Pregnancy Symptoms Week 40 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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pregnancy symptoms week 40

It is very amazing to see how one day; someone walks into your life and you cannot dwell upon how you ever lived without him or her. If you are looking for pregnancy symptoms week 40 then let us tell you, this is your happy due date! As you know 40 weeks pregnant means that your baby has reached his or her official deadline.

You have done all the arrangements for your baby such as a baby’s car seat, a final check for hospital bag but it is important to know about last-minute things. For example, your mobile is fully charged, and your car is properly working before you go to bed.

Pregnancy symptoms week 40 can bring a lot of extra stress, you must be constantly wondering about when the baby will make his or her entrance. Do not stress yourself, your body will give you the signal that it is the right time.

Baby at 40 weeks pregnant

Baby at 40 weeks could arrive at any moment now, but it is also possible that he or she prefers a few more days in the coziness of your body. Your baby has dropped a bit lower into your pelvis, it is very crowded in there.

Baby has shed most of his or her vernix, the skin of your little one may be getting dry in spots. If the baby has not arrived yet, then it is also okay. 30 percent of women proceed after the due date.

40 weeks old fetus

This week, the baby is as big as a watermelon. The average height of a baby is 20.2 inches with almost 7.6 pounds weight by the end of this week. If your baby is in a breech position, rump down, your doctor may try to change the position by putting firm pressure on your belly.


Once you have reached full term conception then your doctor will call you for a final biophysical profile. It includes a non-stress test as well as 40 weeks pregnant ultrasound. If the results suggest that the baby would be good on the outside than in your uterus. Your doctor may order for the labor induction process.

In this ultrasound, you will be able to see him or her snuggling peacefully inside your womb. If you do a 3D ultrasound then you might see your baby’s small features like fingernails, eyebrows, and genitals.

40 weeks pregnant belly

Your belly has stretched up to the maximum limit as the uterus covers all the space. Your stretched marks have been on your body for a long time now and hopefully, you are used to them. Aren’t you?

It is generally observed that some women develop pruritic urticarial papules, a rash, that is usually formed in the stretch marks on your belly. Your body has done a great job of housing and developing your baby in this period. Huh!

40 weeks pregnant belly pictures

Pregnancy symptoms week 40

Showing at 40 weeks of pregnancy

You may not stop touching your growing 40 weeks pregnant bump. There are chances that you are fully obsessed with the little being developing inside you. Your baby likes your touching and holding your bump, warm and fuzzy feelings can make your baby more comfortable.

Your doctor may measure your fundal height which is roughly equal to the number of weeks of your conception. And it does not influence pregnancy symptoms week 40.

Sex at 40 weeks of pregnancy

You can have sex if your doctor permits you, but do not forget about protection as it can be the reason of serious infection in your uterus. Also, try different positions to reduce the risk of harming the baby.

Labor signs

  • Contractions that lasts longer than a few minutes
  • A leak or flow of amniotic fluid
  • Diarrhea
  • Cervix dilates
  • Cramps and increased backache
  • Vaginal discharge may change color and consistency

Labor induction at pregnancy symptoms week 40

As you know, this is your last week of pregnancy, you may wonder and search for natural methods to induce labor. We can recommend some safe but not medically proven methods such as having sex and taking long walks. You can also go for acupuncture, which is safe to try.

But do not try any herbal medication or castor oil, these methods are not safe. The stimulation of nipples can cause contractions, but it can be so strong that it may put you in danger.

40 weeks pregnant what to expect

40 weeks pregnant cramps

No one can tell you the exact reason for these painful spasms in your legs. It is common in pregnancy symptoms week 40 so, when a leg cramp hits, gently move your ankle and toe backward.

40 weeks pregnant headache

Trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, a lot of anxiety about labor, pregnancy hormones, and a lot of other physical and mental changes can cause headaches, but it is completely okay. Before taking any painkiller, speak with your doctor.

Abdominal pain

Early delivery contractions can give you a feel like gastrointestinal discomfort, strong menstrual cramps, and lower abdominal pain. It frequently occurs in pregnancy symptoms week 40.

Pregnancy symptoms week 40


We can understand your troubled sleeping situation but as you do not have any working plans, you can relax as much as you can.


Do you remember about Braxton hick contractions? This week these false contractions may turn into a real one. So, keep an eye on regular contractions. If these contractions last longer than a few minutes, notify your doctor.


We know, labor can bring a lot of stress but your little one will show up at the right time so, calm down and enjoy these last moments of conception. You can always read up some good tips for being a good mom to your baby and kill your growing anxiety.

Cervical dilation or effacement

You may not feel your cervix opening and thin out. But it is happening this week.


Moms-to-be go through a lot of changes so, you may come across your breathing problem. Pregnancy hormones can dry out your nasal passage. Use a humidifier in your bedroom or sleep with nasal strips on your nose.

Precautions during 40th week of pregnancy

  • Research about safe methods for inducing labor.
  • You can also try the acupuncture method.
  • Shave your body safely this week.
  • Do a mini-workout.
  • Keep yourself busy so that you cannot make yourself worry about labor.
  • Stay relaxed.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 40

  • Plan your next visit to the doctor
  • Speak with your doctor about labor induction
  • Visit your ward and look for basic facilities
  • Prepare yourself for motherhood


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