Kid Crying with Cross – Myth Vs Reality


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how to help an angry child calm down

Crying kids are your least favorite, lets admit! And of course, that headache you get from all that crying and then the efforts of consoling them. Yup, we get you!  While sometimes kids cry for no apparent reason, kid crying with cross may point out to a problem.

So, let’s take a plunge into all the causes of your kid crying when cross. And how to tackle it!

Crying Kids?

Kids cry for a lot of reasons. And these reasons vary among children of different age groups. This crying is surely not your most awaited part of the day. But the good news is, kids cry lesser as they grow older.

So, like other aspects of a child’s life that changes with age and development. Crying also makes its spot on the list. Clearly you wouldn’t see your 10-year-old whining the same way as your toddler is!

Which means different aged kids have different reasons to cry. And hence the reason your toddler crying when irritable is a different phenomenon. As compared to your 5- year kid crying with cross.

What Causes Your Kids to Cry?

There are countless reasons why your kid maybe crying. From getting a boo boo, to not getting their favorite toy. Or just not having enough of your attention.

Literally, anything and everything can set those tears into motion! So, lets delve into the major events that cause your kid being all weepy and sad. And what you can do about it!

Aches and Boo boos!

Crash landing into the ground from a slide or teeter totter? Or exploring the house and bumping over a few steps of the staircase?

Growing is all about learning and curiosity. And that definitely means frequent runs to the first aid box, band aids and treats to forget the ouches too!

When your kid is crying with cross, the first thing you should do is run a quick check to see if they are physically okay. In case of any graze or bruise, you know how to stop those water works!

Sleep and Weep?

Dealing with a too fussy child? One major reason for a kid crying with cross maybe lack of sleep. Or a disturbed sleep pattern.

Often growing children have troubles with nightmares or wetting their beds at night. These problems along with any health issue can present as trouble catching up on their snooze! And well with that, comes an irritated child likely to be weeping when given a chance.

Empty Tummy?

Fussy child giving you a hard time? Maybe it’s a hungry tummy making all that noise. Give a snack, or go in for a wholesome meal!

Health Concerns

Every kid has days when they feel frustrated. And may throw a tantrum every now and then. However, if you notice your child being inconsolable than usual, you may want to check in with your doctor.

This is because although a usual cold and flu, or fever do negatively impact a child’s emotions. A hard to control or console child may mean you’re up against a fight. With germs, of course!

Some common problems you may encounter include

  • An upset stomach or other tummy troubles, such as constipation
  • Ear ache or discharge from the ear
  • Running a high fever, with flu or a blocked nose
  • A sore throat, with cough or trouble swallowing

If you have successfully ticked off these problems from the list. You may still want to talk to your doctor if your kid is crying with cross. And you can’t figure out the exact reason why.

Emotions All Over!

Everyone has bad days. And your kid is no exception! One major reason for kids crying with cross can be a sudden outburst of frustration.

As a parent, its important for you to remember that its okay for your kids to have their emotions all over the place!

So be it mood swings, fussiness or agitation from any cause. You should be there to understand them. And help them nip the evil in the bud!

Kid Crying with Cross- What Are the Red Flags?

Sure, your kid losing their cool and flying into a temper isn’t what you want on a nice sunny morning. Maybe it’s the last thing needed. But ever wonder why your kid is crying with cross?

If your kid has a habit of throwing a fit and losing control of those water works. It may be a warning signal for something concerning.

Not Getting Along?

Before you take any step forward, you may want to look back at your own place. Often homes with family issues take a toll on the child’s mental health.

While this may seem hard for you to believe, it is actually true. Kid crying with cross may mean the child is dealing with emotional trauma from watching their parents fight all the time.

Sexual Abuse!

It’s a pretty taboo topic to talk on. But it deserves all your time and attention.

Often kids who have faced sexual harassment of any form. Be it at home, school, a park or playground or day-care center. May show signs of distress, including a kid crying with cross!

This may be the right time to take your child into confidence. And help them eliminate any mental trauma and emotional disturbances. If this turns out to be a cause of stress and sobbing.

Are You the Reason?

As parents, no one is a better well wisher for your children than you are. But what if you are the reason your kid is crying with cross?

A shocking revelation! But it can be true too. Often parents with more than one child do tend to pick out favorites.

While this isn’t much of an issue, lack of proper attention and care develops a feeling of insecurity in the affected child. This often is the major cause of depression in teens and young adults.

Crying Kids and The Bottom Line?

With so many reasons figured out, there still maybe something else that is bothering your child. And there is no shame in taking help if you feel consoling your child is getting a bit harder.

Talk to a child psychiatrist or therapist if needed. A happy child definitely means a happy you!






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