When Do Boobs Stop Growing? – Factors Affecting Breast Development

when do boobs stop growing

’When do your breasts stop growing?’ is a question you are guilty of asking yourself at least once in your life! It definitely is a prime concern for all girls, perhaps from the moment you first start developing breasts.   Breast development is an essential aspect of a girl’s growth and development. Your breasts undergo […]

Hot Dog While Pregnant – Is It Safe To Eat?

Hot dog during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, she is conscious of the baby’s health inside her belly. She wants to know what things are safe for the baby and what to avoid during pregnancy. Eating a hotdog while pregnant is not harmful. But it is always better to avoid processed food during pregnancy. While choosing the food, […]

When Do You Start Showing In Pregnancy? All You Need To Know

when do you start showing in pregnancy

Whenever you think about pregnancy, the first question that comes to your mind is when do you start showing in pregnancy? All you can think of in pregnancy is a big protruding belly that will have a baby in it. For some women, pregnancy is a fascinating experience, and they look forward to that big […]

Why Am I Having Sore Breasts After Ovulation – Is It Normal?

Sore breasts after ovulation

Sore breasts after ovulation or breast aches around ovulation are normal. Some women may feel discomfort during ovulation, ranging from minor to severe. A woman might feel pain in one or both breasts. This pain in the breast is referred to as mastalgia. It can also be a probable pregnancy symptom (we will explain it […]

Mammogram while breastfeeding! What to expect?

screening mammogram while breastfeeding

Mammogram while breastfeeding: Is it safe? Mammography is a technique that uses minimal radiations to draw an image of your breasts. Since the radiations are in the minimal quantity you can get a mammogram while breastfeeding as well as during pregnancy without any risk. However, it is hard to read a mammogram of a breastfeeding […]

Smoking and Breastfeeding – Is It Safe To Breastfeed While Smoking?

smoking and breastfeeding

Do smoking and breastfeeding fit in the same sentence? Yup, you may have asked yourself this question. If you are an active smoker and wish to breastfeed your baby. Well, look no further as we answer all your queries about smoking and breastfeeding. Smoking Mums and Mums to be! It’s no surprise that approximately 10% […]

Is a Lump in Armpit During Pregnancy Keeping You Awake All Night?

lump in armpit during pregnancy

It’s your 16th week, pregnant, and you get a lump in armpit during pregnancy? Up till this time, you were actually enjoying the perks of pregnancy. The return of Chivalry or letting your calories rest in peace because you don’t need to worry about getting weight? Or your hubby is doing all the household chores […]

Spotting During Ovulation – Answers to All Questions!

spotting during ovulation

Do you sometimes notice brown spots on your underwear around the middle of your cycle? Are you concerned about the vaginal bleeding about 2 weeks after your period?  Do you find yourself wondering “Oh, why have I got my period so early?” But does it disappear soon and you have your period 2 weeks later […]

Does Masturbating Stunt Your Growth? Myths and Facts You Should Know

Does masturbating stunt your growth

What do you mean by masturbation? Before answering the frequently asked question ‘Does masturbating stunt your growth?, let’s first understand what it is and people understand it. ‘So, what is masturbation? Masturbation is an act where you touch your genital organs to arouse yourself sexually. Some people use porn for this and others use imagination. […]

Postpartum Depression And Psychosis – Bad Mood After Childbirth

Postpartum depression and psychosis

The gift of welcoming a new life into this world is an overwhelming, wonderful, and amazing journey. From tears of joy, love, and happiness to tears of sorrow and despair, this emotional roller-coaster does not necessarily come to a halt once you’ve delivered your baby. Sometimes, it culminates in postpartum depression and psychosis. Often after […]