Pregnancy Symptoms Week 33 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 33

We have been discussing with you, pregnancy transformation and pregnancy symptoms week by week. Reaching the mark of 33 weeks and completing the pregnancy week 32 feels like a milestone that has been unlocked by you! We would like to congratulate you on being so brave until this point. Learning about pregnancy symptoms week 33 might get overwhelming, so we want you to first take a deep breath and appreciate yourself for the journey you have covered so far.

Baby at 33 weeks is a tiny and naughty human. He or she has his or her own immune system to ward off infections. He or she can hear voices, can detect light, has a proper REM sleep cycle and drinks and urinates the amniotic fluid. (Sounds disgusting but that normal drinking and pissing are very important for the baby’s development!) With the emergence of this tiny human, comes to the scary pregnancy symptoms week 33.

Pregnancy symptoms week 33: what to expect?

Given that you are almost halfway through your third trimester, this is the time for you to prepare yourself for the baby’s imminent arrival! We want you to be vigilant at all times!


There is absolutely nothing more important than a 33 weeks pregnant ultrasound. It is extremely necessary to know the position of your baby. Is he or she breach or normal? If he or she is breech, that is his or her buttocks are near the birth canal, should you wait for him or her to turn around on his or her own or should you get an intervention done? Are your baby drinking and pooping enough water i.e. is there adequate fluid in your baby sac?

All these questions can be answered by an ultrasound. After getting your sonogram done, take it to your OB/GYN and figure out the further plan of action.


You should not brush 33 weeks pregnant cramping under the rug, thinking it is one of the old regular cramps. Pregnancy symptoms week 33 can be an indicator of your baby’s arrival. So, if you feel contractions and cramps coming and going in a regular pattern, immediately report to the hospital.

You must have heard the term of Braxton-Hicks contraction. It is also called false labor. It involves cramping which is not indicative of labor. These contractions will come and go in an irregular pattern and will go away on walking or busying yourself in some task. But it is always wise to check in with your doctor for cramping at this stage. Even if it is premature labor, your doctor will know how to stop it.


Learn it as a rule of thumb. Showing or leaking at this stage means you have to report urgently to the hospital. Be at your toes regarding this. If you pass the mucus plug along with blood or you feel a gush of clear fluid passing out through your vagina, it is time to let the doctor know. Leaking of amniotic fluid can be differentiated from urination or other discharges by a lack of smell and its clear consistency.

Having a gush of fluid being passed out can be dangerous for the baby as this will lead to less fluid in the sac for the baby to develop proper lungs. So, rush to the ER immediately if that happens.

Swollen feet

Swollen feet are no surprise, right? You must be used to them by now. But the warning sign here is that your feet will get worse at this stage. Pregnancy symptoms week 33 involve a very increased pressure by your baby on the veins of your legs. This compresses the veins shut and leads to swelling of feet. You can use swimming, hot compresses, leg elevation and massages to relieve the swelling. If the swelling starts involving your face as well, check-in with your doctor.

Bathroom trips!

Pregnancy symptoms week 33 mean more than usual trips to the good, old bathroom! You will feel the urge to pee after every 15 to 30 minutes. This happens because your 33 weeks pregnant bump puts a lot of pressure on your tiny bladder, using it as a squeeze toy!

This can be extremely annoying at night when dying is preferred over getting out of bed. To reduce the number of nighttime bathroom trips, you can ensure that you pee before you tuck yourself in. Use warm milk at least 3 to 4 hours before sleeping. Avoid water or fluids right before going to bed. The red flag here is the presence of frothy urine. That means proteins are leaking out. Time to go to your doctor.

Precautions during 33 weeks of pregnancy

Keep the following checklist ready and at your disposal at all times now. Write down the points on a sticky note and place it on your work desk or your cell phone or whatever gadget you use daily.


Increase your calcium intake. If milk does not sit well with you, have cheese or yogurt. Your bones and your baby’s bones need it.


If your nails and hair are brittle, it is time to take in biotin.


Do not give up on your daily dose of exercise. It is very hard to find the energy to get out of bed and go on a walk, but trust us on this. This will help your mood and will increase your energy levels.

Labor pains

Regular, rhythmic contractions that keep coming and going might mean you are in labor. Rush to the ER.

Showing/Fluid gush

Keep an eye on your panties. Any mucus or bloody discharge or wetness due to fluid gush means it is time to check in with the OB/GYN.

Lamaze and Breast-feeding classes

Start preparing yourself for the big show because practice is everything! Lamaze classes will help you to ease the process of labor and will mentally prepare you for it. Breast milk is going to be your baby’s life elixir, that is why you should register for some breastfeeding classes.

Doula/Hospital Booking

You must have a doula ready at your home if you are planning on home birth. If not, your hospital booking card should be made by now with all your records.


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