Coronavirus In Pregnant Women – Symptoms And Precautions


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Coronavirus in pregnant women

Every day a new scary demon, in the form of a new disease, emerges and takes over the world. The chaos these new emerging diseases create spreads like wildfire. The latest deadly disease on the rise is Coronavirus. And for our readers, who are thinking about conceiving or are already pregnant, it is very important to be familiar with precautions for coronavirus in pregnant women.

Let us begin with a little information about Coronavirus.


It is a form of a virus that used to infect animals, and from the infected animals, the virus would go into human beings. It was a rare occurrence. But since 2019, the virus has started to spread from one person to another, which is causing a worldwide pandemic. The disease emerged from China and due to air travel, it is also being seen in countries all over the world. The risk in your country might be low but it is still essential to know precautions for coronavirus in pregnant women.

Disease caused by Coronavirus

Coronavirus affects your respiratory system. Your respiratory system is supposed to help you with breathing. It starts from your nose and ends in your lungs. When a person sneezes or coughs, the tiny droplets from the nose go into you and then infect your nose all the way up to your lungs. Coronavirus infection can be life-threatening, as it disables the entire respiratory system.

The risk to the baby

Coronavirus is not yet known to cross the mother’s blood into the baby’s, but scientists are still working to find out more about this superbug. Even if there are fewer chances of the bug reaching the baby in your belly, your infection causes damage to the baby as well. Only a healthy mommy can give birth to a healthy baby.

Symptoms of infections

Infection by the virus leads to sneezing, flu, cough, fever and all other symptoms of a common cold like body pains and tiredness.

Precautions for Coronavirus in pregnant women

It is important for pregnant women to know how to avoid coronavirus because they are more prone to the disease.

Reason for pregnant women having more chances of infection

When you are pregnant, your body is dealing with two human beings instead of one. Two entire living beings feed on one system. Your body has to prepare for providing protection to you as well as your baby. Your body’s immune system provides you the protection against such bugs and diseases. When this immune system is shared among two people, its protective powers decrease. That is why pregnant ladies have more chances of being infected with infections that your body would have fought easily otherwise.

Because of the high stakes here, precautions for coronavirus in pregnant women are very important. You should remember the following things.

Avoid crowded areas

During the nine months of your pregnancy, avoid places filled with people. Overcrowding leads to more chances of the spread of infection. As we told you above, the bug travels on drops that are spread in the air by coughs or sneezes. More human beings cooped up in a small place means more droplets of the bug. Do not go to concerts or conferences for the time being. Better be safe than sorry!

Use a face mask

The most important precaution for coronavirus in pregnant women is the use of a face mask! Cover the point of entry! While traveling outside or going to work, keep a face mask with you and use it diligently. We know it is impossible to leave your work just because you are pregnant. And going out once in a while for some fun is also important. Just take a face mask with you and you will be fine.

Maintain a healthy diet and take your vitamins

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is another essential precaution for coronavirus in pregnant women. You need all the nutrients you can get to strengthen your immunity. Also, do not forget to take your vitamins! These vitamins are very important as they are going to be the frontline soldiers fighting against all infections.

Wash your hands

Keeping good hand hygiene is a very important method to avoid infection. Wash your hands before eating something or after using the washroom. If you have shaken hands with multiple people at work or at a party, wash them immediately (maybe not in front of those people!) Keep a hand sanitizer with you as well. If you are sneezing or have flu, use the sanitizer before mingling with people. You do not want others to be infected from you either!

Avoiding a family member sick from coronavirus

We cannot stress this enough. As a pregnant lady, your body will suffer more from this deadly coronavirus. So, you must at all costs avoid visiting or mingling with a family member who has a known infection of coronavirus. It sounds mean but is an essential precaution for coronavirus in pregnant women.

Keep an eye on your health

Pregnancy can be very overwhelming. Some of the regular problems that happen in pregnancy can often feel like symptoms of a scary disease. So, keep a check on your health. A cough here or a sneeze there is completely fine, but if you start feeling under the weather for more than two days you need to take some action. Moreover, it is also important for breastfeeding mothers who have flu-like symptoms to learn more about the precautions they need to take.

Consult your doctor immediately

If you are feeling sick or tired or feverish, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Only a doctor can tell if your symptoms indicate a coronavirus infection or something else. These precautions are very vital because there are two lives at stake here, not one! Your doctor can save you as well as your baby.

Keep going to regular appointments

It may not sound like a precaution for coronavirus in pregnant women, but it is extremely important that you do not miss your regular antenatal appointments. Sometimes, the bug is already present in your system but you fail to realize the problems it might be causing. A doctor can pick those up by doing a thorough checkup.

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