Can’t Decide on Primary School for Your Child? What Should You Do?


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cant decide on primary school

Worried about your child’s schooling, aren’t you? Don’t panic. Almost every parent has to face this frustrating situation where they can’t decide on a primary school for their child.

As you know, children spend a substantial time of their day at school. Schooling plays a significant role in the development of your child’s personality. Most importantly, primary education shapes your child’s character, habits, and career. So, you have to look for the right environment that facilitates your child’s learning capabilities effectively.

Anyways, there is no need to worry if you can’t decide on a primary school for your child. This article will give you an insight into which school you should choose for your child and why. After going through this article, you will feel confident enough to make the right choice. So, let’s jump into it.

Reasons why you can’t decide on primary school for your child

Choosing a primary school for your child is the second most important decision that you have to make as a parent. The first one is, of course, to bring him/her into this world. It is normal to get anxious about this matter.

After all, it is a tough decision to make. The habits your child develops during his primary schooling go with him for the rest of his life. Seeing education as being only about achieving good grades would be a terrible mistake on your part.

Moreover, it is your responsibility to provide your child with an environment that suits his interests and enables him to enhance his capabilities. In short, your child’s whole career depends on your decision. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being frustrated if you can’t decide on a primary school for your child.

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Seven things you should look for while selecting the first school for your child

Several factors affect your choice of primary school for your child. For instance, religion and culture are the two factors that have a substantial impact on your decision. Furthermore, class size, coeducation, school fees, and community engagement also play a part in your choice.

However, if you can’t decide on a primary school for your child, you should consider the following seven things.

1.      Understanding Your Child

The first step in choosing the right school for your child is to understand what kind of student your child is. Does your child need special attention? Is your child a slow learner?

Which kind of environment is more suitable for his success? Is the school culture compatible with your child’s strengths and abilities?

Apart from that, if your child has a physical or psychological problem, does the school offer any special programs in this regard? And finally, which school do your child’s friends go to? Once you have understood your child’s interests and weaknesses, you will find it easier to make a decision.

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2.      Principal Values of The School

The next thing you should research is the core values of the school. Pay visits to all the schools on your list and meet the founders. Understand what their motto is. Do they believe in academic performance only or aim to educate their children along with their social and physical development?

Furthermore, you should see if the school has a modern infrastructure. Also, you need to know if the management is transparent and cooperative. Moreover, you have to ensure if the school has proper playgrounds and tidy classrooms.

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3.      Committed and Effective Teaching Staff

The teacher-student relationship is the key to a prosperous education system. When you visit a school, ask the teachers about their qualifications and experience. Moreover, you need to know if the teachers are dedicated and responsible.

Also, you should see if the school has a full-time psychologist to deal with depressed children. Furthermore, ask the parents whose children are already studying over there for their opinion. Try to get to know the teaching methodology of the school.

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4.      Competitive Atmosphere

Another critical factor that you should consider is a nourishing environment. Schools that facilitate creativity and innovation are most likely to produce future leaders. You should see if the teachers promote competence among the children.

Not just that, you should also probe into the educational background of the faculty. A competitive atmosphere will encourage and stimulate the children to give better results. As a result, they will perform better in their studies.

5.      Extracurricular Activities

The physical and mental well-being of the students is necessary for better learning. You should ensure that the school has a full-time physical trainer who takes care of the children’s health.

Additionally, the school management must conduct extracurricular activities regularly. These sports activities foster an environment of tolerance and healthy mutual interactions. Also, the administration should support the children who have the potential to be good sportsmen.

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6.      Parent-Teacher Engagement

Smooth communication between the teachers and parents is suitable for your child. Schools that conduct regular parent-teacher meetings should be your priority. As parents, you should keep yourself well-informed about your child’s activities.

Furthermore, parent-teacher meetings keep you aware of your child’s academic performance. If your child gets off the right track, you will know it. Thus, smooth communication is necessary for your child’s well-being.

7.      Academic Performance

At last, you should check the previous academic scores of the school. Excellent scores are an indicator of effective and quality coaching. They tell you about the ranking of the school.

Compare these scores with scores from other schools in the area. If they are better than the others, you should opt for that school. Otherwise, it would be best if you looked for a better option.

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Your child’s career depends on his primary schooling. This article is based upon recommendations and experiences of parents worldwide. If you still can’t decide on a primary school for your child, consider consulting a counseling agency.

Simply put, choosing your child’s first school can be vexing. But this is something that happens to all parents. After all, schooling shapes the career and character of your child. Be careful about making the right choice.


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