Sugared Water for Baby Constipation – Is it Safe? Does it Work?

sugared water for baby constipation

Sugared water for baby constipation? Yup, you will risk trying any home remedy to make sure your baby is pooping. And is relieved of that nasty constipation! But is sugar water for baby constipation really effective? Let’s find out about all the things that help soothe your babies’ tummy. And stuff that you should avoid! […]

How Babies Get Colic? All You Need To Know About Baby Colic

baby crying due to baby colic

What is baby colic? During baby life, all they know is to cry. That’s how they communicate. However, if your baby cries suddenly without an apparent reason, this is called as baby colic. It is a pretty common behavior that occurs in 1 out of every 5 babies and unfortunately, all you can do is […]

Having A Breastfeeding Baby Constipated? What Should You Do?

Is your breastfeeding baby constipated?

Basic things to learn if you have a breastfeeding baby constipated Seeing a breastfeeding baby constipated can trigger parents to overthink a lot of stuff. But relax, you need to know some details before panicking. In young infants, the schedule of pooping is quite variable which makes frequency a poor indicator of constipation. So to […]