Best Nutrition For Newborn Babies – What Do Experts Agree On?


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best nutrition for newborn babies

The result of 9 painful and agonizing months is in your hand now in the form of a cute baby. He or she is the dearest to you. You have developed the strongest and the deepest bond with your baby since the moment he or she is born. You are ready to take the best care of your baby. However, the question in your mind is what do experts agree is the best nutrition for the newborn babies.

Your baby can barely open his eyes and yet has the strongest clench around your finger. However, he resorts to crying for his needs. Luckily, you can always understand his cry and fulfill his needs. The biggest need for the newborn is a healthy diet for proper growth.

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What do experts agree is the best nutrition for newborn babies?

To summarize what experts agree is the best nutrition for newborn babies in one word; the answer is breastfeeding. Breast milk contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals your baby needs for healthy growth. However, if for some reason the mother isn’t able to breastfeed her baby there is formula feed available. It is not as beneficial as the mother’s breast milk and should not be substituted unless required.

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Here is a list of foods compiled by the experts with their beneficial role:


Science has proven that breastfeeding is parallel to none when it comes to feeding a newborn. Here is the proof:

  • Breast milk contains high protein and low sugar content which is the best diet for a growing newborn.
  • It is loaded with all the necessary minerals and vitamins required by the baby for proper growth.
  • The thick yellow milk produced during the first few days after delivery is called colostrum which contains plenty of protective immunoglobulins. It helps your baby to fight infections.
  • There is a lot less risk of getting infections in the baby on breastfeeding as compared to the ones taking formula feed.
  • Breastfeeding has shown to produce positive results in the development of the brain and hence making the baby smarter.
  • It helps the baby gain a steady weight and avoid any risk of obesity which is seen with formula feed.

Besides the baby, there are a lot of advantages of breastfeeding for the mother. These include:

  • Reducing weight gained during pregnancy at a steady rate. It helps you achieve your shape in a much faster time.
  • Breastfeeding also helps the uterus to contract and reduces blood loss.
  • It also helps the mother to develop a strong bond with and baby and a lot fewer cases of depression in mothers are seen with breastfeeding.
  • Not only baby is being protected from infections with breastfeeding mother is also being saved from a lot of diseases.
  • Breastfeeding prevents menstruation and acts as natural protection. You don’t have to use birth control or other protective methods during this period.
  • Lastly, it saves both the money and the time.

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Formula feed

For the mothers who can’t breastfeed for some reason or the mothers who choose not to breastfeed their baby various forms of formula feed are available. Companies make these feeds keeping in mind the necessities of the newborn and most of these resemble breast milk. Different companies have different vitamins and minerals added to the feed to increase the benefits.

Vitamin D enhanced formula feed which also contains added calcium for the strong bones of the baby is one such example. There is also special formula feeds for certain diets like gluten-free formula feed for the babies suffering from celiac disease.

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Here is a list of food beneficial for the babies of a younger age.


These are a good source of constant energy for the baby as they are rich in carbohydrates. It also contains fiber to avoid constipation.

Sweet potato

It provides plenty of potassium, vitamin C, and fiber and acts as an anti-oxidant.


Your baby needs protein for the growing muscles and there is no better fruit than avocados for it. It also prevents the baby from several heart diseases.


Eggs contain protein, zinc, and vitamins like A, D, E, and B12. It also helps in the smooth development of the brain. However, you should avoid eggs until the age of 12 months because of the risk of developing an allergy against it.


Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A which babies require for the development of skin and reproductive organs. A healthy amount of carrots can be among the best nutrition for newborn babies as it ensures the smooth development and growth of the baby.


Yogurt is tasty food with a lot of protein, phosphorus, and calcium which makes the bones strong. Surely, among the best nutrition for newborn babies.

Baby cereals

Nowadays cereals come for all the ages. Cereals for babies have fortified iron in them. It is necessary for the production of blood in the body. Hence, baby cereals are among the best nutrition for newborn babies.


It is rich in protein and fats which essentially is all energy for the growing baby.

Citrus fruit

It contains vitamin C and potassium. Not only does it keep the skin fresh but it also detoxifies the blood and keeps your baby healthy.

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Foods to avoid

You have seen the list for what do experts agree is the best nutrition for newborn babies but here are some foods you should avoid giving to your baby:

  • Honey contains a high content of bacteria and you should avoid it for the baby before the age of 1 year as it can cause infections like botulism.
  • Since the baby’s digestive system isn’t fully developed by the age of 1 year, you should avoid cow’s milk as it is hard to digest.
  • Similarly, you should avoid hard or dry food to your baby as these can result in constipation.

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