Pregnancy Symptoms Week 30 – Week By Week Pregnancy


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Pregnancy symptoms week 30

No one can understand life unless it grows inside you. As you are passing through pregnancy symptoms week 30, growing belly is a clue that the baby is growing very quickly every day. This week of your conception comes along with a lot of discomforts but only 10 weeks left to meet with your little one. Isn’t exciting?

Your growing belly is not just causing trouble sleeping but also become a conversational piece wherever you go. It is not always a pleasure to listen to comments on your body shape. Sometimes people do not care about what they are saying; it can be embarrassing but do not take it seriously. We can understand the situation but think about your glowing skin!

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Baby at 30 weeks of pregnancy

Your baby is growing about half a pound and half-inch every week. Baby’s size is about a cabbage, 30 weeks old fetus measures around 15.7 inches long and weighs about 2.9 pounds by the end of this week.

Baby’s brain starts making wrinkles, convolutions so that it can hold more brain cells. Hands of your baby are fully formed with soft little nails. Aww! That’s cute.

30 weeks pregnant belly

As your pregnancy proceeds, the belly is getting hard and tight. Healthy weight gain is about 18 to 25 pounds but fluctuations are expected. But 25 to 40 pounds is recommended for weight gain in women pregnant with twins.

Are you feeling stressed about weight gain? This is going to be worth it so, do not agonize over it or to rush to put it off. Baby at 30 weeks is still floating in your womb, off course in amniotic fluid.

Sudden weight gain could be a sign of pregnancy complication called preeclampsia, notify your doctor about it as soon as possible.

Show at 30 weeks

Look at your 30 weeks pregnant bump. Wow! If you are pregnant with your first child, it must be an exciting and joyful moment. You may have a smaller bump than others who are pregnant with twins or having the second baby. But there is no need to compare yourself with others as every woman experiences a different journey.

Sex during pregnancy symptoms week 30

It is safe to have sex in this stage of conception if your doctor tells you everything is okay. But use protection and find some comfortable positions.


If your conception is going good so far then you probably will not have 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound. But you can have an ultrasound if you want to see what your baby is doing inside your belly.

If you are pregnant with twins, you may have NTS, a non-stress test combined with a 30th-week sonogram. So, this test is conducted to measure babies’ heart rates along with your contractions rates by attaching a belt on the belly. This is also known as the biophysical profile. If everything seems normal, then your twosome is doing fine.

30 weeks pregnant what to expect

Vivid dreams

At pregnancy symptoms week 30, your dreams are getting even weirder, if you can sleep. The reason can be your extra anxiety or pregnancy hormones, but you can help yourself by doing a certain activity before sleep such as reading a book.


This is another not-so-fun symptom caused by heavy, greasy, acidic, and spicy food choices. So, be careful about your daily diet routine. Heartburn at pregnancy symptoms week 30 often leads you to trouble sleeping.

30 weeks pregnant headache

Headaches during pregnancy symptoms week 30 are mostly related to poor body postures while sleeping and stress of labor. In the third trimester, headache can also be caused by a condition called preeclampsia, high blood pressure during conception.

General discomforts

All kinds of 30 weeks pregnant cramping, as well as your big belly, are the reason for your discomfort. Well, stay calm until your childbirth.

Changes in fetal movements

You may have experienced more kicks and jabs when you are laying or eating something. But there is a certain time when this activity is less as your baby’s quarters getting more cramped. But always discuss it with your partner and especially with your doctor.

Bloating and gas

As your uterus expands, putting a lot of pressure on your rectum. This can cause less control over muscles and you may experience uncontrollable passing of gas. Drink plenty of water to prevent this situation.


Say thank you to pregnancy symptoms week 30 for diarrhea. It can strike due to dehydration or unhealthy food. Stay hydrated and speak with your doctor for healthy food choices.

Stomach pain 30 weeks pregnant

Stomach pain in the third trimester is notoriously hard to bear. Many people complain about a sharp pain in the upper or lower abdomen. In the upper abdomen, pains are usually harmless but in case of lower abdominal pain, contact with your doctor.


As you are putting a lot of weight now, you may get tired a bit sooner after doing a small activity. Sleep longer in the morning can be helpful. It will improve your energy levels.

Pregnancy transformations during pregnancy symptoms week 30


A little swelling is normal in pregnancy and it can treat by doing exercises at home or by taking a warm bath. But for sudden and drastically swollen body parts, contact your doctor.

Shortness of breath

Your growing baby is taking more space and crowding your lungs. This is the main reason behind the shortness of breath in pregnancy symptoms week 30. But it will be normal once you will enter week 33 or 34.

Stretch marks

Almost 90 percent of women notice red or pink lines on their belly and thighs, known as stretch marks. It will disappear up to a great extent once you deliver the baby.

Precautions during 30th week of pregnancy

  • Regular intake of calcium and iron is good for your baby’s teeth and bones.
  • Use maternity belts to get relief from back pain.
  • Eat a balanced diet include fruits, veggies, and plenty of water.
  • Avoid certain workouts during the third trimester.
  • Use a pillow to stay propped.
  • Buy some flat comfy shoes, do not care about price.
  • Ask about episiotomies.

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