Pregnancy Test With Salt – Is It Reliable?

pregnancy test with salt

At-home pregnancy test options, including a pregnancy test with salt, are widely popular on the internet. Yet, there is no supporting medical research that salt-based home pregnancy tests work. You want to know how a pregnancy test with salt would work, but why would you need this homemade test? Pregnancy is indeed the best experience […]

Dollar Pregnancy Tests – Are They Reliable?


Have you missed your period? Have you been trying to conceive and anxiously waiting for the “good news”? Or did you have unprotected sex accidentally and fear you might be pregnant? Finding out if you are pregnant can be a life-changing event, and you do not want to get it wrong. Whether you are hoping […]

Hot Dog While Pregnant – Is It Safe To Eat?

Hot dog during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, she is conscious of the baby’s health inside her belly. She wants to know what things are safe for the baby and what to avoid during pregnancy. Eating a hotdog while pregnant is not harmful. But it is always better to avoid processed food during pregnancy. While choosing the food, […]

When Do You Start Showing In Pregnancy? All You Need To Know

when do you start showing in pregnancy

Whenever you think about pregnancy, the first question that comes to your mind is when do you start showing in pregnancy? All you can think of in pregnancy is a big protruding belly that will have a baby in it. For some women, pregnancy is a fascinating experience, and they look forward to that big […]

How soon after unprotected sex can I test for pregnancy?

how soon after unprotected sex can i test for pregnancy

Taking a pregnancy test can be vexing, especially if you are new to it. Women want to know if they are pregnant as soon as they suspect it. That’s why you should know how much time you should wait to get an accurate result. To help you avoid stressing yourself unnecessarily, we have put together […]

12 Week Ultrasound

12 week ultrasound

The 12 week ultrasound is a very important scan for a lot of reasons. Not only is it the dating scan, you get to know a lot of important things regarding the health of you and your baby. Plus, you also get to have cool Instagram worthy pictures to flaunt off your pregnancy announcement! So, […]

Pregnancy Morning Sickness! Remedies that can help

what helps morning sickness in first trimester

Waking up in the morning feeling sick to your stomach? You may be wondering; I didn’t have anything unusual for dinner last night. Then why do you feel like throwing up every single edible thing you just had. Before you start panicking and rushing to the hospital, you may want to read through this article. […]

Is a Lump in Armpit During Pregnancy Keeping You Awake All Night?

lump in armpit during pregnancy

It’s your 16th week, pregnant, and you get a lump in armpit during pregnancy? Up till this time, you were actually enjoying the perks of pregnancy. The return of Chivalry or letting your calories rest in peace because you don’t need to worry about getting weight? Or your hubby is doing all the household chores […]

Eating During Labor: What to Choose and What to Avoid?

eating during labor

A body undergoing a procedure as exhausting and excruciating as labor needs nutrition. Thanks to tireless researching by doctors, it is now deemed acceptable, and even essential, that a laboring mother consumes ample nutrients. In this article, we will categorically tap into the subject of eating during labor. Let’s get started. Also Read: Postpartum Depression […]

Why Do I Crave Spicy Food In Pregnancy? Is It Safe To Eat?

why do I crave spicy food

Why do I crave spicy food? Yup, you may have asked yourself this question many times throughout your pregnancy. Spicy food is definitely a go-to option when you feel like tantalizing your taste buds. But are these cravings okay? Or not? Grab a bag of flaming hot Cheetos as we guide you and your spice […]