Why Is It Healthy To Become Pregnant Before 30?


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why is it healthy to become pregnant before 30

Should you get pregnant before 30 or after that? Look, the decision of starting a family is supposed to be entirely and exclusively yours. No one should get to suggest whether or not you are ready to be a mommy. You know what works out the best for you. You are familiar with your goals, aims, and pursuits in life. Keeping this in mind, you should always do thorough research before making a decision. A well-informed decision is the one that works for the best in the long run.

If you do want to have kids and raise a family, with or without a family, there are a few things you should know. We are going to be your companion throughout the journey. And as loyal companions, we shall tell you only what is beneficial. And we shall help you decide what is the best age to conceive and start a family. We shall be shedding light on all the important aspects and we shall try to use simple language so that you do not get confused or overwhelmed by technical or medical terms.

More Chances of Conception – Pregnant before 30

Each lady is born with a finite number of eggs or ova. These eggs are used up with menstruation. One or two eggs get shed down and wasted every month with each cycle. So, as your age increases, the number of eggs decreases. Lesser eggs mean lesser chances of getting pregnant. To keep your chances of conception high, try to get pregnant before 30.

Decreased risk of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Almost every aging person has to suffer from the vices of high blood pressure and diabetes. In pregnant women over the age of 30, these diseases are more common and more dangerous. Gestational diabetes (diabetes in pregnancy) and pre-eclampsia can be harmful if you are older than 30. Younger age groups, between 25-30, are the best for pregnancy as there are also fewer chances of placental abnormalities.

Decreased Side effects of birth control pills

Not becoming pregnant before 30 means you might have to use oral contraceptives (OCPs) for a longer period of time. The prolonged use of OCPs leads to increased chances of developing side effects. These effects include heart diseases, blood thickening, bone pains, acne, etc.

The use of intrauterine contraceptive devices is safer but keeping it inside for longer periods of time can also cause infection and inflammation. Becoming pregnant before 30 is healthy in this regard as well that you will get a break from contraceptives

Lesser Risk of Birth Defects if you become pregnant before 30

Your DNA and chromosomes make the genes of your baby. Mutations or changes keep occurring in a person’s DNA every day. With the passing number of years, these mutations become harmful. Having a kid way over 30 means putting your baby at the risk of mutated genes and congenital birth defects.

You must have heard a great deal about Down Syndrome. It is a disease caused by mutations in mommy’s DNA and the risk is higher in women over 30. Though Down Syndrome is manageable, why put your kid through a life long disability? Raising a kid with Down Syndrome is also difficult as the kid will have special needs.

Hence, it is healthier for you (and your baby) to become pregnant before 30.

Delivery with lesser complications – Pregnant before 30

Women younger than 30 have been documented to have lesser complications during their delivery. These complications include prolonged labor, shoulder dystocia, more risk of Caesarean delivery, etc.

Decreased Risk of Cancer Development

A female body goes under a monthly cycle of producing hormones and making the womb’s walls ready for the baby’s arrival. New cells are formed each month. A new batch of hormones is also released every month. When pregnancy occurs, there is a break in menstruation. Having this break before 30 decreases the risk of cancer development.

Cancers are formed because of repetitive cell growth. These cancers include endometrial cancers and ovarian cancers. Your body needs a break every now and then from this cell cycle to avoid cancer formations. Becoming pregnant before 30 is also a healthier option because starting breastfeeding at a younger age prevents the formation of breast cancer.

More energy levels and less fatigue

Becoming pregnant before 30 means you will have a baby when you still have raging amounts of energy. You shall be able to handle the stress and fatigue of pregnancy in a better way before 30.

Raising a kid before 30

Becoming pregnant before 30 means you will also be able to raise the kid more efficiently. As you will have more energy levels, running behind a toddler would be easier. When your kid is old and goes off to college, you will still be young enough to manage yourself on your own.

Easier to take career risks

When you are young and enthusiastic, you should not be afraid to take risks and explore new options. This implies that even if you have to take a break from work or your career because of childbearing, it would be okay to have a fresh start when your family situation becomes more feasible. Hence, becoming pregnant before 30 is healthier for your mental health as well.

Easier to manage the following pregnancies

If you decide to become pregnant before 30, you will still have plenty of time and energy to have more than one baby. You will be giving all babies a healthier shot at life. A two to a three-year gap between your pregnancies is reasonable and will make your life smoother and easier to manage.


In conclusion, becoming pregnant before 30 has numerous mental and physical health benefits. Not only shall you benefit from this, but your baby shall also be able to enjoy the advantages of having a mom younger than 30. Though we completely support your decision whatever that may be, it is our job to provide you with the necessary information. There is nothing wrong with having a baby at whatever age you want, but choosing a healthier option is always the best for the Greater Good.

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