How To Be A Good Mom – A General Guideline


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how to be a good mom

Childbirth is one of the most wonderful miracles in life. Looking at your parents you always wondered how did they manage to handle someone like you. I am sure the thought of how to be a good mom and how to raise your first child has kept you up during your pregnancy. And now that you have your own child in your arms, it is indeed making you more nervous than ever.

So, to make things easier for you here is a simple guide to help you understand motherhood in a better way.


Some moms have to go to work and manage their babies at the same time. Some moms prefer to stay at home and be a housewife. Your circumstances are different from other moms around you. You have to determine what is right for your baby. How to be a good mom is not based upon some rules given to us from the Lord.

As a mom, you decide for yourself you be a good mom. If your sister fed her baby gluten-free diet, that does not mean you have to do that as well. Read about mother-hood and do what makes the most sense to you.


When you were pregnant, you had to eat healthy foods. You had to take your vitamins and drink milk and shakes. Now that you are a mom, you have to continue that habit of healthy living. Science has proved that after pregnancy, mothers require even more calories than before.

Especially if you are feeding your baby yourself, take good care of yourself. Self-care is the key to being a good parent. Take proper meals. Ask your doctor for appropriate vitamins. Drink lots of water. Snack on healthy fruits.


Pregnancy was very hard on your mental health, we know. Pregnancy causes a lot of anxiety, stress, and emotional disturbances. These can be due to hormones as well as social reasons. You dealt with those issues bravely. Now you are a mom and you have to continue the fight.

Many moms suffer from depression after childbirth. This phenomenon is called Post-partum depression. This can cause a lot of stress to the mom and the child. To be a great mother, you have to take care of your mental health and realize what makes you happy. If you are happy, your baby shall be happy too.

Keep yourself and your baby in a nurturing and healthy environment. Avoid situations that can be toxic for your baby. Children are quite influenced by their surroundings. If the people around them are abusive, their health is directly harmed. So, keep your baby and yourself in a pool of positive energy.


If you are a single mom, you have to take care of your baby on your own. But if you have a spouse or a significant other, do not underestimate the help you can get. How to be a good mom can be better practically applied if you let the dad or spouse help too.

Let them change the baby’s diapers. If the baby is crying at night, send them to cuddle the baby too. Take turns to feed the baby. Take a nap while your significant other plays with the baby. This will benefit you in two ways. First, you will be able to rest. Second, the dads will also be able to bond with the baby.

This will help the babies develop a healthy relationship with their dads in the future as well.

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There will be a lot of people out there with free, unwanted advice to throw at you. They will tell you what they did wrong or right. Some people are out there just to mom-shame you. Do not take their criticism to heart.

Everybody has different situations to deal with as a mom. So, do listen to the advice that people have to give. But also look for answers yourself. Even if the intention is nice, some criticism can really hurt your self-esteem as a mom. To learn how to be a good mom, you also have to learn to let go of people’s opinions.


Congratulations! By being a mom, you have earned the status of a superhero! But do not forget, you are still a human being. You are a human being who has tried her best to break down this mom-thing. That is why it is okay to make mistakes. Everybody gets to make a mistake every now and then.

The important part is to learn from your mistakes. Forgive yourself and be kind to yourself. Try to repair the damage done by your mistakes. But do not let one mistake ruin your mood completely. Do not forget all the wonderful things you did right as well!


Your child’s personality show itself with time. You will realize that he or she does not like many things that you do. Also, the society also changes with time. Be prepared for that. Learn from your child’s unique traits. Adapt and change yourself accordingly.

Good moms are flexible. Rigid ladies never make good moms. Try to modify your habits and behaviors so that your child can find you cool and fun as a mom.


In conclusion, learning how to be a good mom is a life-long journey. You will keep becoming better at motherhood with time. There is no rule book on how to ace motherhood. It is something you have to struggle on your own. But you can always reach out for help.

We are here to provide you any kind of help you need. Remember, you are doing great! We as a team believe in you. Let us hope this article helped you in finding some food for thought.

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