Pregnancy Symptoms Week 39 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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pregnancy symptoms week 39

Will it be today? Tomorrow? Or next week? The common duration of pregnancy is almost 40 weeks but most of the women go into labor before or after their due date. That means, while looking for pregnancy symptoms week 39, delivery can be any time now.

Your baby has reached the full term now. Yay! We can understand your discomfort and impatience as many moms-to-be go through in the last days of pregnancy. But it is a natural way of getting ready for labor both mentally and physically.

Do you remember how scared you used to be about childbirth? But now as you are experiencing the pregnancy symptoms week 39, you do not care about it anymore. You are just thinking to hold your baby in your arms, whatever it takes now. whoa!

Baby at 39 weeks pregnant

This week, your baby is in his or her full term, the size and weight of your baby will be constant until birth. There is not much room inside your uterus for the baby to move around. So, if you are feeling any changes in movements of your little one, this is probably why.

Although your baby is reaching a peak in development, still some internal growth of lungs and brain is taking place to make sure that the baby is well prepared to survive in the outside world.

39 weeks old fetus

The average size of the baby at 39 weeks can be compared with the pumpkin. Your baby will gain almost 7.3 pounds along with 20 inches height by the end of this week. Your baby’s skin has turned white, but it will be pink again right after birth.

39 weeks pregnant belly

As you know, labor can be anytime now, your belly has stretched up to its maximum extent. You may have noticed more visible stretch marks as your skin is expanding to keep your extended womb. It is generally observed that many women get itchy rashes, known as pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of conception. Speak with your doctor and follow your doctor’s recommendations.

When pregnancy symptoms week 39 occur, the countdown has really begun for delivery. The end of your pregnancy is in sight and the new beginning ahead.

Your uterus has expanded during your conception period, but it will revert to its normal size after delivery in 5 to 6 weeks.

39 weeks pregnant belly picture

Pregnancy symptoms week 39


At this prenatal appointment, your doctor can order a non-stress test along with 39 weeks pregnant ultrasound. You will come to know that your baby is flexing his or her limbs as well as fingernails are also developing rapidly.

Baby’s position is probably cephalic, head-down, which means your little one is ready to make a grand entrance. Now, there is nothing much left to do except prenatal appointments, waiting for your peanut, keeping yourself busy in small tasks. If everything is done, it’s great. But if not, then it’s not a big deal, try to complete your final preparations.

Showing at 39 weeks of pregnancy

Many pregnant women have a big 39 weeks pregnant bump but if you have a bit smaller then it is also okay. The size of the bump has nothing to do with your baby’s health. It is very hard to move around with this big belly, say thanks to your baby’s weight as well as your growing belly. Try to walk slowly and carefully. Save your energy by getting a short nap during the daytime.

Sex during pregnancy symptoms week 39

Healthy sex life is completely okay if your doctor has not pointed out any complications in your conception. But complications in your pregnancy symptoms week 39 might increase if you do not care about protection during sex.

But sometimes it is hard to have sex with the protruding belly and your breasts are also tender now.

Inducing labor in pregnancy symptoms week 39

Now, when you are in the last weeks of pregnancy and ready to give birth, you may wonder how to induce birth naturally at home. Sipping castor oil and taking homemade remedies are not safe to try. There are few methods that are not scientifically proven but these methods are safe and may work for you.

1.           Walking

Grab your sneakers and go for a long walk. Some experts think that gravity will push your baby down on to your cervix and the pressure will induce labor.

2.           Acupuncture

This is not proven but this ancient practice of having sex during the last days of pregnancy can naturally induce labor. Some people believe that orgasm can help you bring contractions as it regulates your blood flow. It is not hurting you in any way so, give it a try!

39 weeks pregnant what to expect

Braxton hick contractions

These are common contractions that may occur many times, but it only lasts for a few moments. These contractions are considered as false labor contractions, the body’s way to practice labor that is just around the corner.


A mild 39 weeks pregnant headache may be due to tiredness and slight dehydration. But if it is severe such as you are feeling flashing lights then do not wait, call your doctor right away.

Stomach pain 39 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy symptoms week 39 include a lot of practice contractions, but if these contractions are painful then it is the big deal. Pains in your lower sides of the stomach are mostly caused by your expanding womb.

Lightning crotch

As your little one is very low in your pelvic chamber, his or her movements can hit your sensitive nerves and gives you a sharp pain. Yowch!

Pelvic pressure

As your baby is getting into position for delivery day, he or she is sitting very low that your lower rump feels very heavy and agonizing.

Pregnancy transformations

Heartburn and indigestion

You may have heartburn at its crest, but relief is just around the corner, after the childbirth. So, till that, drink a lot of water before and after meals instead of during the meals.

Water breaking

Another important sign that is common in pregnancy symptoms week 39. Your amniotic pouch breaks, water broke,  call your doctor as soon as possible.


Your back is hurting all the time as you are counting the final days of your conception. You can help yourself by taking a warm shower.


As you are carrying a lot of extra weight, it is expected that your center of gravity will change. Your discomfort will be increased due to a big belly as well as tender breasts. You should wear comfy clothes and comfortable bras.

Precautions during 39th week of pregnancy

  • Consider reflexology to induce labor.
  • Try an at-home facial, it will boost your skin tone.
  • Eating during labor can boost up your energy.
  • Take a catnap during the day as your body working very hard.
  • Breech baby? Try some specific exercises to bring your baby in a head-down position.
  • Try physical therapy tricks.

Checklist – pregnancy symptoms week 39

  • Plan your next visit
  • Research about what happens during labor
  • Plan your meals after delivery
  • Sign up for more interesting information about motherhood


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