Parents Who Bully Their Children – Are You One Of Them?

parents who bully their children

How Do Parents Bully Their Children? All parents want their children to grow up in a peaceful environment. A calm domestic atmosphere ensures the healthy development of a child’s mental faculties. But what if there are parents who bully their children and cause mental disturbance? You often hear about children bullying other children. It may […]

Effective Communication with Child: Are You Really Listening to Him?

effective communication with childEffective communication with your child is the key to having a healthy relationship with him/her. It involves listening well and talking to your child in a way that he listens to you. It requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and practice. Parents are often found scouring the Internet for workable strategies to talk to their [...]

Fourteen Things Every Child Should Learn Before They Turn 10

Are you confused about what your child should learn other than reading and writing? Can’t you figure out the skills he/she needs to master? Don’t worry. We have it all sorted out for you. Every parent wants his/her child to be a self-sufficient and functional adult. The habits that a child acquires in an early […]

Things Kids Want From Their Parents – Are You Paying Attention?

things kids want from their parents

Raising kids is not a task that can be dragged along effortlessly because there are many things kids want from their parents. It is a matter that must be handled with care and delicacy. Parents must have proper knowledge of what is expected of them from their children. Your kids’ basic needs being not fulfilled […]

How to Overcome Communication Gap in Family?

how to overcome communication gap in familyThe communication gap in a family is, by far, one of the biggest hurdles that come in the way of right parenting because no matter what you believe, communication is always the key to relationships, whether it is with your partner or your children. Hence it is very important to have an understanding of how [...]

Fun Things To Do With Toddlers? Indoor And Outdoor Activities

fun things to do with toddlers

Your bond with your baby starts from the moment you conceive your bundle of joy. As your child grows older, you will always be on your toes trying to find activities to keep them busy. These activities not only keep your child preoccupied but also serve to strengthen your bond with them. Well sit back […]

Can’t Decide on Primary School for Your Child? What Should You Do?

cant decide on primary school

Worried about your child’s schooling, aren’t you? Don’t panic. Almost every parent has to face this frustrating situation where they can’t decide on a primary school for their child. As you know, children spend a substantial time of their day at school. Schooling plays a significant role in the development of your child’s personality. Most […]

What To Teach a 5 Year Old? Useful Tips and Tricks

what to teach a 5 year old kid

Has your child just turned five? Do you often find yourself fretting about your child’s development? Are you worried about what to teach a 5-year-old? Are there pieces of conflicting advice pouring in from everywhere but you don’t know what to do? Parenting is not a piece of cake but we’ll try to make it […]

How To Teach Your Kid About Bad Touch?

how to teach your kid about bad touchWe all want our kids to be safe from sexual harassment or abuse. But have you ever, as a parent, thought of telling your kid stories? Well, most of the parents do. But, many of you haven't thought of telling a unique story to your kid having the hidden lesson to teach your kid about [...]

How To Save Your Child From a Bad Home Environment?

The most important element in the parenting of a child is an ideal home environment, where your child can nourish and flourish. Children’s home or the place they grow up in have drastic effects on their mental health as well as their outlook on life in the years to come. A bad  home environment, hence, [...]