Fun Things To Do With Toddlers? Indoor And Outdoor Activities


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fun things to do with toddlers

Your bond with your baby starts from the moment you conceive your bundle of joy. As your child grows older, you will always be on your toes trying to find activities to keep them busy. These activities not only keep your child preoccupied but also serve to strengthen your bond with them. Well sit back and enjoy as we keep you covered with all the fun things you can do with toddlers.

Fun Things To Do With Toddlers: Where To Start?

There is a wide range of fun things to do with toddlers that you can indulge yourself and your toddler in. These include indoor as well as outdoor sports.

With toddlers, the activities should be age-appropriate, with the main focus being them having a good time. You may want them to be a part of an interesting activity in which they lead whereas you watch and follow them.

Fun Things To Do With Toddlers: Indoor Activities.

Stuck with your toddler inside with nothing to do? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with a ton of fun things to do with toddlers!

Indoor activities are a cool way to spend time especially in winters or when the weather isn’t warm enough to take your toddler outside. They are also the best solution to a boring rainy day.

Here is a round-up of some exciting things that you can do with your little one:

Playing Hide And Seek

This is an all-time favorite game among children. While it can be played outside as well, it’s safer for toddlers inside.

Making A Cardboard Box Fort

This is an easy and inexpensive way to make use of some old cardboard boxes that may be lying in the garage. You and your kids will surely kids will love playing this royal retreat.

A Small Obstacle Course

Grab a stack of pillows, boxes, and some toys and arrange them in a mini obstacle course. This will surely keep the athlete inside your toddlers happy and on his own for a while.

Playing Dress Up

This is a cult favorite game for baby girls but obviously, boys are no exception. It’s also the best time to make use of those old clothes and shoes you have in the storeroom.

Scavenger Hunt

Jam-packed with adventure, mystery, and excitement, this is a great time pass for you and your toddler especially if you have older children too to provide company. As it is said, “The more the merrier”. Indeed, one of the most fun things to do with toddlers

Music Fiesta

Dress yourself and your toddler in funky, sparkly clothes, put on their favorite music, turn on some flashy lights, and let your toddler groove to the tunes!

Tea Party

Like dress-up parties, this is another all-time favorite game of baby girls. With all the stuffed toys in place, sip a cup of tea at this fun-filled tea party.

Puppet Show

Grab an old pair of socks, put on some goggles eyes, and action!

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It’s Kitchen Time! List of fun things to do with toddlers

Looking for fun things to do with toddlers plus filling your tummy too? These fun-filled snacks are the next level thing to do for you and your toddler to munch on.

Edible Painting

All you need is whipped cream and some food coloring. Not only is this a great idea to spend time with your little one but is also a great way for your baby to learn about different colors.

Decorating Cupcakes

This is a treat for everyone’s sweet tooth. Make a fresh batch of cupcakes or get ones from the store. Then your toddler can decorate them with sprinkles, chocolate chips, candies, or even frosting.

Experimenting With Edible Clay

Apart from munching on this delight, your toddler can also make cool shapes using a cookie cutter.

Meal Prep

You can prepare meals for the next day or even prep for lunch or dinner with your toddler with you. It’s an easy way to keep them occupied and their tummy filled too!

Baking Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? And your toddler is no exception. You can bake and decorate any of your child’s favorite batches of cookies. Your tummies will be thanking you later.

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Fun Things To Do With Toddlers: Outdoor Activities

Ran out of ideas for having fun indoors? No problem at all. Sit back and enjoy as we have sorted out some exciting activities that you and your toddler can do underneath the sky!

Kiddie Pool

Is the summer sunbathing your toddler too much? Grab their swimsuits and let them have fun in the kiddie pool.

Jumping In The Sprinkler

It is another popular summertime activity. And it’s good for everyone, even the grass!

Feeding The Birds

All you need is some bird feed and you’re ready to go.

Playing Hopscotch

This is another easy and inexpensive way to have fun with your baby. Just grab a pebble and color chalks and the sidewalk is all yours.

Freeze Tag

This may be the best time for you to teach your toddler how to play this game.

Building Sandcastles

This can be conveniently done in the sandbox at your home or in the park if not at the beach.

Chasing Butterflies And Bugs

Toddlers are super curious about moving insects and will be out and about chasing butterflies and ladybugs.

Collecting Pebbles And Leaves

This is an interesting activity to keep your child busy. You can compare and match the collectibles at the end of your hunt.

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Fun Things To Do With Toddlers: What Did We Learn Today?

Kids deserve having a good time as much as we adults do. And guess what? In making sure they are having fun, so can you! There are a ton of activities to choose from, including both indoor and outdoor sports.

Not only are these games a great way of keeping your toddler busy and occupied, but they are also a means of your bonding better with them. It’s a great learning experience for them and seeing your child happy means you’re happy too. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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