get

how long is maternity leave

How long is maternity leave? While being pregnant and working as well, you are under pressure in this amazing yet worrisome time of your life. You are thinking to keep to your working desk. On the other hand, you and your loved ones are conscious about your health and the newbie in your belly. Well, […]