Pregnancy Test With Salt – Is It Reliable?

pregnancy test with salt

At-home pregnancy test options, including a pregnancy test with salt, are widely popular on the internet. Yet, there is no supporting medical research that salt-based home pregnancy tests work. You want to know how a pregnancy test with salt would work, but why would you need this homemade test? Pregnancy is indeed the best experience […]

Parents Who Bully Their Children – Are You One Of Them?

parents who bully their children

How Do Parents Bully Their Children? All parents want their children to grow up in a peaceful environment. A calm domestic atmosphere ensures the healthy development of a child’s mental faculties. But what if there are parents who bully their children and cause mental disturbance? You often hear about children bullying other children. It may […]

Stork Bites in Newborns – Do These Birthmarks Stay Forever?


Stork bites in newborns? Nope. Neither do storks cause them, nor are they bitemarks! However, you may have noticed your neonate sporting this birthmark as you see your bundle of joy for the first time. And yup, after seeing it, you may have a lot of questions. So, let’s delve in and see what stork […]

Baby Born With Teeth Superstition – Myths and Facts You Should Know

baby born with teeth superstition

There are many superstitions in the world about babies born with teeth. Do these superstitions have any reality in them, or are they just people’s beliefs? We cannot give a satisfactory answer. However, this article will help you understand the science behind babies born with teeth superstition. Rest is up to you to believe in […]

Dollar Pregnancy Tests – Are They Reliable?


Have you missed your period? Have you been trying to conceive and anxiously waiting for the “good news”? Or did you have unprotected sex accidentally and fear you might be pregnant? Finding out if you are pregnant can be a life-changing event, and you do not want to get it wrong. Whether you are hoping […]

When Can Babies Have Pineapple? Introducing Solid Food to Baby Diet

when can babies have pineapple

Pineapples are nutritious as they look, urging you to know when babies can have pineapple so that you can feed your toddler this delicious treat. Pineapples contain high amounts of vitamin C, manganese, and essential dietary fibers. Besides, giving a variety of solid foods to your baby at the right time can be a huge […]

How To Get Your Newborn To Poop? Safe Methods And Techniques

how to make your newborn poop

How to get your newborn to poop is a frustrating question for most moms. We can imagine how concerning it can be for you as a mother to try to understand your newborn baby’s bowel habits. Bowel movements vary from baby to baby. So before you psych yourself out over your baby’s pooping habits, it’s […]

Hot Dog While Pregnant – Is It Safe To Eat?

Hot dog during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, she is conscious of the baby’s health inside her belly. She wants to know what things are safe for the baby and what to avoid during pregnancy. Eating a hotdog while pregnant is not harmful. But it is always better to avoid processed food during pregnancy. While choosing the food, […]

When Do You Start Showing In Pregnancy? All You Need To Know

when do you start showing in pregnancy

Whenever you think about pregnancy, the first question that comes to your mind is when do you start showing in pregnancy? All you can think of in pregnancy is a big protruding belly that will have a baby in it. For some women, pregnancy is a fascinating experience, and they look forward to that big […]

Newborn Grunting And Squirming While Sleeping – Is It Normal?

newborn grunting and squirming while sleeping

You must have adored seeing your baby sleeping. Sometimes, babies show weird patterns in sleeping, such as only sleeping when they are held or making odd noises while sleeping. If you have observed the latter pattern, you must be wondering why your newborn is grunting and squirming while sleeping. Is it normal? Suppose someone has […]