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Before reading the right parenting website you should be familiar with our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are applied to anyone using the website and “we”, “us”, and “our” refers to the team of the right parenting website.


The right parenting website is specially designed for pregnant ladies all around the world. However, anyone who follows our terms and conditions can benefit from our website. We have dealt with various common issues regarding the daily routine of a pregnant lady. And we demand full acceptance of our terms and conditions from our users.

Changes in our terms and conditions

The state can change the health channel for its improvement at any time. And you after accepting the terms and conditions for the first time should abide by all the updates and changes.


The right parenting owns the copyrights for all the content given on the website. And as per Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), you are not allowed to copy or reproduce our content by any means. For which purpose you require permission from the website who has the right to refuse or grant this permission to anyone.


The potential audience of the website is the female adults who are going through pregnancy or will go in the future. We intend not to provide this content for teens below thirteen years of age.

Name and Logo

The name and logo of the website is the property of the right parenting and you will have no right to copy or reproduce it in any sense.

Medical Refusal

  • The right parenting website serves the informational purpose only.
  • All the information including therapy and products are for the sake of knowledge and we don’t intend you to go against your doctor’s advice.
  • We support you to take advice from recognized health personnel.
  • In case of usage of any information on therapy or product, we hold no liability.

Liability and Damage – Disclaimer

We don’t specifically enforce the use of therapy and products mentioned in our content. So in case of any loss or damage, the right parenting website holds no liability. The law permits us not to hold any liability in case of any damage or loss in any scenario including;

  • Any kind of loss resulting from the usage of therapy or product mentioned in the right parenting website (whether explained or not in the terms and conditions).
  • Loss or damage resulting from the non-availability of health services at any time.
  • Any sort of business loss including; revenue, profit or saving loss (directly or indirectly related to the website).
  • Loss due to non-availability of telecommunication services.
  • Any loss occurred to you by the negligence of any party other than the right parenting.
  • Any loss or damage caused by an event, not under the control of the right parenting.

Printing from the right parenting

You are allowed to copy or print the content of the website provided you give the proper copyright and references to the website. However, usage of the content without copyright and references are highly prohibited. And you should comply by the terms and policy of the website and ask for permission before any usage of the content.

Content Modification and Reproduction

  • Without proper permission directly from the right parenting website, you are not allowed to make any kind of changes in the content for your personal use.
  • Our authorized content on the website is just for the informational purpose and you cannot use this content on any kind of new or existing internet source.
  • The content of the right parenting is also prohibited from any kind of publication with or without modifications.
  • The only condition is in case of formal permission from the website.
  • The right parenting holds the right to give permission or refuse anyone.

Really Simple Syndication

It is the right of the website to allow you to use RSS feed or widgets on your website or other devices which we may or may not provide. And as long as you accept our terms and conditions you will be able to use these RSS feeds and widgets without any permission from the website.

Links to other or better health sites

  • The right parenting website also provides the link to other websites just for the help of the users. The links given are only to provide additional information to the audience and solve their confusions. We don’t enforce the content of those websites and hold no responsibility about the accuracy or reliability of the content.
  • The right parenting website has the right to display the links we find useful for our audience.
  • We also have the right to add, modify, or remove any links and we aren’t answered to anyone as per the law of the state.
  • You can use the link of the right parenting website only if you accept the terms and conditions of the website. However, you cannot endorse or charge any fee regarding the content of the right parenting.


You are prohibited to use any content, trademark, or logo of the right parenting or the links provided in the website in a manner which exhibits endorsement.

User content to the right parenting

  • It is the right of the website to post any content including; text, images, audios, videos and other materials provided by the users.
  • The period of stay of this content is a matter of website policy.
  • The content by the user is personal information and the website neither endorses nor holds any responsibility for it.
  • The website holds the right to examine and modify the content provided by the users but it is no obligation for the website.
  • We will not post any content which falls under these conditions:
  1. Irrelevant or incompatible content regarding the right parenting.
  2. Content with potential harm or liability.
  3. Content with foul or abusive language.
  4. Content for advertisement purpose.
  5. Content that doesn’t follow the policy of the website or state or breaches the confidentiality of anyone.
  6. Any content which website is not willing to post.
  • You should provide a real email address with your content in order for us to process your content.
  • The content should not contain any plagiarism.
  • Your content should be according to the policies and terms and conditions of the website which include;
  1. Copyright free original content.
  2. Non-abusive language
  3. No endorsement or advertisement should reflect from your content.
  4. You have the consent of the person whose personal information you have included in the content.
  • You know that the right parenting has the right to refuse or post your content and holds no obligation or liability to your content.

Personal Privacy

The right parenting ensures that your personal information is completely confidential with us as per the Information Privacy Act 2001 (Vic). For further information read our privacy policy.

Content Integrity

  • The right parenting is not responsible for uninterrupted access to the content.
  • The system of the right parenting is virus-free and has no malware or malicious intent and we hold no responsibility for it either.
  • In case of any defect in the content, the website will correct it.
  • Internet Service Provider service will expose you in case of any corruption or illegal transmission of the content.
  • You will take your own necessary precautions prior to using our website.
  • We hold no liability regarding the content of damage to your computer or device system.
  • You will not interfere with the content or working of the right parenting through any mean.

Governing law

We follow the law of the state and the state is the sole regulator of the terms and conditions of the website.

You are bound to follow the terms and conditions of the website and in case you find any term against the law the matter will be solved by the state and other terms will hold as it is.


We encourage feedback from our users and take it seriously as well. For which you can email us.

We welcome all sorts of complains, suggestions, and content which complies with the terms and conditions of the website.

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