Baby Looking Between Legs! What do experts say?


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Babies seemingly live in a world of their own. And yup, we may not always get what is going on in their world. Like have you ever caught a baby looking between legs? And wonder what are they up to?

Let’s have a look at what this pose is all about. And all the crazy myths that surround it!

Babies in Action!

Toddlers are full of surprises, to be honest. They may be sitting all day at one spot quiet as a mouse. And the very next day they may be marching around the whole house, possibly throwing a baby tantrum too!

There tiny world is surely a strange yet beautiful entity. And observing it is nothing but a joy to those eyes!

As you try to explore this amazing feat, you may come across your toddler doing funny and strange things. From picking their noses, to putting legit everything in their mouth. To just randomly standing and finding your baby looking between legs. It’s a cute and strange world, indeed!

What Does Baby Looking Between Legs Means?

Babies are always up to something. They have their own way of doing things that keep them busy and you entertained! Many a times you may have cone across your baby looking between legs. Ever wondered what that means?

Apart from being a cute pose where you may want to cuddle them from behind and pop in a peck or two on those cute cheek. A very interesting myth surrounds this unique baby posture.

The Old Wives Tale

Baby looking between legs does signify something according to folk lore. And you would be surprised to know that baby looking between legs means they are low-key hinting towards a baby on the way!

Absolutely bizarre but trust me, I didn’t predict this. Legend has it that baby looking between legs means they are asking for a sibling to be a part of their tiny cute world.

So, while you have no clue and may be playing hide and seek with your tot every time your baby is looking between their legs. They may be secretly and sneakily wanting a new addition to their playroom!

What Body Language Experts Have to Say

Still in shock because of this revelation? So are we! But before you actually start making room for another tot in your life and home, let us see what the experts have to say.

Legends, folk lore’s, classics or just predictions or superstitions in general. You can’t be sure to believe any of them unless science decides to back up these assumptions. And for the record we do know that there is never an ‘actual’ scientific solution to these probabilities.

Baby looking between legs: Expert’s Advice

Body language experts have some pitching in to do in this matter. It is an exquisite yet adorable baby posture.

From the eye’s perspective, we see everything upside down. That is because the lens in our eyes are convex lenses. And the process of refraction of light through these lenses causes the image of the object we look at to be inverted.

However, our brain, being the mastermind at the end of the day, has adapted to strain that raw information. And the final image we see is an upright picture.

This may be more science than we all had in our grade 8 science class! But yup that’s what it is. And the same happens with babies too.

A Babies World!

When babies are born, they see everything upside down! With the passage of time, their brains learn and adapt to flip the image so they too can see upright images of objects they observe.

What does all this have in predicting a bun in the oven, you may be asking yourself. As your toddler is learning about depth perception, you may find your baby looking between legs. And trying to explore their world.

Part of this exploration may include seeing a world with a new baby in it! Although there isn’t much evidence to support this old wives’ tale, some people have sworn by this classic tale.

At the end of the day, it’s just a belief. And you can easily debunk this superstition rather than planning to take a pregnancy test!

Other Reasons for Baby Looking Between Legs

Before jumping to the conclusion that there is a pea in your pod cause your baby thought it wad a good idea to stand on all fours. You may want to probe in the other and ‘more legit ‘causes of baby looking between legs.

Stretching Those Tiny Thighs!

It may simply mean your baby is stretching those cute tiny legs. They may be small but who says they can’t have a good old stretch!

The Baby Next Door Did the Same

Babies are like cute monkeys, imitating whatever they see! One good reason for baby looking between legs is that the neighbors baby did the same.

Dizzy Feels

Your baby may have recently discovered the sensation of feeling dizzy. So, if your toddler raised his bum in the air while standing on all fours and then got up laughing. That may be because they think feeling dizzy is a great thing to do!

Baby looking between legs! A Great Discovery?

Babies are always on the lookout to discover new things. And while these discoveries nay not be as significant as Newton coming across gravity. For your toddler, it’s a whole new level!

So, the next time you see baby looking between legs, you nay want to let them enjoy this whole new experience!

Attention Seeking?

Babies have their own special way of diverting all your attention to them. And they have every right to do so too!

Which means if baby is looking between their legs, they may be asking for you to change that smelly diaper! Or just trying to get your attention and love.

The Real Take

While some people believe that baby looking between legs means another baby is on the way. There are a lot of other more plausible reasons for this weird yet cute baby yoga pose!

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